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  1. We were on the Bliss in Mid December - 2 bedroom - H2 (maybe H4? not too sure) If paying haven prices I wouldn't stay out of the Haven. It was so incredibly convenient.
  2. It was open in the cold. Bug i wouldn’t buy the unlimited pass the 5 of us went (two in a double and the rest in singles) and it was so much fun but I wouldn’t be wanting to go more then 2 times at best.
  3. we were on the same cruise. And chess was an option of the games. So was checkers and I believe 1 Yahtzee and one more I cannot remember which though
  4. Thank you everyone for your feed back.. wishing they released them a bit earlier.
  5. I’m recently off the Bliss looking at future cruises bc of course who wouldn’t... when can I expect to see 2022 + itineraries? we are looking to sail the Encore (for now) but have some criteria that as of now isn’t being met with current sailings. I’m hoping future sailings will be more favorable.
  6. Ok so at the Moet Bar clearly the UPB doesn't work there since is over the $15 max...correct?
  7. We are 29 days out and still haven’t received them
  8. It’s not about having the “status symbol” at all. It’s about what was told me that I would receive when booking— just waiting to receive them now. Have a wonderful day
  9. Oh absolutely. I just wanted to make sure that it was coming. If I don’t get it within the week of the 8th I’ll call again
  10. I spoke with NCL yesterday to hear about what was going on the woman I spoke with said that they ship out the letters Fridays only. And ours is set to get sent in the mail on 11/8 (we sail 12/3). just for anyone else who may being following or is waiting to hear about their Haven Letter
  11. Ahh the number gets Smaller and smaller with each reply. I mean honestly we don’t need anything done right away that couldn't get done when we were on the ship. Just the excitement of knowing vacation is getting closer and closer. Lol
  12. Is this the first time that you haven’t received the letter?
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