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  1. This would be great! The Jewel is a great ship! I’d love it if they had even just one ship that cycled through a series of itineraries, ranging from short 4-night cruises that included Catalina Island, to traditional 7-night Mexican Riviera or 10/11-night deeper Mexican ports (Zihuatanjeo?!) and a couple of round trip Panama Canal sailings. Be creative RCCL! Throw in a Celebrity ship doing something similar, but alternating to folks can alternate if the date they want doesn’t offer the itinerary they’re seeking. Also, RCCL is actively converting their fleets to accept shoreside power, so that won’t be an issue for POLA (Port of L.A.). 👍🏻😉😬
  2. The Port of Los Angeles is preparing a “Request For Proposals” from cruise lines interested in developing their Outer Harbor cruise terminal (Berth 46) at San Pedro. Link to the article is here: https://www.dailybreeze.com/2019/10/02/will-san-pedros-proposed-outer-harbor-cruise-terminal-encounter-smooth-sailing/ Recent rumblings from RCCL seem to indicate they might be interested in submitting a proposal, similar to work they’ve executed several times on the East coast...along with announcing (at least seasonal) ship deployments from the San Pedro/L.A. area. When clarification on whether the sailings would be 3, 4 or 7-day sailings, the response was a variety of itineraries. Likely more news in the coming months. Fingers-crossed! The demographics of the West coast today versus what they were when RCCL based ships there year-round (back in the 90’s??) have changed dramatically, along with a significant increase in air lift (flights) to the L.A. area to get those of us from throughout the SW and NW to board these cruises. The business case for returning ships (at the very least seasonally) to the L.A. area can be made.
  3. Also on the Royal Caribbean deployment front: “word on the street” is that RCI will be stationing a ship (possibly, more than one) in the L.A. area in the coming years. Fingers-crossed it’s a ship with non-coed spa amenities. 😉
  4. In the spirit of sharing some good information related to spa facilities, I’ll pivot to a land-based facility that I’d highly recommend: JW Marriott Desert Springs. If you should find yourself in the Palm Springs area, this resort currently offers day passes for approximately $35 for the wet area of the men’s locker room of the spa. You can stay as long as you like and the amenities include a handful of digital showers (and plenty more “analog” showers, including a large private ADA shower), very powerful 8-person steam room, mild 6-man sauna, 8-man indoor hot tub and (in my opinion, the best item) a citrus-scented hammam for 8-10 men. One also has access to the coed, outdoor pool (clothing required out there, of course); however, clothing is optional for the extensive indoor section. Standard grooming amenities are also on offer and you can even order meals or snacks from the spa café (at additional cost). It’s a great facility and the crowd is generally a bit more sophisticated & mature than the heathens we’ve seen wearing sneakers & gym clothes INSIDE the steam rooms onboard 😳. Also in the Palm Springs area (downtown Palm Springs, to be precise) the Agua Caliente Tribe of Indians will be opening their Cultural Center and Bath House in 2020 (possibly in the fall). That spa is literally being built above the namesake hot springs and replaces the Spa Casino that had existed there since the 1960’s. That older facility was well-appointed and also had a great crowd of gents...so I can only imagine a state-of-the-art, 21st century facility will only take that further. I’ve seen early architectural renderings and there were definitely separate men’s and women’s areas, with a clothing/robe-required coed area. I’ll try to keep everyone appraised of this new facility once it opens. Safe travels, gentlemen, and let’s continue to share our observations of these relaxing amenities found throughout our travels....whether shipboard or shoreside!! 😉😎😊
  5. Fingers-crossed the steam and sauna on the EX remain the same after the refurb. Please DO let us know what you find, tonygcharles. 😉
  6. Thanks for the clarification and detailed info, twodjs. Disappointing RCCL (owner of Celebrity & Royal Caribbean) continues to remove these spaces from their existing ships as they refurbish and new-builds.
  7. Being an avid user of spa facilities (fitness equipment, steamroom, sauna, etc) and having traveled on a just a few lines (RCI, Celebrity, NCL), I was wondering what other cruise lines or ships have the best facilities. Describe facility configurations (amount of equipment, access, co-ed vs. men's only) and service-level (clean, well-attended, etc.) Thanks!;)
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