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  1. The weather can go either way. The first time I went it was in September, it was raining pretty good, getting off the tender in Juneau. I commented to the gentlemen on the dock about it. He said, " This is just a sprinkle." It was cold enough in Glacier Bay to freeze up the shutter in my camera, old film cam, no digital yet. The second time i went the weather was perfect. Going at the end of the season, it may less crowded. We were the only ship in all the ports, except Victoria on my last trip. If you are a trinket buyer, the shops are having sales. Everyone has pretty much the same stuff. Found some good deals on some things, off the major shopping areas. Go down the side streets and streets away from the main drag. A lot of small shops, with season vendors, selling off their stuff, so they don't have to haul so much out. Everything was still pretty much open, no telling now the way things are.
  2. All my cruise's, I have never gotten ill. Always take precautions, even before the covid. Only on my last cruise, did I have an incident. Returned to the ship after a day on the island. That evening the nose went crazy. Went through a few boxes of Kleenex. I stay in my room just in case. Turned out, there was something on that island, that did not agree with me, allergy wise. They did a lot of burning on that island. The next day I was fine. Which was good. That was our last stop before heading home. I was not looking forward, to staying in my cabin, for that many sea days.
  3. This is the bag I use.https://www.kentfaith.com/camera-bags/KF13.037_muti-function-camera-backpack-large-17-3-11-5-5-inches-waterproof This bag fits under the airline seats. I have two camera bodies, one large telephoto, with hood, my go to lens, a small video camera, all the chargers, a slot on the outside for a mono pod and extra filters and lens cleaners. The handle is comfortable to carry it and it has straps to wear as a backpack. The dividers are moveable.
  4. Most likely you will just be cruising by. If there is an excursion offered to go ashore, the cost is up there. Two years ago I went around the horn on the Emerald. One of the passengers that I talked to a lot, took the excursion to Antarctica. He said excursion of a life time. The cost was in the $3000.00 range. It is a go, no go trip. If the weather is bad, no go. His trip was perfect. He said the day before the flight over, everything you would be taking is decontaminated. He said it is a long day, leave early, gone long all day. Once on land, they give you an emergency food package. You are told not to snack on it. The weather can change so quick, you may get stuck, until they can get you out. The are shelters. But, overall, he said if was amazing. When he described his day, when he got back, I wish I would have taken the excursion.
  5. All Princess ship cruises have been cancelled until May 12, 2020 as of this morning. Check Princess web site.
  6. Just came back from a cruise to that area. As of right now, America Samoa & Samoa are refusing cruise ships to port.
  7. Greg4502

    Boots? Shoes?

    My excursion shoes are Merrell MOABs, very comfortable right out of the box. With any new shoes, get them a little broken in before your trip. If you buy them and your first time to wear them is going on an excursion, you may be sorry. So bring bandaids.
  8. There is a lot to see. It is just being in the right spot, at the right time, when they make an appearance.
  9. Depends on what they are doing. I was on the Pacific Princess last May. After the cruise she was going into drydock in Freeport. In San Pedro, they were all ready loading supplies on board before we got off. One of the crew said they were bringing on 400 workers to complete the 2 week drydock.
  10. I found out when cruising to a hotter climate, that taking the camera from the colder cabin or inside the ship, to the hotter outside the lens would fog. It would take some time to clear up. I now wrap the camera, with a plastic cloches bag from the cleaners, then a towel and put it on the balcony about an hour before getting off the ship. Have any of you had the fogging problem and what it your solution?
  11. https://www.kentfaith.com/camera-bags/KF13.037_muti-function-camera-backpack-large-17-3-11-5-5-inches-waterproof This is the web site with the bag. If it will not through, Google K&F Concept, Camera Bags - it is the Large DSLR Camera Backpack for Travel Outdoor Photography 10.24*5.51*16.54 inches
  12. I use United when flying. I would have my carry on and camera bag. The camera bag I was using fit all my stuff but was just a little to tall to fit all the way under the seat. If the fight attendant saw it, they would find a place in an overhead for it. I did not like that. So after searching the internet for a new case that would fit, I found one. It fits under the seat prefect. It holds both my camera bodies, my main lens, my telephoto lens, my small pocket camera, small video camera, all the battery chargers and a few more things. The handle is comfortable to use while carrying and it has straps, so it can be wore as a backpack. It also has a slot for a monopod.
  13. I use the patch and have for awhile. I only use half and it works for me. Also, pay attention to the way you are sitting. I have found sitting facing towards the bow or stern, or facing to the side of the ship can make a difference. Especially in rough waters. If I do feel a little queasy from sitting inside, I go out on to the deck outside or my balcony for a awhile and I feel better. With all the meds and tricks, take them before getting on board.
  14. Supply is who ever offers them the best deal.
  15. $3 to wash and $3 to dry. You buy tokens with your cruise card in the laundry room. They do have laundry soap to buy, but like myself and others do is bring their own. The laundry pods work good. They don't take up much space in your luggage. I also bring my own dryer sheets. So far the dryers I have used work well. Only need to feed it once. Same with the washers. There are also irons in the laundry room. As for a good time to wash can be hit and miss. Port days are good, if you are not going ashore. Sea days can be busy.
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