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  1. There is a lot to see. It is just being in the right spot, at the right time, when they make an appearance.
  2. Depends on what they are doing. I was on the Pacific Princess last May. After the cruise she was going into drydock in Freeport. In San Pedro, they were all ready loading supplies on board before we got off. One of the crew said they were bringing on 400 workers to complete the 2 week drydock.
  3. I found out when cruising to a hotter climate, that taking the camera from the colder cabin or inside the ship, to the hotter outside the lens would fog. It would take some time to clear up. I now wrap the camera, with a plastic cloches bag from the cleaners, then a towel and put it on the balcony about an hour before getting off the ship. Have any of you had the fogging problem and what it your solution?
  4. https://www.kentfaith.com/camera-bags/KF13.037_muti-function-camera-backpack-large-17-3-11-5-5-inches-waterproof This is the web site with the bag. If it will not through, Google K&F Concept, Camera Bags - it is the Large DSLR Camera Backpack for Travel Outdoor Photography 10.24*5.51*16.54 inches
  5. I use United when flying. I would have my carry on and camera bag. The camera bag I was using fit all my stuff but was just a little to tall to fit all the way under the seat. If the fight attendant saw it, they would find a place in an overhead for it. I did not like that. So after searching the internet for a new case that would fit, I found one. It fits under the seat prefect. It holds both my camera bodies, my main lens, my telephoto lens, my small pocket camera, small video camera, all the battery chargers and a few more things. The handle is comfortable to use while carrying and it has straps, so it can be wore as a backpack. It also has a slot for a monopod.
  6. I use the patch and have for awhile. I only use half and it works for me. Also, pay attention to the way you are sitting. I have found sitting facing towards the bow or stern, or facing to the side of the ship can make a difference. Especially in rough waters. If I do feel a little queasy from sitting inside, I go out on to the deck outside or my balcony for a awhile and I feel better. With all the meds and tricks, take them before getting on board.
  7. Supply is who ever offers them the best deal.
  8. $3 to wash and $3 to dry. You buy tokens with your cruise card in the laundry room. They do have laundry soap to buy, but like myself and others do is bring their own. The laundry pods work good. They don't take up much space in your luggage. I also bring my own dryer sheets. So far the dryers I have used work well. Only need to feed it once. Same with the washers. There are also irons in the laundry room. As for a good time to wash can be hit and miss. Port days are good, if you are not going ashore. Sea days can be busy.
  9. Also you have to paid the extra port fees for the second person.
  10. Saw it on the news last night. Has effective 5% of the population. Wonder if they will be cancelling stops there for awhile.
  11. You also have to remember to cash out your winnings, on your cruise card, before getting off the ship. I don't gamble much and I forgot to do this. But about a month after my cruise, I received a check in the mail from Princess with my winnings.
  12. If the cruise line wanted umbrellas on the balconies, they would all ready be there. Too much danger of them flying away. I had a umbellar at pool side at my house. The wind came up in the night, in the morning it was gone. I mean gone, I could not find it anywhere.
  13. I travel solo. I always eat at the specialty restaurant on formal night. Tux. I am always treated very well. After the first dining, I always have the same table and the maître d' will hold it for me. I tell him, that if I am not at the door when you open, I will not be there that night.
  14. Feng Shui is base on placement. It would not work on a ship as it is changing direction all the time.
  15. Coming out of Ensenada a couple of years ago, the water was really rough. We had to slow down to 8 knots, as every time we a swell, it would just rattle the whole ship. Well do the math, no way would we make it back to San Francisco on time. Morning rolls around and we are pulling into port on time.
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