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  1. I emailed Harry Sommer today regarding the mix of AZ/mRNA being approved by CDC...his response: Likely yes. Just give us a few days to study this. We will have a firm answer and update our website in the next week Harry
  2. I emailed Harry Sommer about this just this morning, his response: Likely yes. Just give us a few days to study this. We will have a firm answer and update our website in the next week Harry
  3. scoobiewife


    We have a group of 9 cruising on the NCL Jewel in April 2022. Our stops are Juneau, Icy Strait and Ketchikan. The group would like to do a private fishing charter but I have only been able to find excursions that accommodate 6 people max. Does anyone have suggestions of private company to try?
  4. I totally understand, so was I. It is almost as if the added the new line and didn't edit the line above. On Friday I had a chat with an NCL agent and she was the first to confirm the Pfizer/Moderna mixed vaccine as now acceptable. I printed the chat. Then I said to myself lets email the CEO, Harry Sommer, and see if he confirms as well. He did and I have that printed as well.
  5. Just noticed that NCL has added the following statement regarding Mixed Vaccines for ships leaving from a US port: A mixed vaccination protocol of only Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna combinations (mRNA vaccines) with a minimum interval of 28 days. My daughter and her husband are Pfizer/Moderna vaccinated 60 days apart. I wrote directly to the CEO, Harry Sommer, and he responded that they are good to go.
  6. I was reading NCL's Travel Protection and have a couple questions: 1. Does it cover Canadians? If it does: 1. It seems like it covers alot - from Travel Protection/Interruption to Medical including Covid for a very cheap price - am I missing something? 2. Do you need private insurance in addition? Thanks,
  7. Questions for the Canadians....We have booked NCL Escape for July 2021out of Copenhagen....what have you have the most economical flights. I have been looking at 2020 prices for an idea and flights per person are almost as much as cruise. Would love to hear what airline you flew and cost. Thanks!
  8. Along the same line....Do I need to purchase my dining package before making reservations at specialty dining online? I want to make reservations as soon as we hit 120 days but not sure if I can make them without the dining purchased first.
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