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  1. NCL calls zones as they offload baggage and that zone's baggage is available for pickup on the pier, that's been my experience. Those are facts they can keep aware of just from onboard ship communication capabilities. That's the reason you should never leave the ship until your zone is called, you'll just be in the way of everyone else waiting for your baggage on the pier. There's no practical way for the staff aboard the ship to know how well customs is doing clearing passengers. Customs' and the ship's hand held radios use different frequencies and can't communicate with one another.
  2. Scrubbers ware used to clean up the exhausts from the diesel engines. Environmentally, it's good news. From a passenger point of view, there might be less soot on the upper decks near the funnels.
  3. Yes, the food is basically the same fleet wide. Any differences you'll see arrises from a differing amount of restaurants aboard the ship, and from the different personnel aboard the ships preparing the meals. You'll find that the Sky has less restaurants and the Epic will have more restaurants than the Spirit to dine at. Similar restaurants to each other will have the same menus.
  4. Wishing isn't getting. This is the fourth country NCL has long term agreements with. Bahamas, Belize, Bermuda, and now British Virgin Islands. Looks like NCL really likes countries starting with "B":) Don't expect NCL to drop ports in these countries, they are required by the agreements to provide many visits and many visitors. NCL can't do so if they drop ports in these countries. The reason NCL signed agreements with these countries is to get access to mostly new piers that the countries wouldn't have funded and built without the agreements.
  5. The front desk offered you the "fleet" standard $50 OBC for your issue right from the beginning. No one on board the ship can offer more, and they can never give the cash you were demanding. To get more, you'll have to take this issue to corporate headquarters, and they eventually gave you that information as well. Talking to the supervisor didn't get you a better offer because they had already offered you the most they can. Believe it or not, demanding to speak with a supervisor is disrespectful of the purser at the desk, and rarely do you get a better result. Never-the-less, you did get to talk to the supervisor. How is this poor customer service? If you look at your cruise contract closely you'll discover they aren't liable and that the $50 OBC offer was being generous. 6 NCL ships at one time had self service laundries. On all 6 ships, the self service laundries was the number 1 complaint. NCL removed them because they were losing too much money paying $50 OBC to all the complainers. $50 here, $50 there, add them all up it comes to big $ lo$$e$.. Good luck with the corporate office with your issues.
  6. Which NCL ship are you planning to sail on? One will enter Glacier Bay National Park, the other will not. If you're on the ship sailing to Glacier Bay National Park, I wouldn't spend any money in Juneau going to its glacier. Instead, I suggest taking the aerial tram up Mount Roberts - there's lots of trails up there they can hike on, the whole park is run by native Americans - a great education opportunity. The tramway's entrance is a short walk from the nearby piers, but a long walk away from the far pier, which can be reached by the free shuttle bus NCL usually provides if moored at the far pier. That's a big if. If you're on the ship that doesn't visit Glacier Bay National Park, the only glacier they may see if the one in Juneau - because the ship may not make it all the way up the arm to Sawyer Glacier. Shopping is my recommendation for Ketchikan and Skagway where you can avoid the cost of excursions easily, many of the stores are within walking distance to the pier. The train ride at Skagway is a very popular excursion, but I believe some of the bus excursions are cheaper, and they provide just as much scenery. Whale watching boat excursions, totem poles tour, and the logging show are the very popular excursions in Ketchikan. They are not cheap. I believe the totem pole bus tour is cheapest, and another opportunity for a native American education. I agree with the earlier responder who recommended visiting the port of call forums. There are many different excursions to choose from at different prices, it's difficult to suggest which is best for the girls without knowing the depth of their purses. There's a reason many take multiple cruises to Alaska, there's really too much to do and see on one cruse.
  7. The problem I have with two way radios is there's no buzzer and no headset. Everybody nearby hears everything. Imagine they are dining when the radio squawks, or in the middle of the show. It's a bad idea to chain friends to the radio. Don't be surprised if they leave that darn radio behind in their cabin. Use the telephones cruise lines so nicely place in every cabin. Their cabin number most likely will be their phone number on the ship. How and what families do to keep in touch is their own business, but there are far better ways to keep in touch than using two way radios.
  8. I'll admit I'm only guessing, but that would be a crew only space, possibly a crew stairway, elevator bank, or storage space for linens, etc.
  9. The main dining rooms (free) will offer a special menu for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The speciality restaurants will still offer their normal menus, but you can order that special menu at them too. I've ordered the free lobster entree served at the main dining rooms on lobster night at a specialty restaurant before, but usually order the speciality restaurant's desserts, soups, and salads. You can always order two entrees as well. Good luck!
  10. You'll also need a rooster if you expect that chicken to keep laying eggs on a daily basis. :eek:
  11. They have already offered you their best offer, don't you get it? There's no reason for them to call back. Everyone else who books a cruise on the Spirit with six in their party accepts ADJACENT cabins, why can't you? I'll agree agents not knowing what's available cabin wise on a specific ship isn't good service. But they have offered $100 OBC for compensation for that poor service. No cruise line in the world offers SUITES for compensation. NONE!
  12. I'm not defending NCL, but it is not HORRIBLE customer service when YOU responded NO to their supervisor's $100 OBC solution with the adjacent cabins. As YOU readily admit, the Spirit doesn't have connecting cabins with both cabins having 3 berths. There's just no way possible to meet your desires, short of upgrading to a more expensive suite and balcony arrangement you have refused to pay the full fares for. I believe your expectations are way to high to be expected a suite for compensation, even at half price for the upgrade. No cruise line feels responsible about how you get to the ship unless you booked that transport with them. If the supervisor's offer for $100 OBC and adjacent cabins aren't good enough for you, you'll be better off canceling the cruise on the Spirit and choosing to cruise on another ship. I believe the $100 OBC was a fair offer of compensation. Good luck.
  13. Usually I book a new cruise, or a new vacation trip to some exotic place to overcome post cruise depression. I fully understand the lack of funds. Maybe a cheaper trip to Las Vegas or a ski resort is the answer, you can get pampered at a resort hotel too.
  14. Both Miami and New York City can handle two super large ships, one on Saturday and another on Sunday. The fifth super large ship can remain in Europe, probably Barcelona, year 'round as well. That means NCL will have to find a home for its 10 other Panamax and smaller ships. In the summer season: Honolulu, Seattle (2), Vancouver, Venice, Miami (Sky), Boston, Copenhagen accounts for 8 of them, leaving two ships available. I'm not sure where NCL add homeports for the summer season. In the winter season, Honolulu, Los Angeles, Miami (Sky), New Orleans, Houston, Tampa, and Rome accounts for 7 of them - leaving three available. I assume Miami could handle an additional ship for the Southern Caribbean sailings, still leaving two ships needing homes for the season.
  15. There's very little similarities in the way these two ships were built. But there will be many similarities with the services provided on these two ships.
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