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  1. Sorry, I basically repeated what the previous poster said. I didn’t expand the selection to see what they wrote. So......everything she said!
  2. NCL changed their policy even before the pandemic, I think late 2019 or early 2020 that you need to pay upfront now for all excursions even with the promo. The ocean ones are available on my cruise. It could be possible they are either lot listed yet or sold out already for your cruise. They are typically a little less than the lagoon ones. We booked a lagoon one for our next cruise to try but honestly I think I prefer the ocean ones better. There is less chance of being located far away from the buffet etc.
  3. On all of my Haven cruises the cards were gold/bronze. I can’t remember the color when I stayed in a balcony.
  4. I don’t see any changes in the terms and conditions, but we cruise in November, I will report back after that as we upgraded again for this trip.
  5. As I watch the webcam waiting for the ship to move, I can’t help but to feel so jealous of all those on board. Wish it was me. We left NYC at night once when we were delayed and it got darker earlier because of the time of year, and yes it is so beautiful! NYC is in my opinion the coolest place to cruise out of.
  6. New York City racking up those drink taxes! if it omissions by passengers for required paperwork, I would think the ship would just leave them behind. There has to be more to the story.
  7. We’ve done both, bottles at lunch, plus had what was left over in the bottle sent back to our room after meals. I enjoy sweet wines and my daughter dry, so trying to finish a whole bottle each at a seating is tough.
  8. Usually Thanksgiving cruises are packed, but this year without kids and less occupancy should be perfect!
  9. Our last cruise, we were not given actual passes when we purchased them. Vibe access was added to our Haven key card.
  10. They will not. There was a drink I had in the Haven, and the Vibe did not have all the ingredients so could not make it nor did they offer to get it. Not a big deal at all, since there is the door in Vibe to go directly into the Haven, I took the elevator down 2 floors, and got the drink myself and went back up to Vibe. What Vibe considers top shelf wasn’t really top shelf. But they could make my espresso martini (we upgrade to premium plus), which had others ordering them too, but it was I think a $5 up-charge because of the coffee part of the drink. We go to Vibe for the atmosphere and the great friendships we always seem to make there, not for special drinks. Other than shot o’clock! Over and over! And that is what makes the Vibe special.
  11. We always get vibe passes even when staying in the Haven. The Haven sundeck is quite honestly boring. The vibe has a party atmosphere and we always make great friends at the Vibe bar. Although costly, it really makes our cruises so much more fun.
  12. I also was unaware that there where prime locations for studios.
  13. Neither Harvest Caye or Great Stirrup Cay have an area exclusive to Haven guests.
  14. Escape DOS has a second bedroom. OS does not.
  15. What level of room did you have booked?
  16. The CDC color guide is somewhat of a joke. First, it is updated a few times a week and has not been updated since before this sailing took place. Plus the color system is counter intuitive. Orange is actually better than yellow. Most normal charts would have those colors reversed, leading up to red.
  17. I asked once to have 2 guests at the Haven restaurant for lunch ( restaurant was extremely empty) and was charged $35 each for them. It was enjoyable for them, but not sure it was worth 70 bucks when we all could have had lunch together elsewhere on the ship for free.
  18. This is the best news I’ve heard all day. Agree, kudos to NCL.
  19. Thanks again, that is exactly what I am trying to describe, getting the virus in November but still testing positive 3 weeks later even though no longer contagious since I have heard that is a common problem. Not trying to get out of testing or cheat any testing. That is why my employer does not require a negative test to return to work after the quarantine period. I guess I will just hope that everything works out.
  20. Penn National (Hollywood) is still bookable Elite or higher annual cruise benefit.
  21. Thanks for all the tips and glad I am not alone in my anxiety! We cruise in the beginning of December, and maybe things will calm down by then. I just worry about Thanksgiving gatherings for those going on the cruise with me and then my nieces birthday event earlier in November planned at, of all places, an indoor water park. Throughout this whole pandemic I have never once feared getting sick, worked the entire time, went to Disney World, go to casinos (too much actually!) all the time not worrying at all. Obviously we are all vaccinated. With how much we are looking forward to this cruise and all the planning, I’ll just be heartbroken if I get to the pier and am turned away due to testing positive! 😿I’m not as worried about the couple of days before the cruise as I am the 3 weeks prior.
  22. My biggest fear is testing positive at the pier. I recall last year it was reported some people who had Covid still tested positive weeks and even months after but did not have enough virus load to actually pass the virus on.. Where I work, employees were not required to have a negative test after having covid, just had to wait the quarantine period, was 14 days then evolved to 10, and could come back. If someone has recovered from covid within the previous three months and can prove that, are they still required to test at the pier? Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere.
  23. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your trip reports are always so helpful and informational!
  24. Veuve is covered, but by the glass. Previously, when premium plus first came out, it was available by the bottle too, but NCL started making that change to exclude it from the bottle list a while ago. We would order bottles and take them back to our room, oh, the good ole days! But still available by the glass, so we will order it that way now.
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