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  1. Definitely one. When we vacation, we do it right. I’d rather have one spectacular vacation than two meh ones. Don’t choose quantity over quality.
  2. I’ve been on 3 ships with the waterfront, and while I always read on CC that it is amazing, I have never seen the appeal. On the Breakaway and Getaway, way too windy and smoky (Getaway mainly, likely accessed it in a smoking section) and on the Escape just dead and lame. As in no one there at all. Even the famed 5 o’clock somewhere bar was just dead. I keep wanting to like it, but I still can’t see why people rave about it on CC.
  3. Honestly, I was a little disappointed in the concierge service in the Haven on my last cruise. The one assistant helped us a little who I did tip, and another assistant completely messed up one of our reservations. However others may have received outstanding service. Needless to say, while I did tip a little, it was considerably lower than previous cruises. However, I did tip bar staff in the vibe much more than previous cruises since they made our cruise so special. As others have said, there are no rules, tip those that really make your cruise memorable. No reason to overthink it, you will know what to do when you are on your cruise. Some staff will go above and beyond.
  4. They use facial recognition all the time at NY, started about 5 weeks ago. They were using it two weeks ago when we got off the Escape. Really speeds things up through customs.
  5. Personally, I would love this option. Our last cruise on the Escape the Haven restaurant was a little bit of a letdown . We only are there twice and skipped it the remainder of the trip for specialty restaurants which were excellent.
  6. Your post solidifies my decision to always book through NCL myself directly. I would be so angry with the TA right now. I wish you the best of luck.
  7. I spoke to the beverage manager at different events and told him how much we were enjoying the package and would always buy the upgrade if available. He said that it would continue. Plus, it helped them generate business. When others saw some of our drinks, they ordered the same. They were told there was an upcharge (cheap, like 5 bucks) and still ordered them.
  8. Just got back, upgraded to the PPB, worth every cent. For the majority of dinners it was just the two of us but one time had a group of 4 and we shared our bottles with them. We will definitely be upgrading on future cruises as long as this is offered.
  9. We left Bermuda on time, so no to the jet ski thing. We did come in later than normal not sure why, took it very slow fri and sat, it was very smooth sailing. Great trip!
  10. The spa is the perfect place for an introvert, I go all the time by myself. And no judgement there, there are people of all sizes. You’ll love it.
  11. Thanks for all the great reviews. We upgraded for our cruise leaving this Sunday and am even more excited now!
  12. Let us know how it goes and any recommendations. I just upgraded for our cruise in two weeks.
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