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  1. I have no issues getting the vaccine to cruise. But if the CDC doesn't relax all their crazy requirements while on board with all their mask requirements, I'm almost to the point that will ruin it. Wearing a mask while laying around the pool. No. Take a bite of food put it right back on. No.
  2. I hope the CDC does not expect cruising to happen with no Covid cases appearing. There are many virus people get on cruises. Colds, Flu, Norovirus etc can happen on any given cruise. Now Covid will be added to the list. The vaccine is out there. We all have to be responsible enough to decide if we are more at risk when deciding to cruise or not.
  3. I too have flown to Cancun. All my flights were full. Of course even in Cancun they had strict guidelines on wearing masks and all buffet types a staff member had to get the food for you.
  4. I got the RU2 and my friend got the RU3. We had the same booking type,cabin and deck. Mine was only about $150 for the week her's was almost $400. Once booked in my planner it shows the the RX1 booking rate pop up.
  5. My Sept cruise that was cancelled I got the most of my money that was paid via credit card refunded within about 2 weeks. The excursions I paid for via debit card I have yet to get.
  6. My Breeze for Sept 5 has disappeared from being able to book as well for several days.
  7. No why would that be a requirement to cruise. What's next the airlines require it?
  8. Went from SC to Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg this past weekend. Saw probably less than 10 people wearing mask. Most all stores and restaurants were open. Several outdoor attractions were open too. Their grocery stores TP was stocked unlike here in SC where it is very scarce still.
  9. This is now a part of life. As long as once the ships return to port people are allowed to get off and go home as normal then the cruise industry can continue.
  10. If you get a price adjustment via email please let me know. I've been trying to call for mine but just on hold forever.
  11. $46.99 on Horizon a few weeks ago. If 6 bought the price went down to $42 each.
  12. My daughter the third guest was a no show about a month ago on Horizon. I did get refunded port fees and taxes and the gratuity I pre-paid.
  13. I came off this cruise 3 weeks ago. Main pool was crowded each sea day. Usually by 10 no chairs empty chairs. Plenty with towels,no person. Last sea day they did come around and tag chairs that people hadn't been in for 45 minutes. If they came back shortly after and still no one in the chair they removed the items.
  14. We just did this private tour with Vernon. It was awesome to see multiple places on island that lasts several hours. He will customize your day or do the planned route he has. Check it out on trip advisor. https://static.tacdn.com/AttractionProductReview-g147277-d17182534-1ATV_and_buggy_Costum_trips_to_the_most_beautiful_parts_of_curacao_the_west_side-C.html?m=19905
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