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  1. Northeastern NC here. We've been out of lock down for weeks an no issues. No restrictions, no masks ... no issues. Lower part of VA is still a little mask weird, but overall ... seeing less & less panic. It's looking good.
  2. Thanks! We don't do anytime dining ever ... and I can't imagine trying it w/ that # of people. We always like to be seated close together and generally email dining about a month out requesting main dining/middle floor seating. I just wanted to know what the seating tables were approximately. We cruised once w/ a group of 16 and they put us at 2 tables for 8 along the side, but we had a partition wall in between is ... couldn't see, let along talk to 1/2 the group.
  3. Hello fellow cruisers! We have not sailed the Breeze before. I am trying to find out if anyone knows what the largest table is in the main dining room? We have a large group of 24 w/ a mix of kids, teens and adults. We are trying to determine who may sit where! TIA!
  4. Funny you should mention this ... we have a friend who is a casino cruiser. We sail w/ her occasionally. It is amazing the perks they get! She gets off EVERY cruise w/ a free one. I went to Cuba w/ her on a 6 day out of Tampa. We sailed ocean view for $161 PP for 6 days. I got ALL of her casino perks traveling as her guest, which included free drinks in the casino, entry into ALL of the casino drawings, etc. I am NOT a gambler by any stretch. However, I was in the casino w/ her on the 1st night of sailing & got called for the 1st raffle ~ won $500. Our last night in Havana I was e
  5. I said this in my last post ... I've never gotten the offer in my Delta Skymiles card either. The ONLY time I use my DSM card is to book Delta flights - then I transfer the miles over to my Plat Travel card to redeem. I've seriously thought about canceling this card too. The only reason I have it is b/c I got it when it wasn't offering a yearly fee and got the 150K bonus miles - that was first class airfare to NOLA round trip for free. 🕵️‍♀️
  6. I have used this offer so many times in the last few years it's not funny. We get about 1/2 off of all the cruises we book using these offers. We have 4 AmEx cards - Plat, 2 Blue Cash, Delta. I've never gotten the offer on our Delta card. However, we have cards for all of our kids under us (and that's 7) when we started helping them establish credit several years back, and we are users on each others cards. The trick to get the offer on each card is to have a login/username for each card. We have all of ours set individually. I go in and add the offer to each card when availa
  7. Same for us! We pretty much live in the spa. Always book a spa balcony or a suite. There are not many perks to being in those cabins (say like there are for those who live in the casino). We usually book our own excursions outside of the ship unless the schedule is tight ... and still manage to average a few $K on every cruise. I'll be diamond on my last cruise in 30 days ... we started cruising a few years ago. I turn 50 in Dec.
  8. We are flying into Dublin Ireland a few days prior to a Transatlantic Cruise out of Southampton England next September. I haven't been to Europe since the early 90's and that was a guided group. We know that we want to take the ferry from Ireland to Scotland. We were thinking of renting a car in Scotland and then driving to England. Is this possible? Is is complicated? Also trying to figure out lodging for our stay prior to. How does one go about finding areas that are safe for stay? Anyone have recommendations? We like to stay places are that older and more historic in nat
  9. We always purchase the Value plan (middle tier internet package), which allows you to email, facebook calls and most social media. This cruise, we want to be able to get pics from the GoPro to the GoPro app. Does anyone know if the middle tier package will allow for this? TIA!
  10. Guess that depends on what you do & how you do it. LOL I did 28 countries through Europe in 31 days w/ my daughter about 9 years ago & had a blast. Obviously you can't see or do everything ... but that's not the point.
  11. We are on the Transatlantic sailing for the Mardi Gras in September of next year from Southampton to NY. We are actually looking at coming in several days early and flying into France ... then hopping to Ireland, Scotland and then driving down to pick up the ship in Southampton.
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