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  1. I’d suggest a wrap or two depending on the length of your itinerary. We were on the NS in January for 17 days and the temp in the public areas varied between cool and VERY cool. I had packed a bunch of sleeveless things and was quite happy to have a lightweight sweater for my shoulders in the evening. Happy cruising!
  2. We tried Hotel Morrison on South Federal Highway in Dania Beach in January. It was brand new at the end of 2018. Free shuttle from the airport, great hot breakfast included and a small bar in the lobby. It's only a couple of blocks from a Walgreens for last minute forgotten items, and close to a couple of local restaurants. We would stay here again.
  3. The plug in the bathroom will not accommodate a plug in nightlight. Take some sort of battery operated light (tea light etc) . We bring the free lights from Harbor Freight that have a little hook on them and just leave in the cabin when we’re finished with the cruise.
  4. I'd suggest calling as I had no response to my initial email. The Mariner Society person was able to manually update our status while I was still on the phone. She said they were having difficulty "loading" the Nieuw Statendam points. I checked the website after getting off the phone with her and it had been updated. Hopefully you will get to 4* soon!!
  5. Take a look under the right flap of the large grey cardboard that your steward puts on your bed in the evening. It's usually hiding there. Hope you are enjoying the ship--she's a beauty!
  6. Yours should have posted by now. We disembarked from the NS on 1/30 and ours were posted early last week, but our on board ship spend credits were incorrect. They had posted 2 spend credits when we actually had 13 (!) which required a phone call to get corrected. I was watching like a hawk as it put us at 4* (and free laundry for our August sailing)!!! Make sure you double check your spend credits.....
  7. I can’t comment on the Nieuw Amsterdam being “driven aground”, but the newest ship of the ones you are considering is the Nieuw Statendam. She just started sailing this past December and is a lovely ship. We were just on 2 weeks ago, and also have sailed on the NA as well. We’re pretty biased on Holland and choose to sail with the time after time. We are in our 60’s and sailed with them for the first time in our 20’s.
  8. Thanks for the heads up Caribbean Chris. I'll get signed up for the Roll Call. Congratulations on your upcoming celebration--we just got off a 17 day Nieuw Statendam voyage where we celebrated our 44th. We had been on the old Statendam in 1975 for our honeymoon so the sailing was extra special for us. We're so looking forward to this Hawaii trip to see the islands without having to fly over!
  9. Following as well as we just booked the March 2020/ 18 day sailing last week. Have a wonderful trip!
  10. We were in an aft facing cabin on deck 7 on KDam (this was the first time we had been in one). I would advise you that if you are at all bothered by cigarette smoke, or possible noise from deck chairs don’t book the aft cabin. We got some smoke from those smoking on deck 9 and you would be one deck higher. I also had a bit of trouble adjusting at night sleeping as the bed is in a different orientation in the back staterooms. I did get used to it after a few nights. We also heard more wave noise on the back of the ship than we normally do in Verandah cabins. Hope this helps. Cathy
  11. Yes, NS has the machine, but no cups yet, so you cannot buy the package. We are on until 1/30 and they led us to believe that the cups won’t be available until after that sailing.
  12. The NS has the machine on board, but so far they don’t have the cups so you cannot purchase the package. My husband is diabetic and really enjoyed it when we sailed on KDam as he could get flavored waters too. One thing that he was told was that we would both have to purchase the soda package. This was not the case on the KDam last year. I’m sure the machine will be up and running, perhaps as soon as February.
  13. On board the NS—we turned around last night right after departure to meet a boat to disembark an ill passenger. The Captain felt that this was the best approach since we were still so close to FLL. We’re here in Nassau and a smooth sail last night. The ship is gorgeous!
  14. We will be in the midst of the melee as we sail on the NS for the 17 day voyage.It’s a beautiful day here and we can’t wait!
  15. It would depend on location and extra cost. We had a Vista suite on the K-dam last year (sister ship) which was aft facing and it wasn't much larger than the Veranda cabins we normally book. Just be careful if the new cabin is located directly above public areas. They tend to be noisier.
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