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  1. I purchased 100 shares of NCL. I was disappointed with the "perks," and have since sold them. The shipboard credit is not given in addition to any other credit you are already entitled to, based on tier level with NCL or otherwise. There is no dividend paid. And I was not acknowledged in any other way when I cruised as a shareholder. I heard stories of people being invited to the Captain's Table and such, but never happened to me. At some point when I can better afford it I will probably buy the stocks again even though I was getting very little out of it, but they are very expensive for something that gives you so little back and can't be "stacked" on top of your other benefits, like tier level shipboard credits.
  2. I found what appears to be the exact same excursion the cruise line is offering for $99 on another (reputable) site for $16. I really want to take it, but am nervous that the excursion time is "estimated" at 5 hours, and if they returned us right on schedule it would only give us a one hour "buffer" to make the time to board deadline. I have always booked excursions through the cruise ship in the past because I"m nervous about missing the ship, but this has turned into a really expensive cruise (21 days Rome to Dubai) and I need to save every penny I can. To those who've taken third party tours (not through the cruise line), in your experience is a one-hour buffer for the tour to get back late enough? Or is it risky and we should cancel? The port is at Safaga, Egypt. Thanks for your help!
  3. Norwegian Gem Full Ship Tour!
  4. During my Alaska cruise on the Norwegian Bliss I took the excursion which includes the White Pass train, gold panning, and sled dogs - video below! Skagway, Alaska Excursions!
  5. Ketchikan, Alaska is a common cruise ship stop on Alaska itineraries - and for very good reason! Enjoy a tour through Totem Bight State Park, the Creek Street Boardwalk, and more in this tour!: Click here for Ketchikan, Alaska!
  6. Here is a brief tour of the port area in Juneau, Alaska. It was pouring rain and visibility was low so on this stop I pretty much strolled around the port area getting wet! This is a stop on the Norwegian Bliss' Alaska itinerary and is a common Alaska stop for many cruise lines. Click here for Juneau, Alaska!
  7. Click here for Norwegian Bliss full ship tour on YouTube!
  8. First time posting here since forum update - can't find the YouTube option so posting the link and thumbnail instead. I hope you will enjoy this tour of Stockholm! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rsT7V3qF8Ek
  9. Here is part 1 of my cruise excursion in Finland aboard the Norwegian Breakaway, Baltic Sea cruise: Helsinki, Finland. Part 2 included a side-trip to the village of Porvoo, Finland (I will have that video next week.) CCSPb-RWpcE
  10. I visited Pushkin and Peterhof, Russia on day 2 in St. Petersburg during my Baltic cruise on Norwegian Breakaway. This is a viable day trip excursion from St. Petersburg. The palaces are spectacular and I hope you enjoy the video! FRlUS7lG9IA
  11. Hope you enjoy my "Best of St. Petersburg, Russia" Excursion, part 1 video. It was the most fascinating destination I have ever visited, and the excursion provided a great overview. Part 2, which I filmed on a separate day included the towns of Pushkin and Peterhof outside of St. Petersburg. I will post when I have it available. DFsyfuNqZ8c
  12. Here is a video of the Russian Folkloric Show, which is available as a nighttime excursion for cruise ships with an overnight stay in St. Petersburg, Russia. I took the excursion during my Baltic cruise on Norwegian Breakaway. I paid an additional charge on top of admission for permission to film: toNAonymyCA
  13. I hope you will enjoy this video of the "Best of Berlin" cruise ship excursion, which I took while sailing on a Norwegian Breakaway Baltic Sea cruise. Be aware - Berlin is actually a 2-hour train ride from the port where the ship docks and by the end of the day, including the 4 hours of travel time, you've experienced about a 12 hour excursion! Needless to say, I got a great night's sleep that night! cdXxmvEY9IA
  14. I hope you will enjoy this video of my tour of the historic city, Tallinn, Estonia from my Baltic Sea cruise on the Norwegian Breakaway! More stops soon to come! hWFTN3hLw88
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