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  1. We’re in the US and booked directly with CMV for a September cruise, final payment made in late a June, deposit made in May, both via same US-issued credit card which has travel protection and no international transaction fees. I received the Administrators email ( BTW, to I think in the US we just call it receivership or Chapter ## bankruptcy) on Monday. Called the credit card company (a large US bank that issues many branded credit cards) on Tuesday morning. They took the info, they did not require any paperwork from us, and was told we’d see a temporary credit to the account withi
  2. @tring thank you, yes interesting but I’m not sure I would be interested in P&O maybe Fred Olson...the CMV attraction to us WAS 1) unique itineraries, ie Greenland with many ports without expedition pricing, others usually go to just a few ports or cost $6K + pp 2) small unique ships with history and more the feel of days (long) gone by, again without the boutique pricing 3) reasonable pricing for what you get (see 1&2) I will miss their Hidden Baltic cruises - I’d love to cruise the Baltic’s without wasting 2 days in St Petersburg under extortion to tak
  3. My fear as well, since the big companies are using this crisis to shed their smaller ships, they’re unlikely to be buying older, historic ships.
  4. @comcox In the US, do try calling the credit card company whose card you used. Husband’s card was issued by Chase and they said he’d get a credit on his account in 7 days. Since you booked through CMV USA, have you called them? I see their site is up this morning and advertising as usual. I was able to select a cabin for a future cruise, etc. Any chance CMV USA has some inside info of a white knight? good luck
  5. @comcox travel insurance in general - I haven’t used Travel Safe, we had been using Generali for several years and had good luck with some small claims. However, they stopped selling CFAR just before WHO declared the COVID crisis a pandemic. We switched to Nationwide, which will sell CFAR within 21 days of deposit. They have been very good to work with so far. We were able to change our policy for our Svalbard cruise (which we would just be disembarking this week) to next year which we rebooked with the operator. They let you move coverage up to 2 years out. We also have the A
  6. @comcox hi Tamara & David We’re still booked for the September Astoria Baltic cruise, paid in full, and are anxiously awaiting not just resolution of CMV’s financial woes but the U.K. and EU allowing Americans tourist entry..... Reading about people awaiting refunds for 100+ days makes me glad we were able to get cancel for any reason coverage in case we’re still not allowed entry to the country. CMV UK office said we could transfer funds to a later cruise if the governments don’t allow us to travel, but I am still crossing fingers September is a go... a
  7. @comcox Have you found a Roll Call for this 27 September 2020 CMV Astoria Hidden Baltics cruise in the "other" Roll Calls? I looked through about 8 pages of the most recent Roll Calls and didn't see one. However, I did stumble across your request for CC to create a CMV Roll Call section like other cruise lines wherein you mentioned 3 Roll Calls for CMV cruises. So... if you are aware of a Roll Call for this cruise, can you post the link here? I f I don't hear/see a response, I will create one later this week and post the link here. I had the same issue with my 2
  8. @tring Thank you for the link and background on the ABTA coverage. I've purchased "cancel for any reason (CFAR)" coverage just in case, although I am hopeful that we will be able to fly to the UK in Sept. without the 14 day quarantine as we are both still working and wont want to use most of our years' vacation on quarantine (14 days is longer than the cruise) and I definitely don't have enough vacation to do 14 days both ends of a 11 day cruise! Our Baltic cruise is on the Astoria and this fall looks like the last opportunity for any cruise aboard her (believe there are 2 oth
  9. To the OP and others, This thread is very helpful and informative. We too are booked for a CMV Baltic cruise in September (one Astoria's last) so I am cautiously hopeful infections and, more importantly, deaths will have stabilized on a downward slope by then. We have until 22 or 24 June to pay in full, but I doubt there will be a lot of change in COVID-related policies in the next 3 weeks that will assist with our decision. Like the OP we also happen to be Marylanders 👋 or at least we live in Maryland (never called myself a Marylander before this 🙊) Unlike the O
  10. Are sloths native to Roatan island? If not, how did they get there and where did they come from? How long do they thrive, or even live, in captivity? I thought they are nocturnal (active at night) animals? something to think about https://www.nationalgeographic.com/animals/2018/12/22-wild-animals-rescued-from-tourism-trade-on-amazon-river/ https://www.nationalgeographic.com/magazine/2019/06/global-wildlife-tourism-social-media-causes-animal-suffering/ The 2nd NatGeo article really got me to thinking about something I was vaguely uncomfortable with, but
  11. @camilla21 - I have to agree with @Britboys. We really enjoyed a 21 day cruise to Greenland a couple years ago and would gladly sail on Marco Polo again....perhaps not on a 78 day cruise,though. I think it would have to be a port- intensive trip if it was more than a week ? The Marco Polo is older and smaller, so perfect to go to out of the way places. But due to size (and possibly majority of regular clientele) the onboard activity is rather sedate. This was wearing a little thin due to repetitiveness of the afternoons towards the end of our 21 days when we had a few consecutive
  12. Hi @mss22859 I haven’t STAYED there but lived nearby and attended a training course there a few years ago. Personally if I was driving in and looking forastay&park, I’d look towards the hotels near BWI or Arundel Mills mall - they’re about 10 min apart and right off MD295 (hi way), but I’m not sure if any of them shuttle to the port, in which case Glen Burnie’s a better choice.
  13. Getting the Columbus club card seems more problematic from North America. We cruised a 21 day Greenland in 2017 (Marco Polo - great experience) and never received anything from CMV after the cruise about the Columbus Club. To the OP @BlueLadyBlue , I use “expressVPN” which is a VPN product & what I think your referred to. This company has a reasonable cost, comes with an app, easy to install, and best of all let’s me connect to a server in many interesting countries and browse their sites. The U.K. CMV site is more informative than the US site, esp for looking at excursions an
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