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  1. Yes, this was the case on Oasis also. Unfortunately, Anthem was not as informed or accommodating. As simple as it sounds to "just eat simple proteins and produce," the Royal ships cannot identify which proteins and produce are fresh and do not come in prepackaged or preserved. Thus the problem.
  2. While I agree it is not easy....as I said before, I have cruised many times. Oasis has had no problem doing an excellent job of preparing my meals and those multiple cruises were excellent. It is not as easy as not salting what I eat and bringing Mrs. Dash. That is not a salt free diet either. As was suggested, I have considered that this may be my last cruise as much as I love it and would hate for that to be the only option. However, before booking each cruise, I have contacted the Access department that assures me this type of meal prep is not a problem. Unfortunately, that is what I was told about Anthem and it was a big problem. I guess that Mariner will just have to prove it to me or I will no longer be able to cruise with Royal. Thanks for all your input and suggestions. I have spoken to others who have been allowed to contact the ship themselves to get specific answers to questions. I was hoping that it would just be that easy to get the answers to my questions.
  3. yes, tried that but the response I got back was...."we have been assured they can accommodate your needs." This was the same response I got on Anthem which was the farthest thing from the truth. I wrote them a review to let them know that I was very unhappy with the food situation on Anthem. I was literally given frozen french tries from a bag and fresh uncooked garlic on a bagel for bread to eat. Neither of which were NO SALT! They had no unsalted bread, didn't make any, no unsalted butter, no sweet potatoes, no baked potatoes that they were willing to make anyway. The only thing safe to eat was the steak, chicken, and bananas. After multiple attempts to explain what I needed, I spent the trip hungry and unhappy during my expensive vacation. If Mariner turns out that way I won't be back with RCCL. I can't believe, I can't speak to an onboard chef personally to assure they can take care of my needs. Oasis of the Seas was so good at doing this and since then it has been miserable!
  4. Is there contact information for Mariner of the Seas food services? I have spoken to the access department over a period of the last three months and cannot get the answers I need. I would love to speak to someone onboard who can answer specific nutrition information questions that I have before I board. Thanks!
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