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  1. If you like to hang out in solarium on sea days that are chilly currently no masks required in solarium as it has been for vaxxed only. Currently No masks in casino and shows that are for vaxxed only do not require a mask. Masks are required in promenade since mingling with unvaxxed children.
  2. Or this clip with the only time you will Onslow in a Tuxedo. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=285263792602676&id=179740812490230&_rdr
  3. Not sure if this will work for you but here is a clip of the episode called Sea Fever from YouTube
  4. We were doing a b2b in February. I read the barbados health requirements for cruise ships early september and had doubts. I know I don't want to chance flying in same day with airlines being unreliable these days. And we dont want to run the risk of a positive test for pre cruise stay and be quarantined on the island. Their rules are very strict just like Bermuda. Royal couldn't come to terms with Bermuda requirements. Just dont know about Barbados.
  5. Curious what was the passenger count for anthems uk sailing last week? If low that may be why the bistro was closed.
  6. I thought royal was now offering for $99 per test option to book a test at a pier as a back up plan?
  7. Yes, that's a great episode with her sister and Onslow getting the VIP treatment and she thinks their stowaways.
  8. Beautiful photos of the family. Love the sunflower field. Daisies and sunflowers are my favorites
  9. delete - I answered riddle with elevator but now see it has already been answered. Thank you again John and Sharon for sharing your trip with us. Happy trails and hope to meet both of you on a cruise someday soon.😍
  10. that's pretty common. I have done a bunch of b2bb2b and always got emails about the next one while I was on the ship. Guest services has you right but corporate IT people that send out their standard emails don't, no worries it just them. Enjoy your cruise🤩
  11. I just saw a rerun of that episode a couple weeks ago. I believe that is the one where she had Richard tell the delivery truck to keep driving around the block
  12. Freedom has been exceeding the 50% limit. this past weekend they 3300 passengers and I heard on 10/1 sailing they had 2900. I guess because they are only 3 or 4 night cruises a lot more people are booking them for weekend trips.
  13. Sounds like a perfect day. I love oysters raw but occassion poor boy is good too. Now I'm craving tuna steaks. Will have to pick up some at the local fish market. We woke up to some fog, still cloudy here but a little brighter than yesterday. Not as windy as yesterday. Forecast says we will see sun tomorrow. After a couple days off from painting his arm/shoulder is feeling good. Eric is now painting walls in master bedroom and I just did the hallways on 2nd floor. Tomorrow we will start the main floor. We are back to work online this week which I dont mind working here if I can sit on the deck and enjoy the sound of the ocean.
  14. You are right Old Barney is a much easier walk. I have not yet walked up California lighthouse in Aruba not sure I will after hearing no handrails. Maybe when I was younger. The last lighthouse we did was Gibbs Hill in Bermuda and that has decent steps with a handrail. I have always loved visiting lighthouses whereever we visit.
  15. Not chartered. the 11 nights sailings anthem has for month of january have been very popular and all 3 of the sailings have most cabin categories sold out or extremely high prices for suites. Hopefully the OP gets proper resolution.
  16. We are booked for a couple sailings on anthem. Always enjoy the ship, were mid 50s. If you are philadelphia eagles fan, the march 20th sailing will be a partial charter for eagles fans with some past and present players too.
  17. Maybe because he had so much damage for so long it is going to take a little longer. Sorry to hear he is not recovering as quick as he would like. Hope he's not in too much pain.
  18. She is a beauty. Look at her sitting proper with paws together...very attentive too😺
  19. Excellent, did they get one of those balcony cabins Dani mentioned yesterday?
  20. Looks delicious. Hope you saved room for those yummy looking cupcakes🤩
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