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  1. QuickieGlenn

    NCL Escape accessible rooms

    Was on the Escape in February, had a rear view HC cabin, great room but as it has been said before, narrow hallways and carts in the way all the time, not to mention people leaving trays in the hallways. it is best to have some one run as a blocker. Yes the doors are automatic which is good and bad, when they close it could be at a bad time.Rooms are well laid out . I agree there nee eds to be another set of elevators to make them easier to get too. Crew are very helpful, Have a great cruise
  2. QuickieGlenn

    CocoCay Status

    Anyone know when the dock and the improvements are stated to be done Went to Great Stirrup Caye in February and did not look like much was done Looking at the renderings it looks like a lot of structures need to be built
  3. QuickieGlenn

    Cocoa Cay Tendered or Docked

    When I was at Great Stirrup in February, the island did not look like it had any tall structures like you see in the island renderings
  4. QuickieGlenn

    What is your favorite cruise tradition?

    Me too, going up that gang plank and getting on deck, but that first icy cold one seals the deal
  5. QuickieGlenn

    Why do you cruise?

    For us it is our hotel moves. I use a wheelchair and i know that the ship works for me, the room, bathroom, balcony. Hate going to hotels and find their definition of handicapped accessible is not what it is suppose to be.
  6. QuickieGlenn

    Accessible cabins on the Gem

    Disable travel section maybe I cruised 3 times on the Gem and am a full time wheelchair user Questions ask away
  7. QuickieGlenn

    NCL Epic

    anyone cruise in a handicapped room on the Epic? The rooms are layed out weird , sinks in the room and the toilet and shower in another. Need to know the layout works
  8. QuickieGlenn

    Epic Handicapped Rooms

    As soon as the Epic came out and with that big top hat and the wavy rooms, I said I would never book a cruise on it But I am looking for a cruise in 2012 doing the south Caribbean and she has great itineraries, but the handicapped room s scare me I am in a wheelchair full time and have to plan out every step of the way, I have been on the Dawn, Gem, Getaway and the Escape and all of those have worked for me. Lately I have been booking Aft rooms which are great but they book fast. From what I tell from photos and videos it looks like the bathroom with the toilet and shower are in a separate room with the sink in the hall (WHY) I also don't like to fly, I have done it once and it was not a pleasant experience, but I am working on that Any information will be helpful I will post this on the handicapped forum, but this gets more attention Thanks
  9. QuickieGlenn

    Norwegian Escape - Ping Pong Table

    Lost a few balls overboard on the Escape when parked off Great Stirrip Caye last February
  10. QuickieGlenn

    Escape NYC disembarkation

    Disembarking in NYC has always been a hassle I too believe the ship just wants you off to start on the new batch of passengers The color system does not work because it relies on the people to do what they are told Come on people, this is the northeast, we breed some really rude people, if there line people will cut in or just get on the line no matter what color you have. Then comes the yelling and hand waving That is why I cruise out of Florida now, a different atmosphere Also I take my bags and get on line at 6:30, start disembarkation around 7:15-30 in the car at 8
  11. QuickieGlenn

    What makes it worth and extra $4400.00?

    I priced up switching to a haven room from a aft balcony, crazy price difference. Being that I need a handicapped room you cannot do the bidding process because you cannot be guaranteed a handicapped room and you could lose your room as it goes back into the pool. Also all of the handicapped Haven room have tiny balconies, I doubt my chair will fit, compared to a aft mini suite or regular aft balcony. Could I afford it? that is nobodies business I think it is funny how people lead off with how many cruises you have taken, how much money you make or spend what a great deal you got I like the people who have or done all that , and i will never know Just my opinion
  12. QuickieGlenn

    Scooter Great Stirrup Cay?

    They said I could get off onto the tender (top deck) but no way to get down from there It was a bit disappointing And we did not even stop at Grand Cayman due to the port was closed to tendering So we had a few more sea days than we had planned
  13. QuickieGlenn

    NCL Management Does It Right - Norwegian Escape

    But it can end up at the same port it started at?
  14. QuickieGlenn

    Scooter Great Stirrup Cay?

    I was on the Escape in February and was told I could not get off the ship and I spoke to other Wheelchair passengers and they were told the same
  15. QuickieGlenn

    Scooter Great Stirrup Cay?

    But if you are wheelchair bound and cannot walk at all and weigh over 100 lbs total weight of you and your chair, you cannot get off Crazy