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  1. Can you still do L&S if you cannot find another cruise with the same itinerary within 4 weeks of the original date for the following year?
  2. Looking to book on Freedom of the Seas for end of this year, hoping things will be much better by then. This is what is available for suites: J4 - GTY, WS and GT. The J4 gty is cheaper than the WS, my question, if I go with the WS is it still likely that I will end up in the J4?
  3. My fault for not booking while I was on board last month. We got off the Dream on March 7th and it felt like we came home to a different world. By the time I gor back to LA a couple days later everything had changed. I guess we will be doing land trips for Fall break and Spring break 2021. Hopefully pricing will improve in the next 6-8 months so we can get some future cruises scheduled. Right now the only one we have booked is on Princess Discovery for December 2021.
  4. I am not seeing great pricing at all. Just tried to book our October cruise and the price is now over $500 more than it was about 3 weeks ago. So frustrating. I didn't book it then because, HELLO- Pandemic! NOw the price has shot up so much I will not book it out of sheer principle. Checking other cruise options now for our kids October Fall break from school. May opt for a land trip instead.
  5. There will be 7 large cruise ships in port with roughly 33,000 passengers all together. Does Chankanaab get too crowded?
  6. I am recovering from knee replacement surgery (48 years old!) and will be about 9 weeks post op when we get there. Hoping to find lovely and relaxing beach with easier entry and not a far walk. Considered Chankanabb as we have not been there before but with 7 large ships in port I thought it would be too crowded. Plus it looks like there would be a far walk to get to the beach. Thought about Palancar but the cab ride would be $50 round trip. Also looked at Playa Corona but have read mixed reviews, though it looks like maybe it could be a good option. Loved the look of Money Bar but
  7. Thanks for the suggestions, these look like like great options.
  8. DH and I did this one in Dec ‘18. Only 6 guests that day and it was awesome. The crew was fantastic and the food was wonderful, especially the ceviche which I had never had before because I don’t like fish. This ceviche was delicious! We went to 2 different snorkel spots and we were the only boat in the area. Apparently we went to different places than all the other excursions and I was grateful not to be in the crowds. Snorkeling was great. We also went to a small private beach and there was a woman there selling snacks. Not the greatest beach area and I could have skipped that part.
  9. Nachi Cocom is sold out so looking for other suggestions. There will be 7 large ships in port when we are there so looking for a beach club that limits the number of guests. Doesn't have to be all -inclusive, either way is fine. Just my mom and I so looking for a more chill spot with beautiful beach and great drinks!
  10. The description of the B2 cabin says possible obstructed view. I have looked at many photos and searched review but cannot find anything that shows obstructed view. Also, another cruise site show B2 cabins being on deck 9 & 10 but all photos I find of the ship do not show any balconies on deck 9. Anyone have more info?
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