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  1. St. Kitts....most beautiful place I’ve ever seen I never person.
  2. If you’re at a small table in the MDR, you should be ok, but let your waiter know.
  3. Can y’all tell me what the average onboard price is for the drink package is right now? I’m trying to decide if I should by now or wait til we’re onboard and use our D+ discount.
  4. Do they still allow you to purchase the deluxe package for one and the refreshment package for your spouse if they don’t drink?
  5. Another question...the last Diamond statement someone sent me was to ‘enjoy drinks’ during the happy hour. It didn’t specifically state only 3. Anyone see different. I haven’t cruise since March, so...
  6. Yes. You get the discount no matter who go through. As long as your C&A # is used.
  7. It’s been 2 years since I’ve been on Allure. Is the Diamond Club still there or have they eliminated it like Oasis?
  8. Adventure had the best crew, by far, of any cruise I’ve been on. I’ve been on 41 cruises on 4 different lines.
  9. Who can do CK? Is it for suites and Pinaccle only, or can Diamond+ access?
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