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  1. Yuck! Those look terrible. Like in a bubble. No thx
  2. Why are they building more ships with these infinite verandas?? We always sail in a balcony cabin......I don't think I'm interested in the IV. I like the feel of being outside on the balcony lounging with food and drinks and sun.....
  3. Considering sailing on the Edge but what are the cons to the Infinite Veranda cabins?? I didn't pay attention to the rants when Edge first came out because I had no interest.....but am interested now because we might consider sailing on her...... And go........!
  4. I keep reading about huge amounts of OBC people receive.....well over the $300 OBC perk....HOW? WHERE? WHEN? I NEED TO KNOW HOW TO OBTAIN THIS!!😜😜
  5. Totally agree! We loved Labadee and thought Celebrity did an awesome job with lunch and bar set up.
  6. I was just there recently as well....it's FABULOUS. They remodeled the entire place....highly recommend. 😎 Schaumburg....! I'm from Elmhurst originally....gotta love Woodfield mall 😁
  7. We fly in tomorrow morning to Fort Lauderdale for this cruise!! We are staying at Lago Mar and eating dinner at Shooters Waterfront. This will be my second time on Equinox. I'm travelling with my mom! Girls trip in memory of my dad who passed away last September. Looking forward to an awesome cruise!🥂😎
  8. Once on board....are there any discounts for Le Petit Chef being offered ?🦞🦞
  9. Everything is done later on a cruise! Our kids were in the kids club past 11 and they were 7&11
  10. Which shows are an absolute MUST? Don't want to waste any bar hopping time sitting at a lame entertainment show 😆🍹 We saw Topper in 2017....super dumb we thought...... We love comedians but ARE THEY GOOD?? Any highly recommend nightly shows??🤔
  11. Can u upgrade from premium to premium plus??
  12. We only want to do one of these....which is better? Is Le Petit gimmicky?? I'm picturing it like a Disney dinner event??🤔🤔 We have Tuscan booked but looking to add Murano or LPC? Interested in fabulous food and service 😊🍸
  13. Yes. I emailed them. $55 each, $15 credit for food and beverage. They only allow a certain amount of passes a day. Taxi is 10 minutes ride they said from port
  14. Lago Mar is outstanding!!!⚓💖🏝️
  15. Sailed MSC Seaside last November. Been on Celebrity, Princess, NCL ......it was HORRIBLE!!!!! WORST SERVICE, FOOD AND SMOKING SECTIONS EVERYWHERE!!!! It was cheap and we tried it but never again. Most of the staff didn't speak English so it was impossible to order a drink most of the time!! Pool bar service took 20-30 minutes.....the pool deck was FILTHY with trash and litering. So gross. The ship is gorgeous and we had a huge aft cabin with wrap around balcony but NEVER AGAIN ! Such a waste of money. The food everywhere was HORRIBLE. I lost weight on this Cruise!! Sailing on Cel
  16. We're sailing Sept 13 on Celebrity....but we purchased day passes at Harbor Beach Resort on their website. Looks like an awesome boutique private beach resort....
  17. Fabulous thorough review! We are sailing Sept 13 on her for the ABC 10 day!! Our first time in the ABCs!!
  18. Select SAILINGS include all 4 perks again!!
  19. Sailing Sept 13th and can't wait to hear techno music! It sets the vibe and tone for an awesome lively experience!!!😎🍸
  20. Yes and I monitored the flights and when the rates went down I called Celebrity and they adjusted the rates!✈️✈️✈️
  21. Nassau....Hilton Colonial day pass....walkable from port, small, great beach , inexpensive, great lunch, can stay all day, peaceful pool and Beach area....we had a very relaxing day there..I think it was around $60/pp
  22. We are early 40s....we have 2 kids under 13....we absolutely love Celebrity with our kids and without our kids!! It's a very relaxing classy atmosphere with incredible food and service! Sailing Sept on Equinox with my mom and sister this time😎🥂. Girls trip !!
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