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  1. So you are saying it is cheaper and easier to get off at cozumel or costa maya or st maarten and find a laundromat then going to one in miami. Oasis sails a eastern and western caribbean itinerary. ???
  2. I also have used the magnetic hooks to hang stuff. I have rolled up items in a towel but never never thought about walking on it, that is a good idea.
  3. Pre covid My parents tried to do treat me and my husband with their D+ bogo while dining at giovannis prior to us being d+ and were told it could not be done. Both the waiter and host said no it was to be used by d+ members only. I guess that staff didnt know the rules.
  4. Hi, I've been thinking about your family today. How was your Daughters Birthday? I hope she is enjoying. Everything go ok with Mallorys sonogram?
  5. All good. I do that a lot.🤩 My next cruise is a b2b on Anthem in january for 22 nights, cannot wait.
  6. The longest I have done is a month. When we do b2b, etc, I bring a small plastic bottle of woolite and wash bathing suits, bras, quick drying tops in bathroom sink then hang dry on clothes line in shower or hang bathing suits and blouses/tops on back of chairs on port chairs on balcony. Then I use their laundry service and stuff as much as possible into their laundry bag, bring scotch tape to close bag shut. Dont mix darks with whites as they usually put everything in the bag into same washer. Or after done your check in process with b2b group take a small suitcase full of laundry and go to a laundry mat. I have done this at Fll port by taking uber to closest laundromat then walking to store for more wine to take back onboard.
  7. I like your typo. Is Bobo the clown coming onboard. Are you asking if a d+ can treat a 2nd person to dinner? I dont think they will allow this. It is meant to be used for 2 separate nights but they just might allow these days.
  8. Why would they stop operating as they have been since the summer?
  9. You can go to the casino and turn your OBC into cash by going to a slot machine and withdrawing the funds thru room account or you can use it to pre-pay your tips, book excursions, internet, dining packages, beverage packages, spa treatments, etc. etc. I can find a million ways to spend $900😁
  10. My school district the kids have off day before Thanksiving and go back to school the following Wednesday. So pretty easy to take the kids out of school for another 3 days to go on a family cruise instead of doing the week of Thanksgiving.
  11. Out of all the places i called the farthest out was my eye doc that I scheduled for Feb 6th. One of Eric's doctors I was trying to schedule before we leave for our b2b on Anthem in jan. but he had one opening the day after we leave on the cruise so that is scheduled for February too. I forget which office it was but one of the schedulers told me they had a lot of people not coming in the last several months and now that covid number are down again everyone has been calling to schedule.
  12. That is really quick and great news as it would be horrible to drag this out. 🙏
  13. Today I started to make a bunch of appointments for when we get home auto inspection, dentist for routine cleaning, eye exam, dermatologist, mammogram and both set up for the pre-colonoscopy visit. I was shocked some of these doctor's office said first available appointments were January and one said February.
  14. Nice! Very impressed with his hunting skills. Does he know how to gut and clean them too? If yes, put me on the list for a turkey😁
  15. I DVR just about every TV show I watch so I fast forward through the commercials.
  16. Your husband has to set up his own account. If he enters your email address that should be fine. Good luck with your test and have a wonderful cruise🤩
  17. book allure before they install that big purple slide, that many do not like.
  18. I believe the emed test kit expiration was extended 3 months from date shown on the test kit. As your cruise is early december you could wait till mid november to order the kits thru emed or optum and should be just fine🤩
  19. I didnt realize they could dock 3 ships at same time. Yes, it will be crowded with 3 ships especially if they have increased capacity for the holiday sailings.
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