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  1. Oops. Found these too. My husband had the gumbo and someone had this chocolate thing. Sorry I don’t remember it’s name. I remember I liked the ice cream and the caramel popcorn on it.
  2. I had the black sea bass. I really liked it, but I’ve had better seabass. My my son loved his salmon (I tasted it and it was excellent). My other son had the fisherman’s platter as well as my mom. Both enjoyed it. My picky brother does not eat seafood. He also only eats fillet. So, my sil and he got two surf and turfs and she ate all the lobster he ate all the fillet. I had had the really excellent scallops as an app. I can’t remember what my dh had for an entree. I think it was the linguine. No complaints. We all liked the clam chowder. Sca
  3. We were at Ocean Blue in June. I wish I could remember what we had for desserts other than the cheesecake in a jar that I had (it was very good). I’m sorry I don’t remember more than the one I took a photo of that night.
  4. We were on the Joy in June. My twin 11 year old boys were OK with it, but they weren’t really into going back. If it would have worked out, they would have gone back during the unstructured time, but they didn’t want to do the organized “fun” this time around. They felt it wasn’t enough of a step up from the last time when they were nine. They didn't really LOVE it at nine, but as a whole, they did enjoy it and went a few times. THis time, at 11, they were content being with us or in the cabin with movies and iPads.
  5. Everyone is different, but I am not a big drinker (probably average 20-30 drinks a year and most of those in the summer/vacations) and I only got buzzed once on my last cruise drinking mostly foo foo drinks. I think six or seven was the most I drank in a day. I probably averaged about four. I thought most were not that strong. Obviously six scotches or beers or glasses of wine would affect me more.
  6. I believe the sign said combined 280 or 285? I don’t know they enforce that.
  7. My husband loved the old standbys: Bahama Mama and mudslides.
  8. On the Joy last week: I liked the frozen margaritas at the pool bar, the ginger and regular mojito at the mojito bar, grass clippings at Maltings and I think my favorite was the passion fruit lime cooler on tap at the Local. Mr Worldwide was pretty good too.
  9. We were on last week. We only had about 2.5 days that were ok for swimming. I’m sure later in the summer or just a different week could bring nicer weather. If you need warm weather to swim, I wouldn’t count on it, but if you are from hearty stock (aka colder climates) you should be able to get in some swimming most days. That said, the one water slide that goes over the side was never open the entire trip (that I saw). The other one was open at least the first day because my kids went down it. The hot tubs and adult pool were open. The kid pool was clos
  10. That was my dh and I on our first cruise to Alaska on Princess. Total wave pool and had it to ourselves. This trip? It was pretty darn cold most of the time (even by Minnesotan standards) and when it wasn’t, the family pool was closed due to vomit. I jumped in one day, but honestly, I find NCL’s megaship pools very underwhelming and unwelcoming. This princess pools back in 2002 were nice—if my memory serves me.
  11. I was just on the Joy. I haven’t been on the Bliss, but I can say the observation deck was very large on the Joy. Unless you you are diehard thermal suite people, I can’t imagine spending that much more for the Bliss. They are both mega ships that are very much alike and all the good and bad that come with that.
  12. We were on that sailing as well. I plan on posting a review at some point. THanks for sharing.
  13. Well, I didn’t say they were the same exact thing. I said the Haven is a compromise between wanting a luxury cruise and a mass market cruise. Myopically, you or I may not want that, but obviously there is a market. Sometimes people do both and might even like both styles depending on what type of trip they want. I don’t cruise regularly because I like to travel in a variety of different ways. I am sure my dh and I would enjoy a luxury cruise, but we also enjoy mega ships with our kids (but I’m trying a smaller ship next time). We rv camp, we hike, we are foodies, we travel for our
  14. We were on hold waiting for a supervisor for an hour when they messed up my food and beverage package. Glad it somewhat worked for you.
  15. My 11 year old boys were not as into the Splash Academy this time around. It wasn’t bad, but they felt the organized activities were not challenging like they were a couple years ago. I do think the 10-12 range is a hard one, but she might find a couple kids right away that she clicks with and that might help. We we did a lot together, but sometimes we just left them in the room to watch movies after dinner. We always gave them the choice of splash academy or room. The sea days were the only time they got a little “bored.”
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