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  1. Today we did the Northstar reservation that we made, will probably try to do the one they made for us for a different perspective (ours was 11:30 and the one they made should be sunset)! Came back to the cabin today to a lovely fruit tray with a thank you from the Key program! Nice touch! Seeing Sprectas tonight-made reservations though Bc I was nervous! Will update! Let me know if you have them specific questions you’d like me to explore!
  2. I am currently on the Anthem with the Key. We are in a balcony and have no loyalty status. We were permitted to go through the suite line security and check in! We were, quite literally, the first two guests on the ship (just happened to sit in the right spot in the section they told us to sit it). When we got on the ship, there was a man at a table with Key information. I am confident only 100 were sold Bc he asked for our names and paged through a stack of envelopes (no way it was more than 100). We also saw the list of names at the theater when they marked us off, and it couldn’t have been more than 100. He pointed us down to theater (and there were Key signs the whole way) and we dropped our carry on and got wrist bands. The envelope contained welcome letter, our internet codes (one code for each of us), special time for activities, etc. Lunch at Chops was delicious and service was great! Cabin ready right at 1, big luggage already there and our carry ons we dropped were in the closet! Going to first show tonight, so we’ll see how the reserved seating works! Oh, our SeaPass has a sticker of a key on it! In a word, for us it was so far hands down great decision! Yesterday was flawless! We were getting internet anyway! Edited to add that we just told an agent that we purchased the key when we got to port and they pointed us in the right direction. Also edited to add that I obviously cannot 100% confirm that only 100 were sold Bc I didn’t ask or count, but it was clear from the list and envelopes that it was very limited.
  3. YES! Thank you for this! I'm the Jan. 26 sailing on Anthem right after you with the Key! Thanks for sharing the paper - went in and re-made our show reservations for the times we want (based on fine print, I didn't think I needed reservations)! Whew!
  4. Will let you know in a few days! On the Jan. 26 sailing, and we're on deck 13 aft right below the Windjammer! Loved the idea of just running up the stairs to all the fun!
  5. Will let you know! On the 8 night Bahamas on Anthem leaving Jan. 26 & purchased the Key!
  6. I posted same question several months back (I’m the second thread posted above haha). I found the overwhelming recommendation was for Anthem! And I hope so, because we’re sailing on her in 16 days! Woo!
  7. Holy cow! Then the Key def makes sense if you were getting internet at that price!!
  8. I think some people may be over buying internet due to RCs confusing language when you go to add it to the cart. For the packages that are for multiple devices, you need only buy one pacakage-not one for each person! So make sure you are only clicking one passenger, not all of you!
  9. Hmmm, this is interesting. We're on the Jan 26 sailing and haven't received anything. We plan on doing Universal and already booked the RC shuttle excursion. Rumor has it the shuttle uses almost every hour at the port - hoping that's true, bc would LOVE a full day at Universal!
  10. For us 2, the math was as follows: Voom Surf & Stream for 2 devices (we had already purchased): $159.92 ($19.99 x 8 days) Chops lunch embarkation (we had already planned & booked this): $44.00 ($22.00 pp) TOTAL: $203.92 The Key for 2 @ $19.99 pp per day (8 days): $319.84 Saw some disagreement, but The Key includes Voom Surf & Stream for one device PER PERSON, not per stateroom, so we will each have it. Difference: $115.92 or $57.96 per person total. So, we cancelled our original internet and lunch and purchased the Key! When we sailed Carnival, we paid for Faster to the Fun for about $100.00 per cabin to get us on & off the ship sooner, so, RC's price is about the same once you subtract out the internet and lunch. We were already buying internet and Chops lunch, so, the extra $57 pp total was worth it for us on our sold out 8 night Anthem cruise - get on the ship sooner, show up for the shows and have seats waiting for us, have separate times for popular on-ship activities, get off ship sooner at Cococay & last day, etc. The dropping of the carry-on doesn't really affect us, nor does the lack of getting into stateroom sooner as we plan to be feasting at Chops lol. I think it depends on your circumstances. If you have a stateroom full of people, it may not make sense, especially if you weren't planning on internet and lunch for everyone.
  11. We actually just booked this for our 8 night on the Anthem leaving Jan. 26. Price dropped to $19.99 per person, so I started crunching the numbers. We already spent $160 ish on internet for each of us + $45 ish for lunch at Chops the first day to avoid crowds - so, by the time I cancelled those and applied it to The Key, we only paid about $50 pp total extra to get internet for each of us, priority boarding, lunch, priority seating at shows, priority tender, etc. Worth it for us! Our fine print: The Key: The Key package is valid for the duration of the cruise. Package includes carry-on luggage drop off with delivery to stateroom, welcome lunch at Chops Grille, private hours for ship attractions, priority debarkation and tendering at ports of call, reserved VIP seating at shows, complimentary VOOM Surf + Stream internet package for one device per person and choice debarkation with exclusive à la carte breakfast. Price is per person, per voyage. All
  12. Thank you, everyone! Keep the suggestions pouring in! Still digging my way through full ship reviews. Leaning towards Anthem...of course I've just missed a $150 off promotion! *sigh*
  13. Woops, so sorry! Well, hopefully we’ll see you aboard! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  14. Thanks, Bob! We're also in PA (Lancaster). You're right, these are the exact same cruises and itineraries! See where you picked Anthem, how was it?? Did the weather hold out for you in the Bahamas? What did you do on the multiple cruise days? Thanks :)
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