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  1. Today I started to make a bunch of appointments for when we get home auto inspection, dentist for routine cleaning, eye exam, dermatologist, mammogram and both set up for the pre-colonoscopy visit. I was shocked some of these doctor's office said first available appointments were January and one said February.
  2. Nice! Very impressed with his hunting skills. Does he know how to gut and clean them too? If yes, put me on the list for a turkey😁
  3. I DVR just about every TV show I watch so I fast forward through the commercials.
  4. Your husband has to set up his own account. If he enters your email address that should be fine. Good luck with your test and have a wonderful cruise🤩
  5. book allure before they install that big purple slide, that many do not like.
  6. cruise ships have been docking at various ports of mexico all summer.
  7. I believe the emed test kit expiration was extended 3 months from date shown on the test kit. As your cruise is early december you could wait till mid november to order the kits thru emed or optum and should be just fine🤩
  8. I didnt realize they could dock 3 ships at same time. Yes, it will be crowded with 3 ships especially if they have increased capacity for the holiday sailings.
  9. Maybe you should find a cruise line that isnt doing pre cruise testing.
  10. +1 please😍 I miss my Eva and Sparky and cannot wait to see them later next week. I wish we had brought them to the shore with us but with all the different projects we had going on and I try to keep the place allergy free for future tenants so please give Samantha a hug and kiss from me too. TY
  11. I love Veal occasionally but Eric will not eat it so I don't make it at home but always enjoy when we are out to eat.
  12. Ah that is heaven to my ears. I love eggs benedict with lobster or crab meat. I have been craving eggs benedict too🤩 Sea Bass sounds delicious too - Enjoy. Unfortunately, Eric did not catch any fish today so I cooked chicken marsala.
  13. FYI - It is Not always the Star Lounge that b2b cruisers report. @lolalow On day 1 or 2 of boarding go to customer service and make sure you are on their list for a b2b. You will receive a letter in your cabin that you will provide you with instructions. YES you may get off the ship as soon as your customs/check in process is completed. We do this all the time and have always used the new sea pass card to enter the terminal on our way back to the ship. No need to stand in the line with all the new passengers checking in. YES you may go immediately to your cabin after your check in process. if fire door is closed as others have said you simply open and go to your cabin. Depending on how many B2B cruisers on your sailing they may have a special lunch for you in the MDR or one of the speciality restaurants. You will receive this information when you meet up with your group of b2b cruisers.
  14. Beautiful Pauline and scrumptious looking desert. Is that a version of a cheesecake?
  15. I love lobster bisque and I love Lobster. Maybe someday you will try a Lobster tail?
  16. I don't think I have ever grown an Amish paste tomato. I will try to add to my list for next years garden. I keep wanting to grow garlic but just haven't tried it yet.
  17. And testing is Not over the top -- if you want to travel out of the country you need to test. I am pretty sure every island in the Caribbean requires ALL travelers to be tested before arrival. You can either order online the proctored emed antigent test kits that are approved by Royal (have to make sure you get the correct ones). Last I looked they were selling 6 kits for $150 / 3 kits for $99 or 2 kits for $70 Website to order is provided above by fellow CC member. Or you can call Royal's special number - you can find on their website to see if you are able to schedule one of the limited tests they offer at various cruise ports for $99 and up per person. Or you can check out the website for Miami airport as they have 2 testing facilities onsite. Not sure how much they charge.
  18. Yes, definitely can cruise solo with a casino offer as long as the offer is in your name.
  19. Club Royale typically does not acknowledge sales/promotions when you are booking an casino offer. Did you call the clubroyale number given the other week to get your answers on cost for your 3 yr old?
  20. Yummy! When I have bacon 3 or 4 slices is perfect. I hate when you go out to eat and they give 2 pieces - that's a tease IMO. Are your tomatoes still growing? Mine stopped end of September and I pulled the plants out of ground before we came to the shore house. My peppers and eggplant are still going (per my neighbor).
  21. I will also be praying and positive thoughts for Mighty Kennedy. I cannot imagine having your baby at the hospital for 8 months. Hoping he will be home very soon🥰
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