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  1. On February 25th, post #496 I suggested that you try vaccinefinder.org. to find a shot.
  2. Great news here in Georgia—starting this Thursday anyone 16 and over is eligible to receive the vaccine. In addition to 9 regional mass vaccination sites, we are getting a federal site at Mercedes Benz stadium that can do 6000 vaccinations a day. I believe it opens later this week. Gov. Kemp also announced that 75% of all Georgia seniors now have had at least 1 dose of the vaccine (myself included). More progress to achieving herd immunity!
  3. No word about crew vaccination in anything I've read so far.
  4. Virgin Voyages is the latest line to announce that all crew and passengers will need to be vaccinated. I hope HAL/Carnival take note and requires the same. https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/2021/03/16/virgin-voyages-require-covid-19-vaccine-all-passengers-crew/4712072001/
  5. Have you tried an alternate site like www.vaccinefinder.org? They list some of the pharmacy chains that might have availability— worth a try.
  6. Golfbagger can you share what type of stateroom you are trying to book? VMax said they have no trouble booking a specific cabin— it may be that the category (eg. inside or Neptune) may just not have inventory. I agree however, call HAL tomorrow.
  7. It probably has to do with the fact that the 10 day sailing is also sold in conjunction with the following 11 day sailing as a 21 day sailing. That time of year on that ship there are a lot of people sailing for 21 days or longer and they take up the room inventory. We are booked on the Jan 12- Feb 2 combo and there are also people booked on the Jan 2-Jan 23 variation and also some on the Jan 23- Feb13 variation. You can see that would complicate reservations and may be the reason you can only book a guarantee depending on what type of stateroom you are desiring. Hope this helps explain what m
  8. It is amazing the amount of health care workers both active and retired that for whatever reason are refusing the vaccine. Here in Georgia the original 1A group was for healthcare workers and they were finding that there were too few ppl getting vaccinated, hence the reason the Governor increased the 1A+ group to include those of us 65 and over on January 11th. Perhaps they will change their minds once they see the vaccines are safe and effective.
  9. Hi Jacqui, Can you please add the following voyage for us? August 3, 2022 24 Day Canada, New England and Iceland round trip from Boston on the Nieuw Statendam? Many thanks! Cathy Cailey53
  10. Alberta Quilter— happy to report we are booked! Hope springs eternal that all will be well to enjoy this awesome itinerary. Thanks for the heads up on booking name— it helped my TA.
  11. It's there--it just doesn't come up when you try and narrow the search down too much. I finally got it to come up by just searching by cruises leaving from Boston. We called our TA and she's working on our booking. It looks like a wonderful itinerary.
  12. I agree--we are in our 60's and were fortunate to get the Moderna vaccine. They are already working on modifying the vaccine to address the variants and I suspect that sometime in the future will require a yearly "booster" shot similar to the flu vaccine.
  13. https://apple.news/AMeqtVznVQciqiKZDbyo4gw Here’s one link—many available if you do a Google search.
  14. Pfizer is 3 weeks, Moderna 4 weeks. Different protocols for the different vaccines.
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