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  1. Thanks both of you, onto Amazon then!
  2. Bonnie we are on Quest December 17 voyage Dubai to Mumbai. There is a solar eclipse en route, will Azamara supply protective spectacles or do we need to buy our own? thanks
  3. This was a one off for us In Vista suite for a big birthday. Luckily whilst the room was wonderful, the services associated with it (and the price!) are not things we appreciated. So back to "normal" cabin for our next cruise, which isn't until May so if the OP wants to take some photos in March and post them that would be great!
  4. Aaah! Thanks for the explanation, I thought it was just pickiness!
  5. Out of curiosity, why?
  6. Video of Sirena post refit
  7. well I can rest my brain, not open to us in Europe!!
  8. We recently did the gorge both ways starting and finishing in Budapest, just as interesting in either direction. Unfortunately the gorge was rainy both ways!
  9. The search function is decidedly iffy
  10. It is also worth looking at the roll call for the preceding years cruise if a similar itinerary to pick up hints in advance. We did a Cunard WC in 2015 and started a spreadsheet with ideas of things to take such as over the counter meds, magnets, pegs, washing lines, ballpoints, over door hangers etc etc. etc etc . I only wish I could find it again but I can't! We did take a mass of stuff "just in case' which fortunately we didn't need but we ended up supplying friends we made along the way with cough sweets, cold remedies etc etc! Storage was an interesting issue, so lots of good ideas from past Worldies on the line you choose will be invaluable, knowing what will fit where.
  11. Bonnie any news on this Azamazing evening on the 23rd December. nothing on cruise personaliser other than an evening tour that has been there forever??
  12. On our recent cruise with them there were 20+ singletons onboard evidently very popular and as someone else has said more so at the start/end of the season
  13. Try Riviera Travel, they have offers for solo passengers, good mix of people, mainly Brits if that's not an issue for your mum. They are also reasonably priced generally we found them on a par with Scenic or APT.
  14. We were on at the ned of August here is a link to my OH's video of the ship
  15. Just had published my review of our recent Riviera Travel cruise.Budapest to the Black Sea on Thomas Hardy . Another great cruise with them, highly recommended. This itinerary was particularly interesting for the recent history of the places we visited and for birdwatchers the Delta cruising (although from what the guides said spring would be best for this) https://www.cruisecritic.co.uk/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=668163&et_cid=3214772&et_rid=234335375&et_referrer=Boards_WAR_CC
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