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  1. Glad you had fun with your daughter, PA 🙂
  2. I had a small gain too but I am already back to work watching my calories. Good luck to all!
  3. Just two slip ons. I wear one and keep the other just in case.
  4. I like the month of no idea! Today is one month till my birthday so I am hoping to be five pounds lighter by then. I had a loss this week and then a smaller gain with another loss but I will take it all rather than a plateau! Hope all is well with everyone else 🙂
  5. Thanks so much for the kind words, nyer, Belle, winewanderer, Jan, and Robin! And JennyB, I love this group too 🙂
  6. So many good recipe ideas! As far as maintaining goes, it is less about motivation for me than physicality. I will get to my GW, then add calories slowly, 100 cal a month at a time while still losing, adding 50 cal when the loss gets slower... and then bam, I will gain a bunch suddenly! Very frustrating. I could keep losing but at my height (6ft even), I go from slim to skeletal quickly. Good luck this week to all!
  7. Hi Belle. For me regarding the holidays, I usually let myself indulge the day of and then keep to my plan the rest of the time. I love comfort food tho. Of course everyone does! Weightwise, I am still at a plateau. Annoying but I know if I just keep on keeping on, it will eventually fix itself. Hard to wait though! I tend to have more trouble maintaining than with losing, does anyone else have that problem?
  8. I stumbled into some Halloween Cheetos today, oops! I can completely understand how Halloween candy has magnetic properties. Thanks for any welcomes directed at me
  9. Thanks! And I will- I usually have lentils for dinner along with broccoli or sprouts. So yummy and my pet rats like it too! Aw, shucks. Thank you! I don't really have any other expensive hobbies and I like to hunt for bargains so I manage to travel as often as I can. I want to get as much done early in life because we aren't guaranteed a tomorrow. I've actually visited all fifty states and all the Canadian provinces too. There's so much fun stuff to do without having to leave the continent. We're really fortunate. I love watching the ducks at SeaWorld. Ducks are some of my favorite animals. They're so funny. I saw two last weekend who kept sleeping and floating and then they would run into each other and fight because each one thought the other one was attacking them when it was really just the current. Muscovies are my favorites because they are so personable and puppylike but I also like northern shovelers, wood ducks, whistlers, and hooded mergansers.
  10. My mom went to college in Erie. It's super pretty up there! I have a funny story about chipmunks actually- I was at the Columbus Zoo and I saw a bunch of people huddled around the manatee exhibit. I screamed and took a bunch of pictures of the trash can and everyone was looking at me because I found a chipmunk eating the trash and it was honestly one of the most exciting things that has ever happened to me. It was such a cute chipmunk and I got really great pictures of it if you ignore the trash. Don't get me wrong, manatees are very nice but they are not something I consider exotic at all like the northerners did. That chipmunk was much more interesting to me. No one else thought so! I've never seen snow! I hate the cold. My best friend has pictures of me wearing a sweatshirt and jeans in Death Valley in July. I only recently learned that apparently the flakes aren't the size of your head like you see in Frosty movies. Oddly enough, I have only gone on one cruise leaving from a Florida port. I flew to all the others. I actually just updated my signature with additional trips I had taken because I hadn't even looked at it in like at least a year. I guess I should mention something health related too... I had two eggs for breakfast, tuna for lunch and lots of water and walking today so yay 🙂
  11. Thanks! It's been an exciting adventure. I call my parents a few times a week but they call me every day lol. I'm sorry to hear that you didn't find something that worked for you just yet like my medicine helped me but who knows. New advances are happening every day so maybe something is on the horizon for you. I know what you mean about it being so hard to do anything sometimes. Like you, I would try to do one positive thing each day when the going was hard, no matter how small it seemed. On days when I couldn't even do that, I just tried to be grateful that I didn't have any setbacks. On days with setbacks, I tried to not dwell on them but of course with depression, not ruminating can be so tough! Your fall feast sounded amazing! Yum, meatballs ❤️ Oh and I see you are in PA... I know it isn't central but more western but are you sorta near Pittsburgh at all? My entire family was born there except for me (south florida, represent!!) and I always liked when we would go up north and see exciting things like chipmunks and groundhogs. And the hills! swoon 😛
  12. I am glad I am not alone on not feeling like I am measuring myself well, lol! Gosh, I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your mom. I imagine something like that isn't something you ever get over, rather you learn to live with an important part of you missing. I know how you may feel about your daughter but from the other side! I recently moved out of my parents' house and my parents have gone a bit nutso. I'm an only child so I am sure it was hard for them- it was hard for me too! And thanks for posting about depression! I agree with so much of what you said. I've always seen it as a chemical imbalance only no one treats it that way. For instance, I don't think many people would tell a diabetic "have you tried just being happy or getting over your troubles?" Of course not, but people seem to think that is ok to do with depression because it somehow isn't generally seen a real medical issue. Unfortunately I have suffered from depression myself. Unlike the recent emotional weirdness with my thyroid where my roomie would ask me how my day was and I would burst into tears for no reason, depression for me was more a feeling of numbness than sorrow. It definitely is a thing that doesn't make sense, like you said. I still remember when I "came down with depression," for lack of a better phrase. A couple years ago when I was seventeen, one morning I just woke up and felt... off. I thought it was just one of those things, just a weird day. It never got better though. I tried everything to treat it on my own because confiding in my parents about that to try to get me treatment was out of the question. I tried yoga, exercise, talk therapy, all sorts of supplements. Nothing helped and I lost out on so many college experiences. Finally, my roomie prodded me to go a lab that was doing studies for depression meds. As vividly as I remember the morning I woke up depressed, I also remember the first time I genuinely smiled at a friend after being on Lexapro for a few months. It was like feeling the sun on my skin after a year of darkness. I hope that you have something that works for you because it makes all the difference in the world to find that thing that helps you.
  13. Thanks melmar and pacruise! Hormones really are hard sometimes. About six months ago my levels went up on their own so combined with the meds it was too much. These meds are different from the last kind I was on so I didn't recognize the signs to call my Dr right away. That was the worst I have ever felt emotionally outside of an external reason for depression ( death in the family, breakups, stuff like that). I hope I never feel that way ever, ever again. Thankfully I am feeling better now but while I am doing better emotionally, I haven't had many physical signs yet and it's hard to be patient! I have always wanted to measure myself but I don't feel confident that I am measuring in the exact same place each time. I know that sounds silly but it's why I have been using my slacks as a baseline.
  14. Thank you so much for the welcome! I have three months till my next trip and I am hoping to have a certain pair of slacks feeling a bit roomier by then. My most recent roadblock to that goal has been getting my thyroid meds adjusted. That's still a work in progress. If the hormone is too high, I lose weight but struggle to sleep and have energy to exercise and achieve other goals.
  15. Hi there! May I join in? I am a little shy and not sure how it works though... Do we just mention our loss for the week, if any? Thanks for the guidance.
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