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  1. So your part of texas is not requiring you to wear a mask when you go to stores, just at salons? That's odd.
  2. Ditto. We too usually get the standard OV cabin for most sailings so we can do several cruises and b2bs throughout the year. So far 3 of our 4 future cruises booked we have a spacious OV balcony. The 4th one in january we still have OV but may use one of our FCCs to upgrade to a balcony.. I think alot more cruisers will do the same if we have to wear masks at pool and sun decks then I'll just hang out on my balcony as long as I'm on the sunny side.
  3. We did that same itinerary this january on serenade for 12 nights. Loved having the overnight in aruba. I hope you get to do thst sailing. It was one of our favorite caribbean itineraries.
  4. I voted not sure as it will depend on the requirements. If I have to wear when sunbathing at the pool or sunning decks then no I would not cruise. If I have to wear when inside ship with large gatherings of people for a show or wondering around shops and using elevators then I would be okay with that. Wouldn't be thrilled about it but would be okay with it.
  5. If they stay on track with posting sailings as done in past years the europe 2022 sailings should be posted october or november.
  6. https://newseu.cgtn.com/news/2020-05-07/Nicotine-patches-trialed-to-help-COVID-19-patients-in-France-QiKFRCAzMQ/index.html I have read several different studies being done in various countries about smokers and covid. Dr. Oz also spoke in great detail about the effects of tobacco on covid several weeks ago. Of course, he was not going to promote anyone to start smoking as of course there are other side effects. I found this very interesting.
  7. I usually stay at either the Embassy Suites, Pier Sixty Six (closed and under major construction) or the Hilton all on 17th street and very convenient to everything in the area including the water taxi and the cruise port. right now looks like all of them have increased their prices for next January probably due to being shut down for months due to covid. Expect everything is going to cost more in 2021. I always watch prices for specials (just like I check out cruise prices every week for my future bookings) and I try to use points from my amex or visa card for airfare and travel whenever I can.
  8. Yes, I strongly agree cruising will slowly phase in just like everything else that is slowly re-opening and all have new standards to be met. Like they said in the webinar yesterday everyone thought travel would be non-existent after 911 but we all adapted and travel has never been higher than recent years. We will all adapt to the new future with covid or hopefully post covid just need patience for all of this to get worked out.
  9. Per the Royal Caribbean website: This is a Goal and I highly doubt they will want to be one of the first to restart cruises that day. Carnival cruises had previously announced they would restart August 1st but that date is not yet confirmed and rumor on their posts is that may be pushed back to September 1st. As of right now the US has all ports and all borders closed indefinitely. They will re-evaluate every 30-days. Just like RCL is doing. If RCL starts cruising too soon and god forbid an outbreak happens their business with go to the crapper. Instead it is in their best interest to continue with the wait and see pattern. I attended the investors webinar call yesterday from 10 am to 11 am EST and they said over and over they have no idea when they will start to sail again. They will slowly restart their sailings possible in the Asia and Europe markets at first. But they will not sail until everyone on the ship will be Safe and Feel Safe. You can read into that however you want.
  10. Wow their prices for january 2021 did go up quite a bit. We paid under $200 a night in jan 2020 but now $300. There is definitely no shortage of hotels in that area. Will have to check other prices on hotels.com site.
  11. The embassy suites on 17th st is a great location. Free breakfast buffet and free 2 hour happy hour every night. Some great restaurants all in walking distance for a nice dinner. I forget the name but one of must go to seafood places in that area is Kelly's landing. Pretty sure that is their name. Awesome prices with great fresh seafood. Plus you can walk to shopping center behind hotel and go to total wine for your 2 bottles to take on ship if you like wine or pick up any last minute items at foodstore. They have a very nice outdoor area with pool and hot tub and patio seating for bar and restaurant.
  12. I understand being told wrong information but surprises me I was told by 3 different reps for each time one of my cruises was cancelled. I will call in coming days as suspect phones to be busy with new round of cancellations.
  13. On today's investor webinar call the 3 top guys (Bayley, Fain and other guy - Liberty I think his name is) said several times they will not start sailing until they can insure the safety of everyone onboard and when everyone will fill safe. When someone asked what would happen if someone came ill with covid they declined in answering. I suspect they have no plans of sailing anytime soon as they don't want to chance having an outbreak. the cost of waiting will hurt their business but the cost of sailing too soon and having an outbreak would be devastating to their business.
  14. I was told non refundable for 3 cruises cancelled by RCL. I have received the refund on these 3 cruises and they did not include the money we paid for the insurance thru RCL travel program. I guess I need to call them back and have this researched??
  15. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos of Copenhagen. I was supposed to be there this summer. We had reservations for a couple of days at Scandic Palace in city centre then do a b2b for Baltic/Norway on Jewel. Best wishes with your new home!
  16. Very interested as I have received refunds on 3 of my rcl cancelled cruises so far and did Not receive the RCL travel protection I purchased for any of them. I was told by rep that was non-refundable.
  17. Opening up Disney Springs today which is basically an outdoor mall is nothing like putting several thousand people all together on a cruise ship for 7 days. Yes, that is great that some venues are re-opening. yes, they will have to restart at some point but I am sure RCL doesn't want to be the first one to do so. That is probably why they declined on todays webinar call to answer the question of what would happen if someone came down with covid on a ship. They expressed several times on their call they will Not sail until it is safe for everyone and everyone feels safe to sail. I have 3 or 4 future cruises booked and yes, I want to get back on a ship as I have had a total of 4 cruises cancelled as of today. Next comes Trump is supposed to announce in coming days what the travel restrictions for the US will or will not be.
  18. Everyone wanted to hear from RCL for next round of cancellations. We all knew they were Not going to cruise on June 13th - even though their website said expect to resume in June. Now it simply says expect to resume August 1st and that is highly unlikely. If that was true they would have made the announcement on their 1 hour webinar today on rclinvestors.com It is just their way and doing the next round of cancellations. They did briefly say cruises may restart in other parts of the world before they the restart in the US but they did not give any timeline for that either. August 1st is just a date since they are doing their usual cancellation process of month by month.
  19. From everything i heard on the phone call I highly doubt RCL will be cruising the caribbean on August 1st. Maybe the asia market. I cannot find this press release, do you have a link to it?
  20. Who me apologize for the facts I heard from the 3 top guys on a webinar instead of some blog posted saying they expect to return to service on August 1st. ???
  21. I may have heard that part wrong as I had my son interrupted me while I was listening. Forgive me if I did.
  22. Yes, I found that very interesting too. As they said several times they will not sail until everyone on the ship feels safe and they can keep everyone safe and healthy.
  23. It was nice to hear them explain the reason most ships will remain in 'warm' vs cold layup and the cost impact. Also, the fact they said it is cheaper to run the smaller ships leads me to believe they will start sailings on the smaller ships to destinations such as cococay to begin with. But again I don't want to "fill in the blanks" like these reporters do online.
  24. Thank you for confirming what I got out of the meeting. Ridiculous how the media https://www.*****.com/2020/05/20/royal-caribbean-will-cancel-all-sailings-through-july-31-due-coronavirus writes this article saying they will resume sailing August 1st. Twist of words Again by the media.
  25. I attended the 10 am webinar and at no time did I hear them say they 'expect to return to service august 1st". media adding their words unless there was a posting somewhere I haven't seen yet as I am at work now. All three of them said they have no idea when sailings will begin again and won't sail until they can insure the safety of everyone. During the webinar I got the impression that sailings (in some regions) will not begin until sometime later in the 2nd half of 2020 or early 2021. Did anyone that attended the webinar get this same impression?
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