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  1. Was considering booking the Steakhouse and pick up the complimentary wine on night one. Is the Steakhouse really worth the price, compared to the MDR I already paid for? Have never tried it, curious what veterans of the Steakhouse think. Does it vary from ship to ship, or just changes the name? Going on the Glory if that's the case.
  2. Officially no shorts on Elegant night. However don't be trailer trash... wear a collared shirt and pants at the minimum all nights. Not being able to do at least this looks tacky, other guests notice and speaking to former crew, they notice. However officially you'll only get asked to change on formal nights if you don't meet the standard.
  3. Heather, I found my document holder from my cruise last year, have a bunch of fun times, would you want scans of them?
  4. Have had no issues with the carnival messenger, but sometimes roommates don't hear it. Wifi is slow, never used those two social media platforms so I can't speak to them. One of my roommates had a miserable time trying to download a podcast, but it did work for facebook.
  5. Thank you! If you remember I appreciate it :D
  6. Correct, but my understanding is there are additions depending on your port
  7. Thank you Skiingj (tell me if these look familiar ) For others looking a cruise roommate just found this. Don' know the date on these, but it looks similar to my recent carnival menus in style. So I assume it's from the past couple years http://www.zydecocruiser.net/menus/AT_AF/glory/eastern/gloryEastern.htm
  8. I have cruised Carnival twice, first had minor mechanical issues, but was otherwise a great cruise. Public areas were kept clean, staff friendly, decent entertainment, cruise director had just the right presence. Same with my second, however food took some solid dings. Breakfast eggs benadict had baked on hollandaiese Apps were under temperature regularly. One of us even got food poisoning, possibly from seafood entree. We didn't really complain, but on our next cruise I think I might have to, if we see warning signs of last cruise. Just to get the issue corrected, not to damage anyone's employment. I see a lot of people responding with mild hostility, however with this, it sounds -I have done this myself- like venting frustration from a place of disappointment, not whineiness. I hope my negative dining experience was a fluke. While I am trying carnival again, I both won't be silent(but still polite) about issues on my expensive vacation, and won't consider them my primary cruise line if this turns out to be a trend. My experience is calmly and politely speaking with staff to get issues corrected -even if they are repeat issues- tends to make things go smoothly. If the problems persist talk to someone higher up with the same somber method.
  9. Going on the Carnival Glory next month, has anyone been on since their dry dock? If so anyone who is camera happy have pics of the menu? Or Ships from the same class that sail to East Caribbean (St thomas, Grand Turk, San Juan ect)
  10. I use room service every morning. It's our wakeup call get some coffee in me and supply of juice(I find it hard to locate juices mid day so I'll get an extra or 2) Make sure to tip your delivering attendant a dollar or two... remember they will likely be the same throughout the cruise and if you're ordering big breakfasts things may be forgot or come at the end of their round
  11. I have cruised twice with my group of 4. We are 4 men between 25-32 and it works out well. All of us have taken trips before on a budget, and on a couple occations have done 6 in a hotel room (shhh) So with that in mind, we are used to sacrificing some comfort for economics. We have some basic boundary ground rules. Daily showers(it's best to mention it, and not have an akward' you smell' convo) and 2 try to utilize in the morning 2 at night-or find a time midday if you dont want to be rushed-. After x hours room is quiet (tv on mute, headphones for devices, cabin light off) Everyone keeps dirty clothes together and clean clothes unpacked in a drawer or closet (so we can pack suitcases under bed for space). Generally keep room tidy and respect others and their things. A few potential snags; Dinner time bathroom queue:With all men we are pretty quick to clean up, but dinner and getting ready especially on formal nights I opt to use the spa shower and bathroom to get ready (I tend to take the longest when dressing up) Who gets top; The bigger guys usually sleep on the bottom bunks with us and the two relativly smaller guys take top bunks, just work it out with eachother Messy roommates; we had to have a talk with a guy leaving his boxers around, not making a big deal and addressing it, seemed to work it out Sleep schedule; Either like above have a quiet time set, and remind violators- calmly- to respect it. Also preferably have everyone kind of sync up on sleep and wake times-this for us, happens organically by night 2-3 Sickness...; if someone gets sick, you are in tight quarters. I got food poisoning one trip for 36 +hours, but could take care of my self and kept my bio hazard contained. Another one of us got so drunk he was cut off for the rest of the cruise and the paramedic in our group took care of him(the man has a heart of gold), while uncool of the drunk friend it was addressed and on trips he has curved his drinking... but it could happen and it's a reality that someone will have to take care of the sick person. If I have to sum up my advice, be open and respectful to each other, and figure things out before their a problem. You know your friends and their tendencies. We are going for our third week long cruise next month and we are still friends
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