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  1. Just noted this morning that all three denominations for Carnival gift cards are available as e-cards. Has there been a limit of the number of cards one can order each time? Three? Four? Five or more? Michael
  2. LOL. I just happened to be in front of my emails when it hit. It may be the only thing that happens quickly down here!
  3. We did this on Legend on our last Hawaii cruise and purchased 4 bottles at half price on the first night. Now, they wouldn't sell them without uncorking and pouring (just a smidge) but that was fine and it worked out quite nicely for us. That as well as the "Cruising the Vineyard" package kept us going for dinner time enjoyment.
  4. That e-gift card is new! Glad to see it's back. (Now, if only the other denominations would return.....)
  5. It's currently 10%. You will see the discount listed under the gift card you are purchasing. I believe 12% has been the largest discount for Carnival cards but they did have a 15% discount for Princess on their $100 cards.
  6. GREATGEAR21 2000 pts Have a great day!
  7. Not from Canada but I am able to do it from Mexico. I do need to use a VPN to log in and I'm fortunate enough to have friends/family in the states where I can have the cards sent. You also might have issues on shipping if you don't have that type of contact.
  8. Had an issue getting in (lots of spinning wheels) but opened another window and it popped right up.
  9. fitbit4fitness21 2000 pts Have a great day!
  10. Thanks, Saint Greg! That e-mail came early today!
  11. We are into our 11th year here and loving it. Thanks for the good thoughts!
  12. I received the Amex refund on the 19th as well and today the remainder was refunded to my Discover Card, so we have been made whole. We requested the full refund the day the crossing was cancelled and are pleased with how quickly, in light of everything going on, it came through.
  13. Cruise Cash is definitely discounted. I just purchased 2 $500 amounts for my cruises in 2021. 20% off so $400 for each $500 purchase. This expires today according to the original announcement but may have been extended due to the computer glitch they had on Friday. Cheers also has a discount at the moment, either an additional 10 or 20 percent discount upon checkout depending on dates of cruise.
  14. And they're back with a limit of 3 per month as a member-only purchase.
  15. Unfortunately, they took them off a couple of months ago. I'm hoping at some point they will come back, as I'm sure many are also doing.
  16. 1000 points each 19FALLSTYLE 2019FALLSTYLE FALLSTYLE19
  17. Yes. You will receive them as two shipments but more than likely delivered on the same future date.
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