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  1. Yeah, Cheers NCL! Thanks for cancelling the cruise completely, rather than just giving the 'cancel free of charge' option allowing all the worriers to get their cash back and let the rest of us with a sense of perspective who accept the small risks, head to Thailand or wherever and enjoy the ship and whatever exotic places we end up🤦😤. Thanks for giving in to the pitchforks and torches brigade...
  2. Those on board have been told Vietnam has denied them entry. Jade now heading for Log Samui in Thailand apparently.
  3. I'm just off the phone to them. They have no further info at the moment themselves, apart from what was in the email from Katty Byrd, VP
  4. Wonder if that 5am departure is a typo? Although will apparently take 2 full days sailing to get to Nah Trang. Hopefully they will board previous day at usual time, rather than start 5 hrs before.. ie midnight! Also wondering what they mean by 'reasonable' air change costs...
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