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  1. Ahh the number gets Smaller and smaller with each reply. I mean honestly we don’t need anything done right away that couldn't get done when we were on the ship. Just the excitement of knowing vacation is getting closer and closer. Lol
  2. Is this the first time that you haven’t received the letter?
  3. Oh ok. Thank you!!! I thought I was missing something. I know we have some time to go but that mail makes it that much more exciting
  4. Like the title says we are less then 60 days out and are yet to receive anything from NCL. I was under the interpretation that at/around 60 days we would receive something in the mail from NCL with our luggage tag and pre concierge request. Does this still happen ? Or do I have old information?
  5. Personally I bring my own. If it’s something that matters so much to me I would rather have mine.
  6. That I understand but for this situation the sold out level is the highest so the only thing I can think is a last minute cancellation
  7. So we received our upgrade email. I am curious as to why we got the email. The category that we can bid on is said to be ‘sold out’ when you search NCL’s website. So there really isn’t much of a point to even putting in a bid...or am I missing/not understanding something??
  8. We are on floor 18. But decks on 17 are larger. But again we chose 18 I didn’t want people looking down onto my balcony
  9. That is the cruise we are on. I am not sure who is more excited Dh and myself or the children lol
  10. I had some “mom time” aka the casino on the breakaway last year and couldn’t find anyone when I got back only to see the arcade and realized I should have known better. Lol. But damn that was pricey from my trip AND theirs. We are a bit over 90 days. Where are you sailing from
  11. The fine print worries me in a sense too. But I think we will be buying at least 2. We sale 2 months later on the Bliss. Let me know if it’s worth it when you get back if you don’t mind
  12. Well the amount I spend on the breakaway between 2 kids my husband and myself. I would have bought a damn card lol
  13. We have a 7 day cruise coming up... I have 3 -- well 4 if you count my husband LOL- but 1 boy 2 girls, and really Dad is the one who thinks this is the best idea ever haha
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