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  1. We took the credit since we paid with gift cards and we're tied to Carnival either way. No idea what to reschedule right now though, still in a holding pattern right now but I think we have until the end of the year to decide.
  2. Does anyone know how FCC actually works? How do I use it, where do I see it? I don't mind filling out the form I just don't know what the next steps to actually rebook are.
  3. What's your new on-ship mailing address and we'll send you a care package! 😁 Hope it all works out in the end.
  4. I don't think we've ever had a short bag check line for Spirit, it's always been a zoo. Enjoy, I'll be following along!
  5. Welcome home! I wasn't able to get a hold of OraganizedChaos before the cruise was done but since it seems like we've got a few people in here that are going on this ship in the near future, could someone help me out? This was the first ship that we went on (on our honeymoon) and since then, we've started collecting the ship ornaments from each ship but we've never made back to the Valor. If anyone wouldn't mind picking one up and mailing it to me, let me know at my username at gmail! Thanks!
  6. I just reserved our tour tonight with DSRR for the waterfalls this spring and she told me right now they're only doing 12 waterfalls since it's dry. Not sure if you've heard this or not.
  7. Valor was our first cruise on our honeymoon years ago! Hope you post some pictures!
  8. I was hoping you'd bring your own ketchup to the steakhouse for your steak!
  9. It's hard to explain, they remind me of the ones you wear at the hospital but they aren't as thick.
  10. At the local kart tracks around here you get a fine mesh hair net to wear under the helmet.
  11. Excited since we'll be doing this boat in the spring. We're looking at going through DSRR for the waterfalls, from my research it sounds like all tours just essentially get you to the national park and then the tours are done by the park, not your tour guide. I agree that the website for DSRR leaves a lot to be desired.
  12. This was my experience on the Allure, as soon as the kids credits were done (we were counting) we used it a few more times ($7 or $8) without recharging. We also had to initially activate the cruise planner credits through the casino. Edit: This is with charging turned off on their cards.
  13. I'm curious if they have any miniature ship ornaments yet, they didn't have anything in April when we were on it.
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