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  1. My son and daughter-in-law are on Mein Schiff and it was between Cuba and Jamaica when the quake was reported. They said they were not aware of anything and the sea was perfectly flat. Sent me a photo. So hopefully all the other ships were the same.
  2. Thanks for the information. Steerage Joe, your help is invaluable. I'm just going to stay at Hilton now. Facilities are a lot nearer than I thought. I will even have time for cruise supplies the next morning before we depart for cruise terminal.
  3. Hi again. I hope I can get more good information from you knowledgeable people. We have been booked into the Hilton Blue Lagoon for our Nov cruise. By our travel agent. Following on from the help was given regarding the champagne, I picked up that the Hilton is out on a limb and not near anything. As our flight has now been confirmed as arriving at 14.15,. I feel that we might want to get out of hotel for a couple of hours. Obviously after at 11 hour flight we won't want to go to far and would rather not be using taxis so does anyone have any suggestions for a different hotel. BTW. I have asked this question on TripAdvisor/Miami forum but without any response.
  4. I'm aware that duty free is after checkin, I can buy in a UK supermarket and then pack it in checked in luggage. According to KLM website you are only allowed to buy it in Schiphol if going to America not the UK duty free. So, thanks to the helpful replies I have a few options. Buy in UK supermarket and then pack it Get it duty free in Schiphol if I have time, (only 90 mins between flights) Buy it locally in Miami Or buy online and have it delivered to the hotel. I now have the information and I have a few months to make my mind up. But thanks again for all your helpful replies.
  5. Thanks Turtles 06. I have posted the question on the. Florida board with some very helpful replies. With regard to packing champagne before I leave, I'm am staying in hotel overnight before cruise so I would be able to unpack it. I certainly wouldn't be trying to "hide" it in my luggage it just wouldn't be worth the hassle to me. Thanks for your help
  6. Thanks everyone for the information. It is fantastic the wealth of knowledge, I hadn't thought about using online, with delivery to the hotel, that may be the easiest way and the one with least hassle although I've just been told that French wine is about to be hit with huge tax increases in the USA. $50 per bottle isn't to far away from UK supermarket prices so something to look into.
  7. Thanks everyone for your help and information. It is specifically champagne I am talking about, so it does look like buying in UK and packing in checked in luggage or buying when I get to Amsterdam airport and buying there. I think that's what makes cruise critic special ....the amount of knowledge and advise that is given out so freely.
  8. Thanks for the information about Schiphol, I have 90 mins. Between flights so I may be able to get it there. I think I will take your advice and ring them to find out, I would be disappointed if I bought it in UK just to have it confiscated.
  9. Hi, I've asked this question on the NCL forum also . I will be celebrating my 50th wedding anniversary during an NCL cruise from Miami. I'm flying from UK via Amsterdam to Miami. The cost of champagne on board is $95 per bottle whereas I can buy a 2 bottle pack in the UK duty free for £47. same brand. One suggestion was to buy it in Miami, therefore I wonder if there is anywhere near my hotel (Hilton at the airport) that I can buy champagne, or I suppose, at the port of Miami. Also would you know the approximate cost of champagne there. TIA
  10. I am checked into the Hilton at Miami airport, so would there be anywhere nearby to buy it. Also a very long shot but anyone have an idea on price in Miami. I'm not trying to penny pinch but onboard, cheapest bottle is $95 where as I can get a pack of 2 bottles of same brand for £47 in the duty free in UK. Thanks for the tip about the checked in luggage, I can remove it in hotel before embarking.
  11. Thanks for the info. My luggage is checked through from UK to Miami so packing it isn't an option. Although I suppose I could buy it it UK supermarket and then pack it.. is there a customs restrictions on the amount of alcohol that one person can bring into the USA
  12. Hi. We will be celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary on our November cruise on the Bliss through the Panama Canal. I've looked at NCL on board shopping and the cost of champagne is astronomical. I'm thinking of buying this in duty free in England and bringing it with me so my question s are,. Will I have a problem with this when I fly into Miami (flight is UK, Amsterdam, Miami) Also will I be allowed bring this onboard to drink this in the restaurant on my anniversary (I realise there would be a corkage fee). TIA
  13. Thanks for that. I'm now going to book with them as soon as I get my flight confirmation. Did they take you to all the obvious tourist sites and also did the give you time to have lunch. TIA
  14. Thank you so much your wealth of information will help enormously. But we will definitely be avoiding Ye Old King's Head.
  15. Thanks that's very informative,. I will look further into your suggestions. Only part I won't take up is the "fish and chip shops and English seaside". I actually live yards from the sea in the NE of England. Whenever I go overseas I want "local" experiences. Can't understand the Brits that go out of England and only look for the "English pubs" with English menus. We travel with a 40 year old who is Autistic so not always easy to just go off and do stuff hence the idea of a tour. I do indeed want to see all the typical tourist things on offer but also to eat "local" where possible in the multi cultural world that we all live in now.
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