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  1. Ill stick to cruising, thanks . I’m pretty sure from all of the comments that’s we are set! So excited and counting down the days!
  2. Wow, thanks everyone! It seems I came to the right place I hadn’t expected such a great response. I was going to pack my own mocha cappuccino mix but it seems we’ll be covered. And Cruisestitch, your photos sealed the deal😊
  3. Andrew, no liquor in my coffee, just mocha and whipped cream😃
  4. Freckle, my question exactly. What is their definition of “premium””
  5. I have a question that no one has been able to answer definitively. Not even Celebrity! We like frufru coffee meaning coffee with mocha or caramel mixed in and whipped cream on top. We cruise Celebrity. Last cruise we had the premium drink package and we were never charged for the coffee ad-ons. The cruise coming up we have the Classic drink package. Will we be charged extra for the coffee add-one?
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