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  1. My first cruise ever we booked the DOS on the Epic. We were having so much fun In the beginning and were so happy that I tipped our butler ( I can’t remember if it was the first night or second, it was only a four night cruise). And then I never saw him again. Now maybe he got sick or something but it was a little odd. Other butlers brought our snacks and room service from that point on.. We still had an amazing time and have been hooked on cruising and the Haven ever since. Since then, I tip at the end. So yes we did have an odd experience tipping in the beginning of the cruise.
  2. I think this thread is great, but please remember everything you ask for not always possible. A few years ago in the Haven on the getaway, in a 2 bedroom, I asked for an egg-crate topper for the second bedroom upon embarking. I had read on CC over and over that it was available. Well, my butler and room attendant stated they did not offer or have anything like that. They offered to put additional blankets on it to make it softer. It did not help. That “bed” is super hard, and now if we have 3 or more people, we just go for the DOS on the newer ships. But it did damper my mood that day since I had read about it, and felt let down at the least lied to at the most. That whole cruise was off for us, and we will not sail the Getaway again, but that first interaction set the tone for the cruise. On another cruise I ordered a soda with lunch just to be told butlers were not allowed to bring soft drinks. We had the beverage package, heck we had premium plus, but I guess I didn’t realize they could not bring soft drinks to the room. Sorry for my long rant but when I saw possibly suggesting the Haven pulling out a king bed and box spring etc to put in 2 beds that could be separated (and who knows, maybe they can) I just wanted to remind everyone not everything is always a yes. Sometimes threads like this create unrealistic expectations. I know it did for me.
  3. We have always purchased our passes in advance, but still to give our card to the front desk for them to hold.
  4. I always bring a Yeti tumbler, fill it with my favorite alcohol beverage, and bring it to the Thermal spa. If you were worried about having to leave to get a second drink, just bring 2. Yeti’s keep beverages cold for hours, it will be fine.
  5. IMHO, yes 100% worth it. Not so much of a drunk party scene, more of a fun place to meet great new friends, chill, relax, and randomly all do shots together!
  6. A little disappointed since we had the Encore booked originally for this September for Alaska in the room of our dreams. Well it was cancelled a few months ago. Now it is actually going with this new swap.. We already rebooked on the Escape in December and will leave it there. We’ll get to Alaska......some day.
  7. Thanks I will check it out.
  8. Maybe that is why McDonalds Diet Coke is the best. It seriously has the perfect combo of syrup and carbonation. I’m addicted to large $1 McD’s diet cokes the same way people are addicted to Starbucks. They just make me so happy!
  9. I don’t think you pay port taxes on drinks on GSC.
  10. Although in the minority here we do upgrade our drink package mainly for the ability to order several bottles of wine at dinner then take them back to the room, the espresso martinis, Hendricks gin, verve, and the list goes on. We’ve upgraded since NCL first came out with the option and it just helps to add to the overall vacation.
  11. Omg, wouldn’t it be amazing if sometime during the pandemic hiatus NCL renegotiated their soft drink licensing, and when cruising resumes they magically have Coke products? A girl can dream. Can’t stand Diet Pepsi. Lucky for me I drink mainly alcohol when cruising!
  12. Thinking of booking a private catamaran for the time we are in St Thomas. Anyone have any recommendations? Based on the time we are in port, we couldn’t do a full day, and some of the sites I did look at have half day rates, but it cuts very close to the time we need to be back on the ship. Not sure if there are outfits who have a little more flexibility in their times.
  13. Million Dollar quartet is an amazing amazing show. We sailed the Getaway once and the entertainment was the one thing I did like on that ship. Everything else was just okay, and I wouldn’t go out of my way to sail on it. But don’t base it on MDQ it is awesome.
  14. As was mentioned, the ship is still being built. There will be lots of changes. I could see if this was advertised and then you got on the ship and surprise, no hot tub. But your cruise has to be over a year out, and you can cancel if the hot tub is a deal breaker. On that note, i’m with you in that the hot tubs on the balcony is sweet, and if and when we sail Prima, it will 100% be the room we book. Or the DOS which looks huge, if I could talk the whole family into going on a cruise. Can you change to a week where one is available on the right floor?
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