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  1. Thank you. I love going to weddings but also know they are very costly here in the US and I always think it is really necessary to spend $50,000 to $100,000 on a wedding that lasts just a couple of hours and what the young couples could do with that money - like buy their first house, etc. So happy when I heard our Son and his Fiance decided they do Not want a big wedding at all. They want just a small simple day with immediate family and friends - probably 25 to 30 people at most. I suggested they get married on a cruise ship or a caribbean island. My brother and his wife got married in St Lucia then came home and had a reception in their back yard.
  2. In the last couple of months the only change I saw was the 3 night or chops +1 go up by $10. I think it was black friday of 2019 that I purchased 3 night dining packages for a couple of sailings for $79 vs the $99 fee at that time.
  3. Curious, is it customary for the brides family to pay for the wedding venue and meals for guests in Israel?
  4. This weekend I had a guy with a Louisiana license plate turn right from the left lane as I was turning right - he almost got me. Glad he was ahead of me because I watched him drive like an idiot down the length of LBI boulevard till he turned off to go over the causeway - I waved goodbye and said please don't come back to the island😇
  5. Sorry to hear this happened to Sharon but Great to hear she is mostly Ok and that everyone is there to help everyone! Thank god Kenzie wasn't driving😇
  6. It gets really crowded after bars close in the summer. We have done that a couple of times and the young crowd was just too drunk and annoying for us at 3 am. Yes, it does get very crowded in the summer. It was nice they added the outdoor seating of several tables in the front. that really helped this summer
  7. Same here - I guess it just depends on where we are and whether or not we want to carry in our backpack or not. I always have my DL and a copy of the passport in my wallet in small backpack I use off ship.
  8. You may just see the top of the lifeboat and no have direct view of ocean if you want to look straight down from your balcony. We had had cabin 6654 on anthem that is 50% obstructed and that was the only obstruction.
  9. I love snuggling in my fluffy down comforter. When we leave lbi later this week we will set heat for 60 since no one else is staying here till maybe thanksgiving.
  10. Me too. Eric put heat on other night and I made sure to turn off when I woke up. I delay as long as possible.
  11. No idea why but CC would not allow me to quote your earlier photos. You are gorgeous in that blouse, you definitely shine. Looks like everyone is having a wonderful time. PS. I like how typed Bucket for the picture of bouquet💐
  12. I thought I heard they were making updated pfizer booster that has been tweaked to help with variants, such as Delta? Have you heard anything about that?
  13. As of right now there a couple islands that require ship only excursions. What islands are you visiting? Currently the teen lounge is open. I'm not sure if there are restrictions. A glass of wine typically costs $8 or $9, cocktails can be $10 to $13, some more depends on what you drink. If you like speciality coffees or fresh squeezed juices then a beverage package may be beneficial depending on price. Check out black friday sales on your cruise planner online. As if right now they are limiting people in the swimming pool and people in hot tubs are social distancing as much as possible. Mdr has options to book either traditional dining or my time dining. As of right now there are separate dining rooms for families traveling with children under 12 that are unvaxxed. I have not heard of seating with strangers at this time. Dont over think or book too much. Our best cruises are those we dont have a lot booked and able to relax and not worry about time or where I am supposed to be at. Again, check out sales on cruise planner on black friday.
  14. Maybe vaccinating crew as they arrive and go into quarantine. A lot of prep work to get the ship and crew ready.
  15. Yes you can take on the plane but I reccommend you put in carryon as the test kits are temperature sensitive and I hear the luggage area on planes gets rather cold.
  16. Beautiful blouse and perfect shoes to match. I am sure you will look like a Royal. Fabulous. Have a wonderful day enjoying this special occassion🥰
  17. St maarten and st thomas you can do your own thing but I read on other threads st kitts was doing ship excursions only. My next sailing there is in january so I hope we can do our own thing as I love going to carambola beach.
  18. It's currently 54 here. Suppose to reach 63. Woke up to temps in the 40s. Yuck! Tomorrow to be low 70s
  19. If the cruise was coming to an end maybe they had to test all passengers before they boarded their flights back home. I believe the cruise lines are testing all crew on a weekly basis. It's good they caught the positive cases before they hoped on a plane and spread even more. If you are not comfortable with the protocols then don't go abroad and board a ship. Also, it is my understanding that passengers testing positive at the end of cruise will quarantine in a hotel, not on the ship.
  20. Very chilly morning at Lbi. Heading out to the Chicken or the Egg for breakfast with our neighbors. Love their eggs benedict with crab and really good coffee too! We will be leaving here Wednesday or Thursday to head back home. I'm excited to see my babies, Eva and Sparky, but will miss my daily walks on beach and bike rides. Hardly use the cars while hear.
  21. Congratulations! Such a wonderful honor. I am sure this week will fly by and before you know it you will be having a blast on your cruise. I think you should turn it into a b2b
  22. I am sure you will have an absolutely amazing cruise and it is so wonderful that you are able to offer this experience to your children. They will learn so much more with this life experience and I am sure they will adapt just fine. Serenade has been our favorite ship for many years now. I love the views available from many different locations on the ship that just aren't available with the larger ships such as the Oasis class. That is great news that unlimited dining will be included. Our favorite waitress, Grace and her husband, has been working on Serenade on a couple years. Last I saw her was Feb 2020 in Giovanni's. We were Serenade for almost a month and love it. I hope she will be onboard the world cruise as she provides service above and beyond and is truly a wonderful person. My only concern with having the children do online schooling or you and your husband doing work online would be the internet. I suspect there will be some areas of travel where the wifi may not be the best but in my opinion, everyone will adapt as needed. Both my husband and I have the capability of working online and have worked on many of our cruises without an issue. I am waiting to see how many the different segments will cost as there are 2 that I would love to do.
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