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  1. So if my 3rd person in room doesn't show up will they refund me the gratuities I pre-paid for the cabin? Or should i just not pre-pay that and do to the cust services desk and get it added to just the main 2 that got on the boat?
  2. On Ectasy my husband got turned away for having on a mens sleeveless shirt. It was the first night and we hadn't even unpacked. That was a first from all our cruises.
  3. I've always prepaid so I never knew they would add automatically once on board. That makes sense now when I've read post about long lines at the desk last night cause people remove their gratuities.
  4. I have a similar situation except my 3rd person is my daughter whom is not going. I tried to cancel her but they want me to change cabins and I'm not doing that. Will they refund me her gratuities I prepay as well or should I just not pay any gratuities ahead and just go to guest services and add them for the 2 of us going once on ship?
  5. I agree I took a couple on the Paradise in Feb to Cuba they didn't know what they were missing. I sure did but it was ok it was a good price. Now I would not take someone or go back on the Ecstasy. I just got off that and it smelled like sewage on multiple decks, dining service they couldn't get a steak medium and the cabin service steward came so late in day and night we couldn't enjoy being in our room or they would skip us and come that much more late 8:30 or later for the night service. Never again.
  6. Ecstasy. The ship on multiple decks and areas smelled like sewage. It was an everyday thing. The food was not up to par. Ordered the flat iron steak medium and it comes out well done. I ordered the Surf and Turf and ordered that medium and it came out medium rare. I have never had issues getting meat cooked correctly on other ships. Room steward wouldn't get to room until 1-2 every day and night turn down between 8-9. I've never had it that late. If you go by your room to see if done they then will skip you versus knock on the door. I found that out the last night. One of the beds the springs were wore out it would just flatted down to a big hole. We told steward the 2nd night. We thought they would replace the bed. The last night we checked under mattress and he just put 2 towels underneath it. Which made it lumpy then in a weird spot. I just think the smell,the poor food service and cabin cleaning and service were poor.
  7. I just came off Horizon recently and had the Thermal pass. Was very disappointed in it after having in previously on the Dream. Agree was not worth it on Horizon. Even with the 20% off I purchased it with.
  8. I've read some reviews from people off the Horizon this past month and they were offered only service morning or evening. Only one not both. Anyone know if that is true for that ship?
  9. We cruised out of Tampa last month and the porter did not use a orange tag for ours. We had our luggage by about 1:30 with others on our deck.
  10. ccd228

    Xplor park????

    We did this in Feb with Carnival. There was a guide assigned to our group that took us around. We had late port. At 5 it closes for 30 min to change to the night themed park. We did not have time to do all zip lines. The picture package was pricey and once we got home to check on their website many activities pics weren't even on it.
  11. I'm cruising Horizon in January 2020 and it's not available yet either.
  12. I took my steam iron on Glory In 2017 with no issues. First cruise thought it was ok. Took same one 2018 on Dream and my luggage was detained until after 5. I had to go down and open it and they confiscated the steam iron. We were able to go get to take home the morning of debarkation. I personally would not attempt it again. I did not like my luggage kept.
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