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  1. We are sailing 8/18 HOTS and moved from inside/connecting to Ocean balcony for less than 400$ after final payment our TA did it no problems and 5 minutes later it was showing on the app. :)
  2. No one from the UK wants small ships it would be a kick in the teeth to offer them tue oldest ship in the fleet after removing Indy. Also where would it go that voyager class ships can’t.? I wonder why RC doesn’t look at Hawaii trips.
  3. I didn't know you could all check in separately. Good to know as we are going this Friday on another cruise and I told my brother in law he'd need to wait. 🙂
  4. Thanks for the replies we are hiring from Budget only company with a reasonably priced van for our dates. Good to know I'm making a good choice regarding drop off Regards, John
  5. enjoying reading the dinner menus. whetting my appetite for next weekend 🙂
  6. Enjoy we did Indy summer 2017 and summer 2018 going on Explorer next Friday 🙂 can't wait.
  7. We had these for the first time last summer on Indy. They were constantly out of syrup and even when they weren't the taste was awful. I just stuck with cokes from the bar. 🙂
  8. Oh I might look this up would never have considered them before but fancy Norway as well although our friends are trying to get us to go on brilliance to Iceland next summer as we live in Belgium it's only a couple of hours to the port.
  9. Thanks for that it was very interesting to read. It was interesting to know that booking.com make mistakes as I assumed it was the hotel that uploaded their offers. I don't know what OTA means but I have used booking.com for several years and usually look directly at the hotels website however I usually find a 15-20% mark up on the hotel's own website and no free cancellation. Once hotels start offering booking.com rates on their own sites I will be more inclined to use them.
  10. Hi Cruisers, We are cruising on HOTS from Port Canaveral but will be hiring a car beforehand. Reading on other threads it seems like a good idea to drop off party and cases at the port and return the hire car to cocobeach. However these threads were old and I just wonder if advice has changed in the meantime. We will be a party of 5 with two kids so I will definitely drop off the ladies and kids at the port so they can relax but wondered about the timing between that and me getting back to the port? I wouldn't want them to wait around too long.
  11. Thanks for the helpful tip bouhunter. We were on a cruise during the summer and the seats between port and starboard near the elevators were a favourite haunt of noisey teenagers playing loud music. Yes people complained and they were moved but only to be replaced by a different group. We were lucky that Indy fitted doors (although kids left them open) between the rooms and the central evevators however just being close to this central passage scares me. I think we’ll stick with the connecting and hope for good neighbours since the room next door will be for 2 people, how loud can they be lol
  12. Hi I am also interested as we just booked an adjoining room on Harmony on deck 7 (room 7436) it was either that or room 7452 which I didn’t consider thinking that this was too near to the main elevators. we weren’t give much choice by our TA it was take it or book a cabin 225€ more expensive. do you think we’d be better with 7452?
  13. The pool tables on Indy weren’t floating they rolled with the ship. Made the game have more RNG though Sent from my iPad using Forums
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