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  1. I believe you have to have saga insurance - their annual travel insurance doesn't cover this offer Saga say We would like to offer reassurance to all our existing and new guests cruising on our ships over the coming months, so we’ve introduced a Cruise Cancellation Promise. This means you can book in March, and you’ll be free to cancel your cruise up to 14 days before the departure date, with no cancellation fees or charges. The promise applies to all cruises sailing from June to December 2020, on both existing and new bookings where you’ve taken Saga’s included insurance policy.
  2. We made the mistake of booking a Northern lights cruise on Sagas new ship, a bad mistake - rampant norovirus - confined to our cabin, no entertainment and no idea how to deal with a common problem- we have booked a Mini suite on Aurora for 2021, at half the cost
  3. Sagas shares on the slide ref just a couple of many similar articles in the press SAGA plc SHARES SLIDE https://www.proactiveinvestors.co.uk/companies/news/914374/saga-slides-as-coronavirus-weighs-on-cruise-and-tour-businesses-914374.html SAGA DELAYS SALE OF TITAN https://www.proactiveinvestors.co.uk/companies/news/914075/saga-delays-sale-of-tour-operator-unit-amid-coronavirus-turmoil-914075.html
  4. I agree Norovirus happens on many cruise ships (we have only been affected only once in nearly 50 cruises) but I believe that four outbreaks of NV, with at least 3 Deep cleans, make this a rather special occurrence - not at all usual !! On the last Norway cruise there was a notice on our door that our cabin was due to be "Fogged" It included a cleaning list with I think 39 Items showing what to do with everything in the cabin. Then under "Fogging" it said Notify GPA leave cabin for 15 minutes. Then sanitise 200 ppm on hard surfaces and 1000 ppm for bathroom. I don't know exactly
  5. Apologies for the missing ? on the heading. We are still recovering from the lack of proper hygiene on Saga spirit of Discovery nearly a week after getting off. We have fairly recently sailed on Aurora embarking at the end of a Norovirus attack. We were very impressed with the careful way P&O sanitised tables / chairs and surfaces - in the Buffet, where we couldn't sit at a table until it had been properly cleaned. We had to have a stand up row with officers on Sagas ship before they followed proper cleaning routines in the Grill and removed the mini jam pots from the table
  6. Question is Norovirus on Aurora at the moment?? My wife and I and many others were struck down with Norovirus on Sagas new ship Spirit of Discovery, Northern Lights sailed Feb 16 to March 2 Norovirus was running wild wild on board with the Captain blaming the passengers for bringing it on board, and also saying passengers were bringing it on board at the Norwegian ports. We were confined to our cabin for a total of 5 days. There were so many in a similar situation that room service was restricted to quarantined passengers only. A number of occurrences of public vomiting in the
  7. SickSagaShip the letter the captain sent to passengers cutting short the cruise is shown on the Saga Spirit of Discovery F/b group
  8. A visit to the Saga Spirit of Discovery facebook group continues to show that some saga regulars continue to believe its the passengers bringing Norovirus on board and Saga are perfect, That is in spite of letters on it showing the current cruise is being cut short On the Northern lights cruises we had an argument with officers in the buffet to get them to wash the table and chairs before the next person was allowed to sit down, and to remove the mini jam pots at breakfast. The officer said "that's a good idea I will raise it at the next meeting" he did both but why didn't he know to be d
  9. I had not heard of that Guarantee but of course I had the rose tinted glasses on for the first few days until we realised that the ship was still contaminated We endured the Norway cruise but early on we got our agent to cancel the same cruise on Spirit of Adventure sailing 2021. We are expecting we may lose our deposit but will see what happens. I hope the Canaries cruise is clean but I wouldn't bet on it Alan
  10. as a poster on FB said its a bit early to be sure. I wouldn't wish our disgusting and degrading experience on anyone and feel sorry for anyone who may go through it. A poster seemed to wonder if people were just sea sick - I wish that had been all Alan
  11. maybe this would make Saga take it seriously and stop blaming the passengers. We will consider it. Many people have written to Saga or say they are going to so will already have written their reports
  12. Nice comment - about the drugs. This image is the deep clean notice from our cabin door
  13. the library - is just empty shelves, no books or games, the cafe (tea machine) was closed. We felt it was a germ hothouse in the public rooms - very hot with no ventilation. Supposedly the ship has had yet another deep clean, including Fogging, there was a schedule on our cabin door on disembarkation morning There are people on the Saga F'Book (is that allowed on here?) who think we are exaggerating the conditions, We paid just under £12000 for a deluxe twin, yes its all inclusive (we are moderate drinkers) and includes tips on a beautiful ship with excellent food. We ha
  14. can we get this information under Freedom of information Act? Number ill per day going back to pre Gibralter - I will try later today
  15. Just arrived home a short time ago. The noro virus has certainly left us washed out. Now some praise for Saga, disembarkation was planned and carried out with precision. We were probably called half an hour early. When we got on shore luggage trolleys and porters were waiting, we were directed to our luggage section, there were helpers to locate our cases (5 in our case) as we went further all the drivers were waiting and someone called out our name and our driver came forward. In no time after a quick visit to the loo, we were homeward bound. When we got home the driver car
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