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  1. I am so sorry to hear about your injury. I had a trimallelor fx and dislocation 7 years ago. Your pictures brought back awful memories of an ankle that didn’t look like it belonged on my leg. Take it easy!!! Love reading your reviews! 🤗
  2. Tuscan is great! We dined there last year and could only get a late reservation at 8pm. It was pretty much empty so not sure why we couldn't get in earlier. We have booked it for the first night this August. The lobster rigatoni is delicious. I always get the filet with gorgonzola sauce. And burrata as an app. Can you tell I'm a cheese lover!?
  3. I got hosed at the spa on the Gem during my honeymoon. It was an 11 night and my gel nail polish had already chipped. I checked out their menu and decided I would spend the $50 for a gel manicure. Well, when I was done, the charge was $90!! They had charged me for a special "fire and ice" manicure with the gel polish on top of that. I fought with them and they said that I never said anything during the service. How was I supposed to know what they did wasn't their standard overpriced manicure? My husband ended up going in and fighting with the spa manager about it. We got a refund but from now on, I will stay away!
  4. I was on the Gem in October and they had paper straws. I got one with every drink I had in all venues!
  5. I just got upgraded for our past cruise in October. We got notified on Thursday around 1pm for a Sunday sailing. I was waiting for the rejection email and was happily surprised to see we got awarded our bid so late in the game! Good luck!
  6. I haven't been on the escape, but NCL is mine and my husband's go to cruise line. We have sailed the Summit twice with my parents, who only sail Celebrity. Summit is a nice ship and is due for a major overhaul in March so you'd have new everything in the summer, which is nice. We find the food on Celebrity to be waaaay better than on NCL. Our last NCL cruise, the buffet was inedible for lunch. Specialty restaurants were good, but Celebrity has great food in the free venues. NCL has O'Sheehan's for some late night food after many cocktails, where Celebrity does not. The crowd is a lot older on Celebrity though. There is much more of a nightlife on NCL and more of a fun atmosphere. So we love Celebrity for our family trips but when we go solo, prefer NCL.
  7. We just got back from the Gem and we bought fans. We got small collapsible ones that are battery operated. We had them in our checked luggage. Was totally fine on NCL, Celebrity and we flew with them as well.
  8. We just off the Gem with Justin. He was fantastic. So funny!!!!
  9. Wow, we got our upgrade! Thought for sure we were getting the decline email today at 3pm for our Gem sailing on Saturday. We went from OG Porthole oceanview to BA Mid Ship Balcony. Bid $155 per person. Was in the fair range. Can't wait!
  10. This is the first thread I check everyday. I see some upgrades were awarded for October 27, but not for the Gem that I've seen. Last year we got our upgrade 24 days out so I was really hoping to have that again and find out yesterday. Waiting really is the worst part! ;p
  11. My husband went super slow on it and I flew right down. We went again, this time changing sides and the same thing happened. Maybe as PP said, skin to slide is best!
  12. All of our perks transferred to our new room last year when we were awarded the upgrade.
  13. Did I read somewhere they are changing the menus on NCL soon?
  14. Gem is great! We sailed last year for our honeymoon. I love the layout of the ship. Those big mega ships don't appeal to me since I have a metal ankle. We are sailing on her again this October. We always found plenty to do and found the food to be great. We get the UBP and SDP as our perks. This time we are going to skip Moderno and Teppanyaki to do Le Bistro and go to Cagney's twice! Our favorite spot in the evenings before dinner was the sugarcane bar (in Moderno's). It was rarely crowded and the bartender there last year was fantastic! O'Sheehan's is also a fun place to get drinks in the evening!
  15. I was on your cruise and ended up chatting with you after I gave you a Waldo shout out in the Martini bar area. We were the ones who won the newlywed game! We got a small credit back from NCL for the cruise getting cut short. I called early this summer to find out what the time frame was on it and the man told me we had to sail THIS YEAR so we are booked on the Gem again on Oct 27th going to Bahamas for our one year. They sure don't give you time to use that credit!
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