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  1. Yep, sounds like the are doing a bit of "marketing" that is very short sighted. We'll see what the future holds.
  2. Welcome to cruise critic! The low rates are targeted to gamblers sometimes to get a Return on Investment (i.e. the casino operator subsidizes the cruise cost to make money in the casino). Low prices occur on cruises that are not selling well, always have done so. Just happens more at times when people are not traveling for various reasons. Have fun doing your research.
  3. So first question is what insurance do you have now? Between your health coverage, credit card, homeowner's etc.? What possible costs do you need to protect? What are you comfortable with, for example do you have to be transported back to your home or can you stay in hospital that is on your route? These are questions only you can answer. Others tell you sometimes quite emphatically what they do. The devil is in the details. We often do different policies in different circumstances. FOR US, looking at your itinary and since we have med coverage i.e not medicare. We probably would go with the cruise line policy. But someone else will pick something else.
  4. Live in an area where we (and probably 90%) have not worn a mask in the last 3 months. The county is 95% vac over 60 years of age and 75% total that can be; these are rough numbers from memory. In most places very easy to social distance. So yeah, having to deal with lots of protocols that are constantly changing does factor into where we will vacation. Everyone is different and even in their own way stupid or smart. Next up, ski trips with some masking required. Then cruising maybe....
  5. Did someone mention breakfast on the balcony on Celebrity? Room service on Celebrity does beat O unless you have a suite on O. O does not provide a hot breakfast in the lower categories. Also check the dining room ours and options options between the two lines to make sure you get what you are used to. Tables for two on O always caused a wait for us.
  6. Try another line like Celebrity.
  7. What about bottled water and coffees? Is there as difference in coverage of cappucinos, etc? More detail on wine by the glass would be helpful. In the past, used Cruise the Vineyards on Carnival vs a bev package? Thanks in advance.
  8. Currently have plans for a land trip in November but thinking about a cruise as a backup. If you were vaccinated, preferred to have limited to no masks required, and not a fully booked ship, what ship would you pick out of Galveston or New Orleans? Ports are not that important; having visited most many times. Thanks in advance for any ideas :).
  9. New York Strip Steak and Ribeye are our go to "steaks" for grilling. Like what others have suggested to order the small filet mignon from the children's menu.
  10. It may also be wise to price against other Celebrity ships that are restarting and not as full as the one that you may have lifted and shifted to awhile back. If we did not have a small NR deposit and large OBC, there are two other options out there that would be very appealing. It will be interesting to see how lines' pricing will hold one the FCCs are worked off.
  11. Regarding the opinions about the food, we thought the buffet and specialties were better on O and the main dining room better on Celebrity. In our opinion, the seating and menu is better on Celebrity. And if you like quick service in the dining room, Celebrity can provide. Our experience in the MDR on O was always a wait to be seated, dining room was loud, service was slow, food no better than Celebrity. That was pre-shut down. O may be a good match but do read alot of reviews to make sure. We enjoy every line for what they offer :).
  12. Agree with all you mentioned. However, if you compare the cabin/bath size and some of the options like room service (including Celebrity delivering from the dining room menu in the evening and hot breakfast); the R ships may not meet the minimum requirements. So the comparisions will only work for higher categories for those wanting the "nicer" inside/outside accommodation that some well travelled, cosmopolitan folks are used to :). Just a caveat to set expectations.
  13. Are we missing the comparision of inside/outside/balcony experiences/costs? On Oceania's R ships the lower categories don't really compare that well to newer Celebrity ships. But if you are interested in the intinaray and like being on a small ship, Oceania can be the choice.
  14. Yes, the actual ships being compared matter. Oceania's older smaller ships and Celebrity's older ships may not compare well to newer ships regarding cabin size, venues, dining options, etc. Also if you like specialty dining, O's choices may be limited. They allow bookings based on cabin level. Additional bookings may be available or not? Oceania's newer ships seem to compare well.
  15. So what would have been different with the 'OLD" Celebrity? To me the Move up process is just a new wrinkle that works for some?
  16. As usual, the lower categories don't seem to be reduced?? Anyone have an inside that is reduced 🙂 ?
  17. So is anyone wearing a N95 mask? They work and they have to be tight which most find uncomfortable for very long. All other masks work to various limited degrees. Some areas of the world are requiring the N95s which might make a difference in a vacation decision.
  18. Have a booking on Prima so very interested to know what their dining and menus will be like. Thanks for info!
  19. In general, people either like buffet (steam table) foods are they don't. Some prefer burgers or sandwiches. Some prefer stir fry or sushi. Often the buffet haters would hate any buffet because they don't like food that is prepared in large batches and held in stem tables. So add that to having more limited choices and it is going to not please many. Personally we just look for one or two items to enjoy. Usually a piece of fish/chicken and a veg. The other items will please someone else. Thanks for the report to help set expectations.
  20. Guarantees booked and assigned before final payment can be a good deal; possible to cancel or maybe request another assignment. After final then it is for those who just want to be anywhere on the ship and save some money. Also aren't the Move Up bids for guarantees?
  21. Cancel for any reason insurance plus a med policy for during the trip? Anyone have this?
  22. Thanks for mentioning Sue Denning. She was great on regular cruises in the past. Remember, her line when getting people involved in the evenings - You can sleep when you get home. 🙂
  23. Do they still do the wine by the bottle packages in the Atrium the first day? Viva Vino? Anyone have a recent flyer? Thanks.
  24. so that's a shot? In that you shoot it? vs. sipping? I drink wine so I don't "know" about these things but willing to learn 🙂
  25. Thanks for the report about capacity. Wondering what is going to happen when the FCC backlog, lift and shift backlog, and maybe even the casino comped cruises start slowing down. Time will tell.
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