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  1. I took the FCC and am still happy about it. I got a great deal on my cruise booked in September. If I had taken the money back, I would have spent it on something dumb and now have nothing. Instead, the FCC was a great downpayment on this years cruise. Now just crossing fingers it actually goes. I don’t care about wearing masks, I wear one 10 hours a day at work. I don’t care about escorted excursions, this cruise I was looking at all NCL excursions anyway. I don’t care about any of the restrictions at all, I just need to get on a ship!
  2. I would 100% spend 3 - 4 days here. My visits here have all been great. Would totally book a villa at Silver Cove too for at least one of the nights, maybe all. I’m likely in the minority, but I prefer GSC over Bermuda, and didn’t really care for Harvest Caye at all.
  3. So no one on these boards gets to make the rules. If cruising comes back mandating masks, and you don’t like it, then you don’t book. If you don’t mind it, then you book. Personally for me, I have accepted the fact this may be the new normal for the rest of my life. If it isn’t then great. If it is, then I live with it and go on living. And for me, that means cruising. If anyone thinks a vaccine will magically make everything go back to 2019, you may be disappointed.
  4. I went to Disney this past October during the pandemic. Felt very safe with everyone wearing their masks, none of us got sick. I go to various casinos every weekend, no issues with everyone wearing masks. I will happily enjoy cruises the same way.
  5. No, if you took the FCC the option to get cash back is long gone. And whether you get a Haven suite is 100% based on cost. CAS adds a whole other layer of rules, but even without that, just because you were in one category does not mean that you automatically get that same booking going forward.
  6. I have no issues with the restrictions described in the video. I wear a mask 10 hours a day, I am so accustomed to it, I don’t even realize it is there anymore. As long as bars are open, and the casino is open, I’m there. We like spending time with ourselves anyway and have never used ship pools or hot tubs, other than the spa. None of the items discussed in the video seemed like that big of a deal.. Realizing that we might spend more time in the room, I booked one of the best rooms on the ship. As long as the ship sails, I know we will have a blast.
  7. Most vaccines are what you describe, and the AstraZeneca one if ever approved in the US will be. But the 2 current ones are not. It is a mRNA made in a lab injected that is coded to train your body to recognize the virus. It has never been approved or used before. So I can completely understand people not wanting it. So many health care professionals are even refusing. I personally don’t want it, but if it required to travel will bite the bullet and get it.
  8. Remember, if one person upgrades, everyone on the reservation has to upgrade. Yes, you can take the unfinished portion to your room. If Haven, the restaurant will have your butler come get it for you. No, you can only get bottles at dinner and lunch, not from bars. 2 drink max still applies. We upgrade every trip since this came out, and feel it is 100% worth it.
  9. Some of the afts will. Just book on a floor with the deepest balconies, such as floor 9. No one can look down on you.
  10. They expire a year after they are issued, and that’s what my online account shows. But can be used on a cruise sailing up to Dec 2022. In my case, I need to book a cruise by this March, but it can be for any cruise up to Dec 2022.
  11. Looking at booking a cruise for Alaska. From advice here, plus researching on line June/July seems like the best months. Long daylight hours (I think a 2:30 am sunrise sounds so cool, that’s about the time I retire from the casino!) warmer temps, dry weather etc. However, the DOS’s are all booked those months. There are 2 bedroom haven suites available, which we have stayed in before, but that second bedroom is tiny and from our experience the bed is not really comfy. There are DOS’s available in Sept though. But the flip side is cooler temps, more chance of precipitation, less daylight
  12. You can ask your butler to keep a pitcher of ice water daily in your fridge. It isn’t bottled water, but still tastes good. And yes, as long as you sign up for a card at the casino, you can get bottled water when you are playing. They are the very small bottles not like the bottles you can buy for the room, but still good, and free.
  13. Thanks, I have credits from two cancelled cruises in 2020, so that should cover the deposit so wouldn’t need to put additional money out and was looking at October for all the reasons you listed. If the season goes May to Sept, why do they offer them later in October?
  14. I didn’t even consider seasons. I was looking at October with hopes that cruising will be allowed again by then. Is that too late in the season?
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