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    WOW Sale by RCI

    Thanks rkmw I thought this was the case but not sure if private chats via email are permitted? It has been a few years since we sailed & wasn't sure of the current CC protocol & of course we dont want to get scammed.
  2. Fortknox

    WOW Sale by RCI

    We are looking at booking the Radiance of the Seas 4 Dec 2011 too & would be interested in any info on getting the best price. I would appreciate anyone can giving us booking advice as I am a little unsure of some of the web based agents. Please feel free to email me at [EMAIL="fortknox@internode.on.net"]fortknox@internode.on.net[/EMAIL] Thanks:)
  3. G'day everyone:) My goodness it has been so long since I have been on this forum. As you can tell we are thinking of cruising again - woo hoo :D We are thinking of sailing on the Pear or Jewell next year & taking our son who will be 16. We would like to know what the roll away or sofa beds are like in the mini-suites. And which one is supplied (seems to be some conflicting info with travel agents). Past experience in hotels have seen some that have not been too good & even down right dodgy. If I am paying extra for the suite, we want to make sure our son has a good bed! Cheers
  4. Fortknox

    Sun Princess Questions

    Hi Karon Thank you so much Karon. Amazing that you should respond - you were my main contact when we cruised 2 years ago & we had a bit of email tick tack happening with hints & tips. Looks like you have had quite a few more cruises since then :) . Great to hear from you again. Thanks Deb
  5. Hi All Been quite a while since I have posted any questions on CC. But I still drop into see what happening every now & again. A couple of questions that I hope you may be able to answer re the Sun Princess. Do they provide a light luncheon on boarding day & are beach towels still available for the shore visits. Any info on the dress code would be also appreciated ie: are the formal nights really formal or semi etc. My mother who is 80 is about to go on her first cruise the only other boat she has been on was the boat she came from the UK on in the 50's. She is really excited about this holiday with her friend :) . They are travelling on board for about a month - how I wish it was me travelling with her! Any other info to pass onto Mum would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Deb
  6. Fortknox

    Favourite Island Tips

    Hi All It's been a long time since I replied to a post. We would recommend the Amedee Island tour at Noumea. Transport is arranged from the ship to the boat that takes you across to the island for the day. Everything was included in the cost from lunch, entertainment, glass bottom boat to the lighthouse climb. It is a beautiful island the people lovely just watch out for the snakes. Leave them alone & they will leave you alone so watch where you step:eek: Enjoy - you will have a fantastic time :D . Deb
  7. We stayed at the Meriton World Tower on the 64th floor September 2006. Sorry no views of the harbour but fantastic views looking across to Bondi Beach:) . We had a 2 bedroomed 2 bathroom apartment for $216 per night - pretty good for the city. Deb
  8. Fortknox

    CHEAP CRUISE (define_)

    Hi All at CC Been a while since I posted but still regularly keep an eye on all your posts. Hubby is nearly convinced to cruise again & so I am doing the leg work or should I say letting my fingers do the typing on cruises for next year. I too am interested in the alternatives to the normal TA's. I hope you don't mind Chez an email is coming your way ;) . Deb
  9. Fortknox

    stuff confiscated at customs

    We purchased a wooden varnished & dot painted face mask last September in Vila which was cleared by customs. The lady before me had a photo album purchased on Mystery Island confiscated - but this was covered in grasses & seeds. Deb
  10. Fortknox

    Don't laugh- silly question

    Hi Tinalou We are all fine thanks. Yep - can't believe our cruise was 4 months ago. How is married life treating you and Brad? Funny we didn't mind the rain - I suppose that's because we see very little rain over here and are in the middle of a drought. Even the high seas didn't worry me infact at the end of the cruise I was sad to miss that rolling motion at night putting me to sleep:D . We will definately cruise again and like you I still love to talk about our holiday. I have been scrapbooking all our photos & souveniers (not bad considering I am not crafty in anyway) and when I show someone it's a great to talk about it again and again - lol:p . Take care Deb:)
  11. Hi Karon [I][COLOR=darkred]how have you been? i cant see a new countdown on your post!!!![/COLOR][/I] [I][COLOR=#8b0000][/COLOR][/I] [COLOR=black]We have been really well & so busy since our return.[/COLOR] Our cruise was fantastic & we made lovely new friends which we keep in contact with. No new countdown - yet lol! But there defiantely will be one - one day!!! :D Thanks again for all your info prior to our cruise. I still keep an eye on CC but not as often as I would like. Take care & best wishes for 2007 & that up & coming cruise. Deb:)
  12. Fortknox

    Walkie Talkies / Amedee Is.

    Hi Aliflem Are we going to cruise again - Definately. But at this time it's only a dream for the future:rolleyes: . I was not ill at all on our cruise & loved the rough seas - but hubby & my son were not feeling too flash for a couple of days. What about you, will you cruise again? Here's to the next one :p . Deb :)
  13. Fortknox

    Walkie Talkies / Amedee Is.

    Hi Aliflem Haven't been on CC for ages & found you are still posting threads. So I thought I would say hello to a fellow N627 Coral Bliss cruiser. We were also on the Amedee Island tour & loved the day (funny as we didn't know who the other was!) The snakes were a bit of a suprise though - they are not mentioned in the tour info. I suppose they would put people off but as you stated were certainly not a bother to anyone. Deb :)
  14. Hi Ange1684 What a pity you are not in port for the full day. We loved Amedee Island & would have highly recommended. Good luck with your shore tours. Deb :)
  15. Fortknox

    Don't laugh- silly question

    Hi Tinalou Haven't been on CC for ages & noted your thread. Thought I would say Hi to a fellow N627 Coral Bliss cruiser. It's just not fair that our time has been and gone:( . Oh well I will have to keep dreaming of our next cruise. Deb :)