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  1. They have ramps that are pulled up to the aircraft. Not a jetway or stairs. As you get off the plane and walk into the terminal, it's one story.
  2. Crown did have a shuttle to the San Pedro port, last time I was there.
  3. I did not take this exact tour, but one like it. The company picked us up at the dock, to take us to the airport. Took off, buzzed around and landed on a couple of ice fields. It was a great trip.
  4. If I have to wear a mask on the cruise, I will be wearing it. At least I will be on a cruise. Things can change. The cruise lines don't want a repeat of shutting down. I think they have been playing a waiting game, between each other, to see who would go out first. To see what problems would arise. They don't want a Grand of Diamond incident to happen again. A friend of mine was on the Grand. They had to quarantine. Because of that, would never cruise again. Said in was a nightmare.
  5. I agree with skynight. I would fly into Vancouver. Did the flight into Sea-Tac many years ago for Alaska cruise. I said, would never do that again. 3hr bus ride with no hold ups. We were the last bus to arrive, before the ship set sail. And I think they pulled up the gangway, as soon as we boarded.
  6. I was in the area just last year, Feb/Mar. I don't remember the water being rough. Although, what some people consider rough, it is not to me. The sea is mysterious. One day it could be calm and the next your in for a ride. Better to have meds with and not need them, than not have them and need them. If you get rough waters, there will be a run on what meds you can get at the gift shop. A few years back I was on a Med cruise. Hit was pretty rough water. The final leg was across the Atlantic in December. After the first day crossing, it was the smoothest water on the whole cruise.
  7. Last year, during all the crazy cancellations. It took 3 month, before I received my refund.
  8. There is a weigh limit. If you are over weigh, you have to pay an extra fee. They weigh you when you arrive. This is to determine, what the total weigh of passengers will be. You may not sit with your partner, as the weigh determines your placement inside the helicopter. If you are over the limit, you pay the extra fee and you are tallied as two people.
  9. The covid mask has to be removed, so the the oxygen mask will fit properly to your face.
  10. On one cruise I bought one of those watches, from the $10 sale. It lasted quite awhile. I figured if it died, cheaper just to get another one. Well the battery finally when. Got another one. It work good, until I when out in the heat and humidity of the Panama canal and it would stop working. Back in the cool inside and it worked. So I just picked up a cheap watch at Walmart and it works great
  11. I built a small table, lets call it. It fits in my luggage. It fits between the lamp and the wall. It's just tall enough to clear the lamp base. The cabins I get, the desk is on the same side of the room as the bed. I just plug it in regular outlet there.
  12. Been there, done that, would do it again. The days are broken up. Some over, Hawaii, some back. On my last cruise, it was 8 straight sea days, on the way back to home port. Enjoyed it.
  13. I emailed Princess Captain’s Circle Department March 2020. I did not receive my Elite pin, after the cruise I was on, to see if they could mail me one. Just today , they responded. Per business decisions made by Executive Management, Princess Cruises has discontinued our Pin and Passport and Stamp programs.
  14. Skynight, explains it very well. If this is your first time and maybe your only time through the locks, I would go with the old locks. If you can, do the full transit. The Coral and Island Princess make this trip. From the east entrance, you only go thru one lock on the Caribbean Princess into Gatun Lake and then back out to Ft Lauderdale. Port or Starboard, personal preference. My cabin is always on the Starboard side. In and out of ports, the canal or other interesting areas, I will be on deck moving all around to take pictures. As for excursions, read through the Panama Canal forum and see what peaks your interest.
  15. Like someone said, all the crew members will need to be vaccinated. They will need to be back on the ship and once everyone is aboard, probably quarantine for a period. There are a lot of ships that need crew. Picture is just of crew, on one ship. Kind of gives you an idea.
  16. Crown Plaza, easy walk. They also have a shuttle, that will take you to the ship.
  17. If you have never been before, the old locks, is the way to go. Much more interesting.
  18. All boils down to money. But to get rid of your Flag Ship. The Love Boat started it for them. I enjoyed sailing on her and was looking forward to sailing again on her.
  19. A Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. ship on a four-day pleasure trip was forced to return to port in Singapore and confine passengers to their cabins after a positive Covid-19 case was identified, showing the challenges of reviving cruise travel while the pandemic continues. Passengers Stuck on Royal Caribbean Ship After Covid Case (msn.com)
  20. My first camping trip was when I was 15 months old. Our family has been camping ever since. Back then it was camping. Now they call it dry camping or boondocking. I have done tent camping while touring on a motorcycle and a lot of backpacking. Now days, I rough it in a 40ft Fifth Wheel with all the comforts. When I retired, I planned to cruise at sea one year and the next on land. Well it did not work out that way. Got hooked on cruising, so now it is a cruise at sea and a cruise on land each year. Have been to a lot of wonderful places.
  21. Many times I have had dinner at the Crown Grill, the only changes to the menu were on the desserts.
  22. It is fact. Simple wat to see. Hold a pencil between your forefinger and thumb. Now move the pencil so the lead moves up and down. You can see the movement, at your fingers, is less. Same with the rolling motion. Stand a piece of paper on it edge. Move the top of the paper side to side, with the paper still on the table. The top of the paper, is the top of the ship. There is less movement at the bottom than the top.
  23. The weather can go either way. The first time I went it was in September, it was raining pretty good, getting off the tender in Juneau. I commented to the gentlemen on the dock about it. He said, " This is just a sprinkle." It was cold enough in Glacier Bay to freeze up the shutter in my camera, old film cam, no digital yet. The second time i went the weather was perfect. Going at the end of the season, it may less crowded. We were the only ship in all the ports, except Victoria on my last trip. If you are a trinket buyer, the shops are having sales. Everyone has pretty much the same stuff. Found some good deals on some things, off the major shopping areas. Go down the side streets and streets away from the main drag. A lot of small shops, with season vendors, selling off their stuff, so they don't have to haul so much out. Everything was still pretty much open, no telling now the way things are.
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