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  1. I'd say 2 rooms and wouldn't worry at all about connecting for an 18 & 20 year old, or even having them right next door. The 2nd bathroom is key, and the more comfortable sleeping happens for the first 2 in a room!
  2. I'm definitely willing to try this next cruise for all those reasons!
  3. Interesting, we've always brought a small fan on Royal and never had it taken, but I'll be alert to that possibility. Both a battery operated one and a plug in one, and I need it for sure!
  4. Even prior to any vegan menus being on board we have found they are very happy to help when we've met with the head waiter and explained. We still talk about one cruise on Liberty 5 years ago where we were spoiled every night with chef creations. We still find it hit or miss and I do bring supplies to help if options are really limited but we've never been starving and many times been stuffed! πŸ™‚
  5. Choose the sailing you prefer, both ports have pluses/minuses but I've found both easy to navigate and have driven to both.
  6. We've vowed to bring one from now on after the beds on Indy in March - it could be just getting older but both DH and I ached on those beds. Son and GF didn't have an issue though, oh to be young πŸ™‚
  7. Indy has the Freestyle machines - in the WJ and on the Promenade
  8. Unless you were on this cruise, and reports from those that were seem to indicate it was closed to passengers, you won’t know what actually was open/not open! I really doubt the boardwalk was still open to passengers and was likely chosen because they could close the main entrance to the boardwalk. and I know I never said they needed to only celebrate in closed quarters @@ I actually think the pool deck would have been a better venue, even half of it. the level of assumptions here is amazing!
  9. Agreed on Southwest! Ironically though I actually just glitched their (Southwest) system recently. I was rebooking a flight for my father's funeral that got postponed when Houston had awful storms - the original fare was booked with a credit that expired before the new flight dates but total cost of new flight was lower by more than that credit. It all appeared to go through seamlessly, until I never saw an email confirmation of the change come through but was busy at work and not thinking too much of it. To Southwest's credit they called me before I knew it was an issue and an awesome agent rebooked my flights at the same cost and did it in such a way to preserve as much of the original fare/credit as she could! But that's also a testament to how even if their system fails they jump on it to correct it!
  10. True, I forgot that part, too bad it isn't set up like Southwest to change flights if desired. Then again I can only imagine the errors that would come from that!
  11. I almost feel this would be more prone to error having seen some fiascoes that arose on here after an agent has hit some errant button!
  12. If you want mainstream beer, likely. If you want craft, not likely.
  13. Me either on our last cruise, sniff! Maybe it depends on ship?
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