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  1. Very well said. And as my DH pointed out, criminals are not forward thinking individuals. So, they robbed this bus and now Carnival has stopped that excursion. What they probably thought was going to be a gravy train became a one-time shot. I feel bad for the passengers as one of the reasons excursions are booked thru the cruise line is safety. We leave on Sunday for this itinerary. It will be interesting to see what happens when we get to PV.
  2. Thanks for the info on the docks. If I am looking at the picture correctly, we were at Dock #1 last time we were at PV. I like the location and love that there is a market and restaurant right there.
  3. That too. A bit part of the reason we are taking this one is the cost. Plus, Carnival is pretty much the only line that does the Mexican Riviera anymore.
  4. Great info! I was told the reason that the ship sails out is due to the tide of the bay. Hmmmm, wondering what the real reason is. ;) Since Princess and Carnival have the same parent I find it odd that one cannot stay overnight and one can.
  5. Thank you, everyone, for the information. I see on the map that there are three places where the cruise ships dock. Where do the Carnival ships dock? Last time we visited PV we were on Royal Caribbean and the ship docked right next to the market & a restaurant. Does Carnival dock closer to WalMart?
  6. Thank you for the information. I have passed onto the people who are traveling with us.
  7. I'm sold! We have been to Cabo several times when on cruises and I have not really been a fan. This is encouraging me to get out and do something different. San Jose sounds wonderful! We hired a cab in Mazatlan when there on a cruise a few years ago and it was wonderful. The guy took us to the best restaurant (very local) and to a beautiful jewelry shop (I am sure he recieved $$ for our shopping there). We saw areas of Mazatlan that the tour buses could not take people. We still talk about "Bill the Cab Driver". In fact, we liked him so much that we were disappointed when Carnival canceled Mazatlan. We were hoping to hire him again.
  8. Thank you for Benjy's info. We will be in Cabo for two days at the end of the month. I will talk with our travel mates, but I think a tour with him would be fun. We did something similar in Mazatlan a few years back and had a blast.
  9. We have always enjoyed RCCL and were not happy when they chose to no longer sail the Mexican Riviera. We honestly felt like CA was being slighted. We live in Northern CA and like the convenience of San Pedro & Long Beach. Going on our 3rd Carnival cruise in February. I have heard wonderful things about the Splendor and are looking forward to it.
  10. Thank you to everyone for the information. Will take it with me and check it out when we get to Vancouer. We arrive the 3rd so I am sure I will find a place. :)
  11. We will be spending several days in Vancouver before our cruise leaves on September 9. I will be due for a nail fill by then and would like to get on on the day we leave. Any recommendations? Thanks!
  12. Thanks for sharing that. A nice video. Not only do I want to visit there, it makes me want to move there. :)
  13. My town of Vacaville, CA is just over 90,000. We are known for our Factory Stores. And that is ok as both our daughters worked there in high school. I LOVED Nanaimo when we were there last. Stopped in a brew pub recommended by some locals. Wish I could remember the name. It was off the beaten path, that is for sure. Also stopped in a stereo store (my brother wanted to check it out) and a local car dealership selling the Smart Car (it had not come to the US yet). It was a wonderful day there.
  14. Haha! My husband and I laugh about how I am not great at remembering what we saw on vacation, but I can tell you about all the food I had. For me, travel is about the local cuisine as much as it is about seeing things.
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