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  1. My mom has been on 8 cruises totaling 46 days(6/02, 5/08, 2/16, 12/16, 5/17, 1/18, 1/18, 2/19). I have been on 11 cruises totaling 59 days(6/02, 2/16, 8/16, 12/16, 2/17, 5/17, 1/18, 1/18, 2/19, 12/19, 12/19). I have 6 cruises booked, and the first two are solo. My mom will be with me on the other four. I go to the casino on every cruise for a couple hours on the last night. My mom has never booked or paid for a cruise in her life and has only been in the casino once or twice for a few minutes. So naturally she gets actual offers, while I get nothing. This has been happening since at least February 2016. The only thing I have going for me is Carnival hasn't been charging a solo supplement lately on select cruises if sailing in a 1A cabin.
  2. I ordered a 6pk from eMed on Thursday 9/9 at 8:36pm CT. I was forced to pay for overnight service when I didn't want or need it. eMed specified Saturday pickup and weekday delivery. I ordered after the cut off, so my order wasn't processed until Friday 9/10. Saturday delivery, which is something FedEx offers, would have been overnight delivery. eMed chose not to do what needed to be done to give me what they forced me to pay for. It didn't leave the FedEx origin facility in Memphis until Saturday 9/11 at 9:13pm CT. It got to Baton Rouge at 6:50am Monday 9/13. However, that status didn't show up until after 10:00pm CT. It was scanned as out for delivery at 9:26am CT today 9/14. It was scanned as local delay, local delivery restriction, and delivery not attempted at 8:30pm CT. That status didn't show up until 9:29pm CT. No updates after that. Thankfully I don't need them until late November, late December, and mid January. FedEx used to be the best in Baton Rouge for me. Now they are at least just as bad as USPS and lately worse. Although, USPS is currently trying to reclaim that title with an Amazon package that has been in limbo since 9/3 somewhere between them and UPS. I blame USPS because UPS and Amazon tracking both have the package in Baton Rouge.
  3. Since I ordered late on Thursday, the order wasn't processed until Friday. Saturday delivery would be overnight. eMed specifically chose weekday delivery when the could have chosen Saturday delivery. It didn't leave Memphis until 10:25pm CT on Sunday. It sat there in Memphis for nearly 25 hours. It hasn't even arrived in Baton Rouge yet. It isn't going to make it to me in the next 4 hours.
  4. I orded from eMed 9/9/21 at 8:36pm CT. The only shipping option I was given was $14.63 for FedEx Overnight. The shipment facts specify weekday delivery and Saturday pickup. It left the FedEx origin facility in Memphis on 9/11/21 at 9:13pm CT. It is scheduled to arrive 9/13/21 by 8:00pm. That is nowhere near overnight.
  5. The price per day when purchased before the cruise varies. I don't know what determines the price. I got the following information from your link. I wasn't logged in at the time. Social starts at $6.80, Value starts at $10.20, and Premium starts at $13.60. Here are some examples from my upcoming cruises: New Orleans Valor 11/29/21 5 days: Social $6.80, Value $10.20, Premium $14.45 Miami Freedom 1/15/22 8 days: Social $7.60, Value $10.80, Premium $13.60 Long Beach Radiance 8/29/22 4 days: Social $6.80, Value $10.20, Premium $14.45 New Orleans Glory 2/5/23 7 days: Social $6.80, Value $10.20, Premium $14.45 New Orleans Glory 12/3/23 14 days: Social $6.80, Value $10.20, Premium $14.45 It doesn't appear that the cruise length is the deciding factor.
  6. I hated that. It was always extremely loud. When passing by the casino, I was always forced to choose between plugging my ears to not blow out my eardrums or covering my nose and mouth to avoid the smoke. Passing by the casino is frequently the quickest and least mind numbing way to get from the aft dining room to the theater.
  7. Can two people use the same phone if they use different email addresses? My mom doesn't have or want a smartphone, and her laptop is acting up.
  8. Unless they have changed their policy, American will let you switch to a different flight the same day for free if they change the flight time. They have changed my flights to unworkable times more than once, so I called and changed my flights to something that worked for me. I had to mention the 'free change due to their time change' policy.
  9. Add the address of the hotel to the grocery delivery site. It will tell you if delivery is available for that address.
  10. Did they call the muster stations in alphabetical order or some other order?
  11. My Marriott Bonvoy Bold only has 10% back on Babbel.
  12. I call to apply FCC instead of using the online form. There was no form for the 20% FCC I got on the 1/20/18 Triumph sailing due to missing Progreso after someone was "allegedly" pushed overboard. All of the FCC I have ever received has shown up in the confirmation email under Payments and Credits as Credits/Coupons. OBC is listed separately after the final payment due date and time. I have never applied FCC to an already paid off cruise, so I am unable to help with that part. When you call, ask for a new confirmation email.
  13. Since I haven't cruised recently, I can only answer your first question. My mother got a test done about a month ago at an urgent care center due to possible symptoms. She was negative. The email she received had an attached PDF that looked like it had been sent through a fax machine. It looked formal enough, was perfectly legible, and had all the information Carnival wants, but it had some vertical lines through it. The font they chose didn't help.
  14. Pre-Covid it was 1.5L.
  15. I booked a grand suite on the Sensation for the 2/7/16 sailing which was my second cruise. My first cruise was 6/15/02. I got an email offer for one of the two owner's suites on 1/7/16. I never called to find out how much it would have been. I was happy enough with what I booked. The owner's suites are right next to the Lido pool and all of that noise. I could also still see through the blackout windows while standing next to the pool, so no privacy. The other time they tried to upsell me, I had booked a 1A upper/lower porthole cabin on the Triumph for the 1/20/18 sailing which was my seventh cruise. I got an email and a call on 1/15/18. I called back, and they offered me a balcony under the Lido buffet kitchen for $250 total. I had paid only $249 per person for two people($651.40 after taxes and fees). $250 was alot by comparison. I turned them down.
  16. The 9 days or longer part is more recent. On the May 8, 2017 Legend sailing to Alaska, we had lunch in the MDR on the day we were supposed to go to Tracy Arm(actually went to Endicott Arm). It was an 8 day sailing.
  17. I've been told the cut off is 11:59pm(presumably ET) two days before the cruise(ex. 11:59pm Friday for Sunday cruise).
  18. I make it to the first show in the main lounge every time I have early dining. I don't have many options for seats, but I am always able to find two seats with a half decent view next to each other. I don't stick around for the dancing in the dining room, and I ask for my dessert to be brought out before the dancing. I got tired of melted banana splits. I eat fast whether alone or with other people. I don't wait for strangers or my mother to finish talking. I will just save a second seat. My mother leaves the table not long after I leave.
  19. I ate there solo on the Sunshine in February 2019. I was seated by myself. I was allowed one appetizer, one entree, and one dessert.
  20. I was in the cooler of the Valor in December 2019. There were Coke and Pepsi products in there, but no Dr. Pepper products. I have cruised out of New Orleans five times(2017 - 2019), and I have never seen Dr. Pepper on any menu or at the casino, lobby, or aft pool bars.
  21. The virgin daiquiris and piña coladas were $5.95 in December 2019. The menu might call it a smoothie.
  22. I have Verizon and I always buy the value internet plan. I have only had one problem with wifi texting. It will only work on my Samsung Galaxy S5 that I purchased from Verizon and my S7 that I purchased directly from the manufacturer. It won't work on my S8 that was also purchased from the manufacturer. All three phones have all of the necessary settings enabled. I have the Verizon Messages+ app on all three phones. There is sometimes a delay of a few minutes, but it still works. I don't consider that potential delay a problem because that and worse occasionally happens on land in the US. I have done this on the Inspiration, Fantasy, Triumph, Legend, Dream, Sunshine, Glory, and Valor. You have to enable HD Voice on your line. That can be done through the My Verizon app. Go to Accounts, then Add-Ons & Apps, and then HD Voice. This will theoretically also enable wifi calling, assuming you purchased your phone through Verizon. Wifi calling doesn't work when you purchase the phone directly from the manufacturer. Verizon blocks that feature when you don't purchase the phone from them.
  23. https://www.verizon.com/support/travelpass-faqs/ $5/day in Mexico and Canada Keep in mind that calling, texting and data use in Mexico and Canada are included at no extra cost in these domestic plans: Start Unlimited, Play More Unlimited, Do More Unlimited, Get More Unlimited, Go Unlimited,** Beyond Unlimited,** Above Unlimited,** The new Verizon Plan shared data XL and XXL sizes.** Above Unlimited also gives you 5 TravelPasses per month. You can get both ports in on one 24hr pass since both ports are in the same country. Just delay starting the pass.
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