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  1. Thank you all so much! Food is of course totally subjective, and we intend to try as many different venues and as many different dishes as we can, but it does help to know what others have enjoyed, and what foods NCL is "known for". Good to know about the crepes as my husband does enjoy dessert. I am more of an appetizer person than a dessert person, although if any of you are ever on Carnival you have to try the warm chocolate melting cake with a scoop of peanut butter on the side, and the huckleberry cheesecake if you are ever on Royal Caribbean. Desserts that are definitely worth the calories!
  2. We will be taking our first NCL cruise (7 day Western Caribbean on the Breakaway) in a few weeks and are looking for recommendations as to what experienced NCL cruisers consider "must try foods" in their main dining rooms, buffet, and specialty restaurants. So far we have three specialty restaurants booked (Ocean Blue, Cagney's, and Teppenaki), and also plan to hit the Manhattan Room, Taste, Savor, and O'Sheehan's. We are not big "buffet people" and prefer a sit down meal, but if there is something wonderful to try on the buffet I am up for giving that a try too. Looking for recommendations on what you have liked for any meal, any course - and any other dining tips would be much appreciated also. Really looking forward to trying something different and a whole week of not having to cook!
  3. This review was so helpful to me as we are trying to finalize plans for our 9/19 sailing, and a lot of the things we are considering are exactly what you did (Hampton Inn Bricknell, Daniel Johnson tour, Native Choice Tour, and a beach day in Belize). This helps me a LOT - thank you!
  4. Glad to hear that all went smoothly; we are also free Boston Logan to MIA so we're giving it a try for the first time.
  5. I totally get why you're thinking of those things, we did as well. We live just outside of Boston and for us the airfare for same-day would be totally free, so it is just costing us $50 total to fly in the day before. That $50 also includes transfer back to the airport from the cruise port, which we would have to pay ourselves if we booked our own air. Having family near the port definitely helps. We don't have anyone in Miami but I have enough Marriott points for a free night, and also have a lot of hotel points on my credit card that can be used anywhere. That left me with the issues of baggage fees, and control over my flight times/itineraries. I checked into the travel partners NCL is likely to use, and they all have several direct flights from Boston to Miami the days we are traveling. So we decided to give up that control and go for it - since we are going a day early we will just deal if we end up with a night flight. And I am sure I will wind up with the baggage fees, but DH and I are both pretty light travelers that will try to do one checked bag for the two of us, and then the maximum size carry-on each.
  6. Following with interest as we booked air (Boston to Miami) through NCL for our September 2019 cruise. We did opt to fly into Miami the day before ($25 per person up charge). I have had too many cancelled and delayed flights in my lifetime to be comfortable with flying in on the day of my cruise.
  7. Thank you for your detailed and well written review. We will be sailing on the Breakaway in September - our 5th cruise but our first time trying NCL - and I got some great tips from reading your blog.
  8. Thank you for your review, we have never cruised NCL (been on several RC and CCL both with and without our kids) but thinking of trying the Breakaway this fall since these are ports we haven't been to and we want to try something new. Your review definitely helped!
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