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  1. Royal Caribbean called me regarding my booking. They offered a 2-bedroom Grand Suite on Deck 8 and an Owners Suite on Deck 10 (we had 10 people on the reservation). Since the point of the original booking was to have us all together (and 4 bedrooms), I declined. I also cancelled my future cruises.
  2. Thank you for the update. The options that RCL is offering you are disappointing. Do you have alternate options in mind that you can push back on them for?
  3. I spoke with Royal Caribbean again today - no new news. They continue to be unsure if the Villa will be replaced by Junior Suites. There is no official statement on compensation for people who lose their bookings - which (I'm assuming) is why nobody has been contacted yet about it. They suggested that I wait for ... a YEAR ... before worrying about it. Yeah right.
  4. Oh I see them listed now. I was looking under the Aft section. I wonder how we're going to get this figured out - whether or not they will exist?
  5. What dates/# passengers did you use for the search? I've tried searching for the new 4 Junior Suites and can't find them. I still have hope that the Villa suite is not being replaced, but it's worrisome. Please let us know if you get any further updates on this!
  6. Thank you for the heads-up! I managed to save $40 on one of my bookings. Every bit counts!
  7. I'm in the same boat - we have the 4 bedroom villa reserved on Freedom for March 2021. The first agent at Royal had no idea what he was talking about ("mam, you're speaking with Royal Caribbean and we're the definitive source on what happens with our ships. The 4 bedroom villa suite is not being removed"). Needless to say, I moved on to speaking with a supervisor. Now I'm trying to work with the Resolutions department to figure out what to do.
  8. You get an email giving you a week (I think) to pay the difference. It will also show up as a note at the top of your Cruise Planner.
  9. I had 3639 on the Brilliance recently and I despised it. The extra space in the room was fantastic of course but there is a crew work area (galley maybe?) either behind the room or one floor up and there was incessant noise until 11 pm. Things dropping, banging, rolling, on and on it went. I'm an early-to-bed person so that really wasn't going to work for me. We switched cabins that first night to the same category, 8th floor. Yes it was a lot smaller but at least we could sleep.
  10. Hello all! OP here. Everything went ... perfectly. We were the 7th and 8th people off the plane and there was no wait at Immigration - we were able to walk right up to an officer and were stamped through. We had our passports at the ready when we got to Immigration so we were the 1st and 2nd people from our plane to exit the airport (which was so empty it looked like an apocalypse had happened). No line-up at the taxi stand. No traffic to speak of on the highway to the ship. The longest we waited before boarding the ship was about 10 minutes at the port check-in. Having landed at 12:10 (we were scheduled to land at noon), we were in our stateroom at 1:07 p.m.
  11. I'm not a dessert person so I like the cheese plate for "dessert". Others in my party have liked the pavlova.
  12. For myself, I didn't use them in busses but I brought them for embarkations from Florida (for example) to get between the ship, airport and hotel. I also used booster seats on port stops. I don't think I brought my daughter in taxis in the islands when she was pre-booster seat. Anyway. I wouldn't hand the carseats over to porters (nor would I check them with my luggage on the airplane). As a previous poster noted, they may not be handled with much care. You can get clips to attach car seats to your carry-on luggage (Google for it) and you can also get fold-up luggage carts (e.g. from WalMart) to make the car seats into carry-ons.
  13. Oh darn! I wish I would have thought of that. We were a party of 15 (11 in the 4-bedroom villa and 4 in nearby balcony rooms) and we were at 2 separate tables. We talked to the head waiter to ask to be put together but he said there weren't tables that were big enough. 2 years prior, when the 15 of us had done the same thing, we got a big big big table on the 3rd floor of the dining room but apparently that floor is all My Time Dining now. Anyway. Some thoughts: - Ask the room steward to place all information e.g. suite party invitations, disembarkation info, etc. in all adult rooms. The first time we had the room, only the big master bedroom received all the info - everyone else just got the Cruise Compass. The second time I made sure to ask for extra copies and I felt more in-the-loop. - Free room service! The menu is on the TV. Be sure to tip the person who delivers the food. - Sometimes soot will fall from the chimneys onto the deck overnight. I didn't find it to be much of a problem but you could probably ask the room steward to have it cleaned up. Don't lean on the railings with white sleeves! - I didn't try this last time but I will next time. Ask the concierge to have an officer escort you onboard when you embark (it will probably be the concierge him/herself that escorts you). Apparently you can get into your room before the rooms are officially open, giving you a place to put your carry-on luggage and eat Windjammer lunch in peace. - The concierge can do anything that Guest Services can do. Examples: issue new SeaPass cards, fix charges on your account that shouldn't be there, etc. Enjoy the room! The balcony in particular is wonderful.
  14. Thank you for the responses! Since it seems to be of interest why we're not changing the flights, I don't mind explaining. Sorry for the Canadian metrics. Combining Westjet dollars, companion fares and booking early, the flights are $2260 CAD for premium economy, non-stop flights. Rebooking to an earlier Westjet flight (3 days earlier) would cost $6100 CAD for premium economy (including the discounts for Westjet dollars and companion fare), plus I would have to take 3 days off work without pay, plus my husband can't move his holidays, plus the extra $ for accommodations and food/drink/sight-seeing in Barcelona, plus my mother would have to come 3 days earlier (she lives 500 km away) to take care of our daughter - assuming she doesn't have other commitments for those 3 days. We could go 1 day earlier (instead of 3) by taking Air Canada - tickets are $6200 for 2 people in premium economy. Same story as previous paragraph. I'm not flying Economy as I despise airline travel quite enough. Just a personal mantra. That's why I'd rather catch up with the ship in Palma. I agree that it's not a good choice in most circumstances but it's fine here. We're packing light, have no mobility issues and don't mind the chance to get a hilarious story out of the possible inconvenience.
  15. Thank you all for the feedback! In particular: @grapau27 I called RCL and explained the situation, asking specifically if the room will be held for us. Yes they will hold the room (it seemed like there wouldn't really be anything else they'd do) and yes we can board in Palma (we'd have to call the Emergency Travel Team first to let them know) @ptf2009 Good idea re: booking private transportation from BCN to the port. Also, yes we are at the front of the plane (row 2) and have just carry-on luggage so we should be quick to deplane. @Saman Good idea re: booking a flight from Barcelona to Palma in advance, just in case. Do you recommend Vueling or Air Europa? @neverbeenhere LOL! Really, I'm not stressed about it. What's the worst that can happen? If we miss the ship then we'll sit back and drink some sangria in one of the most beautiful cities in the world and then hitch a flight (or something) to the next stop. Think of the story we'll be able to tell! Haha. All kidding aside though, it would be more expensive for us to switch the flight than to miss embarkation. I understand that it's not ideal and I wouldn't be so laid-back about it in all circumstances (e.g. when my 6-year-old daughter and I fly to catch the Explorer in Dec. 2020) but hey, it is what it is.
  16. OK, totally crazy, got it. If we (probably, apparently) miss the ship then I wonder if they'd hold our room if we called RCL to let them know we'll meet them in Palma. Any thoughts about whether or not they'd let us on the ship in Palma?
  17. The other thread on a possible missed embarkation has inspired me to ask for your thoughts as well please. Hubby and I are flying from Toronto to Barcelona in September on Westjet, landing at noon in Barcelona. All-aboard for the Brilliance is 3 pm. The first port of call (the next day) is Palma de Mallorca. I recognize that it's somewhat risky but I figure that if we miss the ship in Barcelona, we could catch it in Palma the next day without too much trouble or expense (maybe? I think there are flights from BCN to PMI almost every hour). Thoughts?
  18. I've sailed in that suite on the Freedom (Apr. 2017 & Mar. 2019) and neither time were we contacted to be escorted on board by an officer. That said, I agree with vickiw0318 - I wouldn't have wanted to commit to the time constraint (i.e. arriving at the pier at a certain time).
  19. I book refundable deposits exclusively (except suites of course) and I've looked and looked for where the confirmation indicates refundable or not. Here's what mine always says in the Deposit and Final Payment Schedule section: Your deposit has been posted to your reservation.. Final Payment is due by 28 SEP 2020, 5:00 PM EST The balance due must be paid in full by the final date listed above to prevent booking from cancelling. Balance and payments may not reflect transactions made within the past 48 hours. To facilitate the crew recognition process, a $14.50 USD gratuity ($17.50 USD for Suite guests) is added to each guest’s SeaPass account daily. This gratuity is shared amongst the dining, bar and culinary services staff, stateroom attendants and other hotel services teams. Maybe Canadians get a different confirmation format than most of the people posting in this thread? I even did a CTRL-F in the document to look for "refundable" and get 0 results.
  20. The wet bar is not stocked... it doesn't seem to do anything besides sit there. I think each bedroom has a safe but I don't really recall. On our cruise, only the bigger master bedroom received daily information e.g. disembarkation instructions. The second master bedroom (where my husband and I stayed) only received the Cruise Compass so we missed out on a bunch of info. So I would ask the room steward or concierge to make sure that both bedrooms (or all adult rooms) get all documentation.
  21. We stayed in the Prez suite on the Freedom in April 2017 (4 adults, 7 kids). It was amazing! Yes there is a superstructure and a flat area extending out from the balcony but it was fine. The ship backed into port every time so we were treated to gorgeous views. The balcony is so big that we had a family get-together of 23 people in our room/balcony and it wasn't crowded at all!
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