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  1. Was hoping demand would wain. Oh well, guess I will get there very early. Still headliners?
  2. Last year on the Breakaway they showed the games in O’Sheehans. Not sure about other places. It was a fun environment to watch the games in.
  3. Anyone on the Escape recently who can report if the higher cost for the Vibe has lowered demand? Are they still sold at Headliners?
  4. The mom calling the other gentleman a fat drunk in front of her child shows a complete lack of class. I saw a similar family in the Haven once on the Epic. Breaking rules, rude to staff, just being around them created a tension in the air. That is what happens at bars, strangers talk to one another. I’m sure the drunk didn’t want to be talking to a kid neither, but they sat their kid there. NCL should learn from this and say no kids at the bars.
  5. Can anyone confirm that the price increased on the Escape? I don’t mind the new price, may make it easier to get one.
  6. Where is the latest place to buy Vibe passes on the Escape? I know it changes.
  7. Actually, you hear less and less about immunizations and a link to Autism as more and more cases of children who are not immunized are still getting diagnosed with Autism. I personally know of 4, just in my friend circle. The “research” is slowly getting debunked.
  8. They will sell them out ahead of time. I have been shut out of excursions, got on board, still sold out. Even in the Haven. But you can go on a waiting list if anyone cancels. You don’t need a computer to book an excursion, only a phone. But everyone can believe what they want, and either book or wait, totally up to you and how badly you want a particular excursion. If you are flexible, and any excursion will do, then by all means wait.
  9. Doing the same itinerary at the end of March, looking forward to following along!
  10. As someone else mentioned, you only get the perks of an ocean view. You basically picked an ocean view, and paid for an upgrade, even if the cruise was not one listed in the brochure. And CAS does handle land based offers as well as their own.
  11. Yes, and please don’t take offense I didn’t mean anything derogatory, but this is something that is a clear and consistent policy of NCL. Calling back to see if an upgrade is allowed and available etc has wiggle room. This does not. Giving the OP hope that calling back to get a different person will not change the outcome here. For those of us who have waited on hold times with NCL for 30 minutes, I often wonder how many reps are tied up with people calling back over and over thinking they will get the answer they want to hear if they call back enough.
  12. Calling back to argue with someone will not do anything. As others have mentioned, you can only not pay in advance if you have the shore excursion credit (which you stated). The OP needs to understand this, and either pay now or roll the dice and wait until onboard. Yes, the good ones sell out. If you wait to get something like a cabana on GSC you will be SOL. The mass tours with 100’s of people though will likely still have room.
  13. How does the Joy concierge level differ from the Haven?
  14. Tipping is a personal decision. I do tip at bars and specialty restaurants. It is not required, but is what I do in life, on and off cruises. So do whatever you feel comfortable with.
  15. I’ve stayed in the Haven 3 times and have never had this done or even offered. I’ve only read about it on CC. So no need to worry about your butler doing this. Someone going through my stuff would creep me out too!
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