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  1. Ours too. Such a pity we can’t share details on the site.
  2. Have a look at this site, gives data on case, death and testing numbers and as a percentage of population. Like all the other sites the numbers are only as accurate as the country supplying them, and even thise supplying "accurate" data count things differently. At the moment for example UK are reporting as aCovid death the death of anyone who has ever had a positive Covid test, so if you have a positive test in March and get knocked down and killed in August you go on the stats as a Covid death! https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/
  3. Now 36 crew members and 4 passengers tested positive on Hurtigruten https://www.travelweekly.com/Cruise-Travel/Hurtigruten-crew-test-positive-for-Covid https://global.hurtigruten.com/practical-information/coronavirus-update/ra31072020/
  4. We are in the UK & cancelled a September cruise before the 121 days point and had a full refund of the deposit.(In our case less the OBC we had already had and spent as we booked it whilst onboard.) Your TA seems to be mistaken.
  5. So do I but I doubt it, seemingly of the UK budget airlines Jet2 handled this best by closing their call centre, emailing passengers saying don't call us we will call you and then contacting passengers in date order of the flights and offering refund or credit note and the refunds went onto the CC next day. Counterintuitive, but they coped better by not having a mass of people ringing them. Glad you got it sorted and Good Luck for next May you are more adventurous than us we are doing nothing at the minute but wait and see! Keep safe
  6. I must say our TA who is a franchisee has behaved impeccably, we have had 3 cruises refunded one from O only through her persistence. Also for our Celebrity Cruise which was curtailed in February she booked our air fare through their business travel division and managed to get us refunds when Cathay were not normally giving them. All the refunds bar that one came direct to the CC we had paid with, only on the Celebrity refund did it go to the TA as we had paid in 3 separate payments the TA in order to keep within a credit limit on the credit card we got points on. In that case th
  7. In our case with O the refund was direct to our CC on both cruises, no delay from the TA, indeed had it not been for her persistence on insisting that a senior person speak to her we would probably still be waiting for the refund of our full payment. As with others the refund of deposit only was much faster.
  8. That is what we were offered. TA refused in our behalf and requested a refund. The cruise was of course later cancelled.
  9. So would we be other than for our TA she spent literally hours one day hanging on whilst they found a director to take her call and clear whatever logjam it was stuck in. Good luck with yours.
  10. No it was due to sail from Venice with a couple of other Italian ports, on 9 March they amended the itinerary to Greek ports and we cancelled and asked for a full refund as this was a significant change under UK ABTA rules. They weren’t happy but did agree.
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