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  1. Pretty sure every Canadian would accept usd... just no guarantee on you receiving a good (or any) exchange rate. Usually if exchange is offered its 25cents per dollar ie if it’s 1$ can . You pay 1 usd. They may give you 25 cents Canadian as change.
  2. You didn’t in 2017. It was included
  3. We took Msc on a b2b Caribbean cruise in 2017. They were giving free bottles of water at the ports of call and water was free at our table. (We are Canadian, didn’t have to ask for water. Used the coupons for other drinks which may be discontinued). We had a wonderful time! Shows were great. There was always an activity to participate in. My hubby won the “mr. Divina” contest on the first leg and was called mr. Divina during both of our cruises. They had really fun parties at night. A “white “ party on the pool deck was amazing. The 70’s parties were a riot. Trivia was fun! Lots of games - photo scavenger hunt, adult “show me “ game (forgot proper name) was hilarious ie:show me a man wearing a bra and ladies shoes. Lol. (People were trading clothes to get the points lol). A lot of Americans on the Caribbean cruises. Also a lot of South Americans. (Gave a wonderful Latin energy to the dances at night). We did meet a family from Sweden on our second leg. We are about to embark on our first carnival cruise (Alaska - no Msc there yet). So I am not able to compare yet. I would definately set sail with Msc again.
  4. Ok awesome. I had assumed this but then started to second guess myself!
  5. Hi I am soon to board the legend to Alaska. I am wondering if the ship will set clocks back 1 hour from pst for port times in Alaska? Ie we are to leave port at 5pm .. would that be Juneau time or pst? Wondering if I’m needing to reschedule an excursion.
  6. Anyone know if the legend has any USB ports?
  7. Ah - well in that case - anonymously ask what the fines are so you can budget them in.
  8. I suspect that the answer would be "Yes - but you'll pay xyz fines!" lol
  9. What would happen if you "missed the boat" in a port - you then have to pay your own way to "catch up" to the boat in the next port... I am guessing there are then fines for that? I feel the only way you are going to get your answer is to contact Carnival Directly and find out. There are cruises which have overnight excursions which meet ships at the next port so i feel it is a legit thing to ask Carnival if it can be done. - Then report back here and set us all straight 😃
  10. I thought I would want to go to maho beach to see the planes.. until I watched a few YouTube videos and imagined the sand storm and being on the beach with kiddo and perhaps witnessing someone getting hurt...we opted out and took a taxi around the island and snorkeled on the other side of the island. ❤️ It. Pigeons at park de Palermo (iirc) was amazing in Puerto Rico. Given the choice though I would go south to Aruba, Bonaire, half moon cay, grand Turk — but mainly because I love to explore and haven’t been and can usually find something memorable and fun anywhere. It is what you make it! ( but do seriously watch a few more plane landings on YouTube and think of the beach with your kids... )
  11. Thought Ensenada was the one foreign port they use often with hawaii from the us as they do with Victoria (definately not distant!!) when going to Alaska? But of course that only solves the problem for 1 leg of the trip.
  12. Definately.. but it is waitlisted. So is early. I wanted to know what dinner time worked best with kids programming so I knew if it was worth following up to try to get ATD /early when we board if we are still waitlisted or if late dinner worked just as well (which it sounds like it doesn’t). Hope that makes sense.
  13. Thank you jbethl11. I was sure one of the meal times was more suited to the kids programming. I will be sure to talk to the maître d to bring up these points😀. Thanks!
  14. Glad to help😀 I was pleased to find coupons for myself for seattle😀 which ferry coupon? I often forget to check the coupons even though I have the book.
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