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  1. Grand Cayman TOUR! I finally got around to uploading my video for my pre-COVID excursion in Grand Cayman. I took a "Best of Grand Cayman" excursion through Norwegian Cruise Line. I had a great time, and hope you enjoy the video!
  2. Christmas Cruise Ship - NCL Dawn at Christmas!
  3. Last I checked Hilton and Marriott relaxed their cancelation rules, as long as you don’t book a pre-pay, no cancellation rate. I’ve taken advantage of this twice already because of canceled cruises.
  4. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.huffpost.com/entry/face-masks-do-not-replace-social-distancing-why_l_5e970b37c5b65eae709d3fc7/amp Ignorant? The effectiveness of masks is “inconclusive.” The effectiveness of social distancing is conclusive. Masks are reducing social distancing because of people’s false sense of security. That’s a real problem. And that’s why I won’t go where they’re required.
  5. When I was in Florida I didn’t go out. I had everything delivered. I won’t go out to areas where social distancing isn’t practiced, and I did not get sick in Florida. Now I’m back to staying in because where I am now masks were mandated a couple of days ago and people aren’t social distancing anymore.
  6. I’m in a small town in Ontario where they weren’t required until this week, after London mandated them. Since, in my experience people don’t social distance while wearing masks, I no longer feel safe going out to public spaces and have remained on private property ever since. Thank goodness for delivery services. Social distancing is the most critical factor in preventing the spread. That’s what should be mandated.
  7. I have and would again. I’ve found that most, not all, that I’ve met on cruises just love cruising in general and may have a favorite but aren’t 100% loyal to any one line. And of the rest, no one has ever said they took offense to my rival company shirt. Although, I have had it inspire them to ask questions about the other line out of curiosity.
  8. I was scheduled for French Polynesia on the Jewel in November. NCL canceled it out about 2 months ago. And from what I’ve heard that part of the world expects to open up to tourists. Thanks for the clarification that the problem was a mechanical issue.
  9. There’s 22 reported cases in the town I’m in, which is a half hour outside of London. It’s important to point out those are only the reported cases because there’s no testing sites here and unless you have symptoms you can’t get a test. So who knows how many a-symptomatic cases there are? Thank you for your wording “some in Florida” instead of “all.” I came from Florida. I had my groceries and all other needs delivered. Only went out to take walks in areas sparse of people, and always maintaining social distance. I never went out on social calls. The death rate is many times higher in
  10. Discrimination: banning a group of people because of something they had no control over: their place of birth. Only allowing Canadians is discriminating against others. That’s no better than banning a gender, certain ages, or certain races - also things that the person had no control of. Stereotyping is accusing “Americans” of being irresponsible, rather than judging each individual based on their own behavior. Stereotyping is taking a group and attributing negative traits to them as a whole, judging people you don’t even know personally. Like Hitler did. This isn’t the
  11. So you’re apparently in favor of both discrimination and stereotyping huge groups of people... I have news for you. I’m American and my husband is Canadian. I’ve been in Canada since Trudeau exempted spouses from the border ban. I followed the 14 day quarantine obediently. I always social distance, even when Canadians around me aren’t. It’s a good thing my husband and I judged each other as individuals instead of stereotyping each other based on something we had no control over: where we were born. Doing that is no better than racism. By the way - I did not bring COVID here, did not have it be
  12. In my experience wherever masks are being worn people do NOT social distance. They assume the mask is protecting them and use it as an excuse. It is social distancing that is the critical factor. I always social distance. I don’t throw fits in public stores. I just refuse to give my business to anyplace that requires masks, so they lose money. Any cruise line that makes the same requirement will also lose my business until the requirement is lifted, that simple. There’s other cruise lines and other ways to travel. How do the pro-mask people expect this to work in the dini
  13. I had a stop in Kusadasi, Turkey on my Norwegian Jade cruise from Rome to Dubai in November. In this video, I'll show you what the port area and town are like!
  14. What they need to do is put more loungers on the promenade deck and other areas away from the lido. Every NCL smaller ship I’ve been on there were hardly any loungers on the promenade. I like peace and quiet, and feel there should be more loungers out there COVID or no COVID for those of us that don’t like crowds.
  15. I filmed the amazing ancient Roman city of Ephesus, Turkey on a cruise excursion I took while sailing on the Norwegian Jade. The city is amazingly preserved and restored!
  16. A lot more exploring Europe by train. Longer stays in interesting cities with day trips to nearby cities (rather than constantly switching hotel rooms - not having to do that was one of my favorite cruise travel perks). More road trips. I’ll never stop traveling.
  17. I enjoy “virtual” travel only to get my “fix” when I can’t physically travel. Whatever form of physically traveling opens first, I’m doing. I’d be road tripping it right now if the attractions weren’t closed. So I won’t be waiting until cruises start to start traveling. As for Dubai, I disembarked from a cruise there and stayed for a week, and LOVED it. One of the coolest places I’ve ever been.
  18. I’m ready to “rush back” faster than the cruise lines: they’ve canceled 4 cruises I had booked already and 2 more are imminent. I already had a cruise booked that hopefully won’t be canceled like the others (It’s in January) to use FCC on. I booked that one at Black Friday prices last year. I also re-booked 2 casino vouchers which I had cruises cancel for which I can use FCC on port taxes and fees for, so cabin prices are irrelevant. I also found current offers very appealing actually, and booked new cruises for later knowing if there is a price drop - like Black Friday when they typically ha
  19. 7-8 weeks a year. It contributes to my livelihood as a travel writer and creator. Of course not this year!
  20. The problem is we have a lot more testing - which inevitably means more cases. We did the right thing offering testing to anyone who wants it, symptoms or not, and other countries are punishing us for it. What’s really mind-blowing is that they’re closing the border to the US but not China! I guess we should have done a lot less testing like almost everyone else.
  21. The most important thing I hope they do and keep is staggered muster drills, so everyone isn’t crowding into one packed drill, or let people watch the drill on Cabin TVs. Second, I think self-serve at the buffet should go permanently. With servers would be fine. And I’d like to see more social distancing measures in general - I prefer peace and quiet to large, noisy crowds anyway. The meetup points for excursions also get too crowded, and disorderly with pushing and shoving - a solution to that would be nice! I do NOT want masks to be required on board, temporarily or permanently.
  22. They canceled our November Papeete to Sydney on the Jewel a couple weeks ago. No email, just disappeared on the app. Extremely disappointed. I can’t find the same itinerary in 2021 to replace it.
  23. I’m ready to sail as soon as they stop cancelling my cruises. I’ve had 6 cancel already including cruises in Nov, 2020 and Mar, 2021 - don’t know why so far out. My September back to back with Canadian ports is clearly not sailing even though they haven’t cancelled yet. The next I have scheduled that hasn’t cancelled yet is Panama Canal Jan, 2021. When they “officially” cancel my September dates I may book another in Nov or Dec - but I don’t know if I believe them anymore about the startup dates because they’ve been pushed back so many times already. In the meantime I can’t tolerate not travel
  24. I love back to backs, especially when I can get 2 itineraries. I love the nearly empty ship in between voyages, and the way the staff treats you like a VIP!
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