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  1. thanks for the reply's. I have taken a few cruises on NCL before, it is hard enough to find a cruise that goes where you want then to find out if there are any HC rooms left. New ships are nice but they go to the same old stop\s
  2. Most cruises I have been on they do not have much as far as excursions, and for some they still expect you to climb a few steps into a bus. When they see a wheelchair they think of a lift in a van, most don't think of you transferring to a car seat. Also if it is a lift equipped van it can be very expensive
  3. Most new NCL ships have Automatic doors (Getaway, Escape, Bliss)on HC rooms, exit doors most have a button to press, Balcony doors are not automatic and can be a pain to open
  4. We were on the Bliss Aft Deck 13 in March and you can definitely here H2O when they have something special, a lot of thumping lasting to at least 11 Also I have found that there is always a weird side to side shimmy in the aft cabins, been in the aft on Getaway , & Escape
  5. Looking at a cruise on the NCL Sun, but she is an older ship and have my concerns about the accessibility. being a full time wheelchair user Anyone have any experiences cruise on the Sun? Thanks
  6. Looking at going on the Sun and some of the reviews are horrible, I know some people can complain about anything I know she is a older ship but had been retrofitted recently, I have been on The Dawn years ago, lately on the newer ships I need a handicapped room (and there are only a few that are balconies) and for her age I am not too sure Any information will be helpful ( I will post something on the disabled forum but this one gets more views) Thanks
  7. Been in Handicapped aft rooms on the Getaway deck 10 Huge balcony, Escape Deck 12 balcony about 1/3 less deep, Bliss Deck 13, 1/2 as deep as deck 10. Love the aft balcony's except the long way to get to the elevators and the service carts do get in the way and on the Bliss the Garden Cafe is on the Bow so a long way to go to get a quick bite
  8. Last time thru Miami , they used facial recognition to get thru customs, no paperwork or passports, no checking of luggage, so unless they they use on board purchases and what you bring on board from stops I did not see anyone stopped and checked
  9. Yes there is, but you can order a fresh pot of coffee and some of those wonderful chocolate croissants to your room every morning
  10. I believe they need to go back to 3 banks of elevators Also I agree people need to figure out the buttons, and not keep pushing them until the open elevator is gone And for people to learn some manners, or take the stairs Being in a wheelchair I do not have that option. It it amazing how I will wait patiently for the elevator only to be jumped over so people can get in. Don't get me wrong, I have had many people get out of their way so I can get on, and some have gotten out and taken the stairs Granted I have seen people in wheelchairs and scooters who will run you over (mostly people who have rented the scooter for the cruise and do not know how to drive them) I am a very patient man, I only say if I run over your toes it will ruin your cruise
  11. Great Review, Me & my wife were on the ship with you. I agree there were some very rude people (most did speak french) You might have seen me, big guy, self propelling my wheel chair all over the ship
  12. We just got back from the Bliss and we had a Aft Balcony, take a good look at the deck plans, at least on the Bliss you are a long way from the elevators and the buffet. Also there is always carts in the way in the hall. But you can't beat the back of the ship
  13. I tried a search but could not get to the answer Do you get cell phone service on the Bliss? What should you turn off as not to get overcharged? Am going to use the NCL app just to check on my account and booking reservations, no on board texts Thanks
  14. Does anyone have a scan of these menus? Thanks
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