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  1. I don't disagree with anything said re. Silversea on the Muse class ships, however wanted to point out that on Seabourn while the printed room service menu is limited you can order pretty much anything (within reason) off menu. Of course they don't proactively make guests aware of this which has always been strange to me...
  2. As a wine enthusiast and collector, I find Seabourn's wine program (paid and complimentary) to be the best amongst the luxury lines. Yes, it's true that I find only 1-2 of the complimentary wines to be enjoyable (ex. La Scolca Gavi, German/Austrian dry Rieslings); the California Pinot Noir and Chardonnay selections to be downright dreadful and are ~$5 (distributor cost) wines. However, overall the wine list prices are not high at all, with the exception of some US wines. They are above distributor prices but most often slightly below retail and significantly below restaurant prices. You can get a decent Champagne Blancs de Blancs, Puligny Montrachet, or Gevrey Chambertin in the $100 range. At the end of the day, Seabourn is generous with OBCs and I can order a bottle of wine every night and have a 90 minute massage once a week and leave with a zero balance, so I'm happy.
  3. In the US, it should be roughly the same but not identical, some TAs will dip into their commissions / incentives to lower the price - this is normally in the low single digit % range.
  4. Super curious as well... how do I get on this mailing list?
  5. How about the Deck 8 Owner Suites? They have a much larger wraparound veranda but I understand wind is an issue. Has anyone experienced smoke or particulate / soot residue from the Deck 10 aft suites being downwind from the stacks?
  6. Hello, Has anyone stayed in or have images of Suites 924 or 1024 on Odyssey, Sojourn, or Quest? The floorplan indicates that these suites are slightly smaller - is this noticeable? How are the views from the verandah?
  7. Point of reference - a few years back Seabourn changed the origin of our sailing from Istanbul to Athens due to security / political instability. About 2 weeks before the sailing we had to cancel our flights on TK and rebook on another carrier. Our last minute flights to ATH ended up costing thousands more, literally a good portion of the cruise fare itself, but Seabourn ponied up quickly and without a fuss. It was my first time on Seabourn, I was very impressed, and have been coming back ever since. Right now the cruise industry is dealing with a far bigger crisis, but I really hope Seabourn can invest in their customers, knowing that it will build loyalty long after the expense has been forgotten.
  8. The May 19, 2020 sailing on Quest has disappeared as well. Shame as it had quite a few interesting ports. Assume it is due to a Monaco Grand Prix charter.
  9. Not sure, but the NF was already gone on a cruise last month. Personally I think the Montaudon is a slight improvement as it's less acidic but really it's down to personal preference. And don't get too excited, the distributor cost of either Champagne is well under €20 and would typically not be served in any 5-star hospitality environment, but with the volumes consumed on Seabourn I understand, upgrading to a lower-mid range Champagne like Perrier Jouet would cost 30% more. Personally I am not happy with most of the Complimentary Wine List but there is always something drinkable (such as the La Scolca Gavi), and with the amount of OBCs being given out plus the Club discount, I can easily order a mid-range bottle of wine every night and be even at the end of the cruise. Combined with fares being meaningfully lower than a couple of years ago, I really can't complain!
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