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  1. We were fortunate to be on NS this January and early February (just before the dedication cruise with Oprah) and onboard was a gal from the corporate art department who was actually instrumental in locating and purchasing some of the pieces that are installed on the ship. We went on 2 of her tours (each was different as she highlighted different installations) and told a bit about the pieces, where they came from and some of the stories behind the purchases and how some of them were actually installed. It was fascinating and I guess I thought it was going to be a “regular” part of the cruises on NS. No such luck as we were on her again in August in the Baltic and no art tours were offered. We were happy we had the opportunity this winter!!
  2. I'm pretty sure the discounted cards are only sold online before your cruise. We bought several before our sailing recently and they were ready when we checked in. If you end up not using a card, you can also have the amount unused credited off your account at Guest Services. This needs to be done however before the end of your cruise. You can get Soda Cards onboard but they will be at face value, and not at the 50% discount. Hope this helps.
  3. Shower amenities are in dispensers in the shower. The body lotion are in small bottles, and you can request more from your room steward. AFAIK, the pop cups are only on the K'dam and NS with the Coke Freestyle machines, unless they have recently rolled these out fleet wide.
  4. Go to www.halfacts.com You'll find some photos of NS 6214, and also Koningsdam (sister ship) 6233. These will give you a pretty good idea of aft facing V cabins.
  5. Thanks everyone for the input. I think based on this we will try and book when we are on the NS next month when we are sailing the 14 day Baltic itinerary. We always book so we can re-fare should the price drop. I will keep my eye on the May 2020 date :). Balliet, you will like the NS--we were on her in January for 18 days. They "tweaked" a few things from Koningsdam which we like a bit better. It's a lovely ship and the crew was all great. It's odd, I swear when I first looked at this sailing it was on the Zuiderdam, and when I checked again it was the NS. Happy to sail either one, but we do like the new Pinnacle class ships. Grsnovi--we're in the "retired" group now and loving it--hope you can do this in 2020! Cathy
  6. We are thinking of booking the 8/2/2020 14 day Northern Isles cruise RT Amsterdam. Ports include 2 in Norway, Iceland, Shetland Islands, Scotland, and the UK. We have never been to any of these areas, and just wanted some feedback to some that had perhaps done this sailing, and what is a "must do", and how would the weather/seas be in early August. TIA for your responses! Cathy
  7. Please add us to the 18 day Circle Hawaii departing March 18, 2020. Looking forward to seeing parts of Hawaii by ship! Mitch and Cathy
  8. I just realized we are not signed up for the Bon Voyage yet! We are on the August 25th 2019 Nieuw Statendam 14 day Jewels of the Baltic— our first sailing as 4 star Mariners☺️. Looking forward to the free laundry! Mitch and Cathy
  9. No, you will not be 4 Star mid-cruise. We attained it during the middle of our last voyage, and until your trip is logged in your account after the end of your voyage, you will be at the lesser level. Make sure you check your account that you have been credited the correct amount of days--they have intermittent problems in getting the credit right sometimes.
  10. I’d suggest a wrap or two depending on the length of your itinerary. We were on the NS in January for 17 days and the temp in the public areas varied between cool and VERY cool. I had packed a bunch of sleeveless things and was quite happy to have a lightweight sweater for my shoulders in the evening. Happy cruising!
  11. We tried Hotel Morrison on South Federal Highway in Dania Beach in January. It was brand new at the end of 2018. Free shuttle from the airport, great hot breakfast included and a small bar in the lobby. It's only a couple of blocks from a Walgreens for last minute forgotten items, and close to a couple of local restaurants. We would stay here again.
  12. The plug in the bathroom will not accommodate a plug in nightlight. Take some sort of battery operated light (tea light etc) . We bring the free lights from Harbor Freight that have a little hook on them and just leave in the cabin when we’re finished with the cruise.
  13. I'd suggest calling as I had no response to my initial email. The Mariner Society person was able to manually update our status while I was still on the phone. She said they were having difficulty "loading" the Nieuw Statendam points. I checked the website after getting off the phone with her and it had been updated. Hopefully you will get to 4* soon!!
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