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  1. I'm cruising in a couple of weeks from Vancouver to Victoria then San Francisco and finally LA. Is there any possibility of potentially seeing any sea life from my balcony? I assume only chances would be Vancouver to Victoria. Sorry if this seems like a silly question.
  2. Yep the other half tried that however I said nope we get to celebrate it on both 28th Feb and 1st march - double presents lol
  3. The price for the cruise is very cheap, the wedding in fact costs more than the cruise!! However, relative to marrying in the UK it's cheap!!
  4. Thanks for the reply. I'm from the UK so I tend to book directly so hopefully they'd be no issues with this.
  5. Hi Has anyone held their wedding onboard? We're considering this and would love to hear your opinions. We have in mind to get married on Saturday 29th February 2020 and we've seen a western Caribbean cruise on Empress of the Seas which departs on 23rd February so it would mean holding the wedding on a sea day the day before we disembark. It will only be the two of us so we're looking nice and relaxed so the ceremony, some photos and a lovely dinner. Obviously I'll love wearing my wedding dress onboard but it won't be anything crazy. Please share any comments with me good or bad :-)
  6. Which restaurants are included in the specialist dining please? I'm booked onto Joy and have two included with my free at sea. Thanks.
  7. Ok thanks for the information. I guess I'm just trying to gauge what sort of activities they generally have, especially on sea days. I wonder if any of the planners for Joy would give me an idea?
  8. Hi all New to NCL and I'm wondering if anyone has the cruise planners (unsure what the name is for NCL) for the 5 day Pacific cruise from Vancouver to LA please? I wasn't sure what to search for sorry without the correct name. Thanks Becky.
  9. So I have the beverage package included with my free at sea package, am I reading right that I can't get a specialist coffee on my package? What about smoothies if they have a healthy café?
  10. @JandC_Cruising Thanks so much for the overview. I'm not sure it'll be worthwhile me bidding as there's only me in the cabin and if they don't allow The haven perks (if there are any) then it seems pointless as I'm only on a four night cruise. Perhaps next time if we're sailing for longer.
  11. Thank you so much!! I completely understand the embarkation day but I thought port days were excessive. I'm also wondering do they do a mandatory muster drill on NCL? We don't leave Vancouver until midnight so some guests may get on the ship up till 10pm so how could they do a mandatory drill?
  12. I've noticed on NCL website the following "Due to security reasons, all guests must be on board 2 hours before sailing". Is this a strict policy? We'll be in port (Victoria, BC) from 7:00 till 2:00pm and I'm wondering how much I can do in that time. I don't want to be waking up at 6:00am to be first off the boat but equally I want to make the most of our time there. I've reserved bike hire at the port and I don't even know what time they open.
  13. How does bidding work please? I've booked a sailaway balcony for my cruise in October.
  14. Thanks so much for all the replies!! @INDIANA JOE I'm planning on getting in the day before the cruise so hopefully I can explore Vancouver a bit. I'm booked into Century Plaza hotel so I'm hoping I can explore locally then walk down to the pier around 3pm. @AmyJA Thanks. The rain doesn't bother me (being from the UK I'm used to it). I'm looking to do most ports solo but it's San Fran I want to pack the most in. @browniegirl As others have said I actually paid £49 extra for the additional sail away perks but that was very cheap indeed.
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