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  1. About to enter the Panama Canal if anyone wants to watch on ship tracker... https://www.cruisemapper.com/?imo=9187899
  2. Regatta appears to be headed from Papeete to Hawaii now that passengers are off.
  3. Very sorry, Redtravel. What’s running out? What else can you tell us about what it’slike?
  4. Stella -- Sorry this has disrupted your cruise. There might be a few people interested in how it all gets resolved, so keep us posted if you can. How many sea days have you had since the decision to cancel, and is there an estimate if you have to go all the way to Miami, which the article said was possible...
  5. Now off Ecuador. May have to go all the way to Miami. Not even any symptoms of COVID on board... https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/oceania-ms-marina-cruise-ship-stranded
  6. Is it capacity of 500 or actual number on board? Anyone know?
  7. Thanks, Kitty9 -- I am sure the vast majority appreciate your news. I'd be interested in all your observations as the cruise progresses. Did O offer you any special deals for sticking with your reservation, like comping the drinks package for the cruise or extra OBC? I agree that if the crew is the same size, I don't understanding rotated closings of the specialties... what is O saving? At least if there are suspicions of infection amongst the crew arise during the cruise, there are plenty of empty passenger cabins to give them for isolation....rather than sticking with the fai
  8. Are you sure Papeete is going to let everyone off promptly? Sounds like they want to do a full medical review of some sort first while everyone stays onboard... Maybe it will be as simple as taking temperatures as each person gets off the ship. Keep us posted, please!
  9. Penthouse also gets access to the small spa sundeck with its lounge chairs and whirlpool, and more selection in room service, including from the specialty restaurants.
  10. This gentleman has many pages and photos of a recent Marina cruise. The O excursions he took are very well documented so you have an example of what one cruise was like. (sorry, you'll have to click other links to find the photos and descriptions of excursions) https://www.thepreismans.com/marina19_menus.htm#Bar
  11. Re Papeete, there have been posts that describe low taxes and good selctions on French wines in the stores there -- the French supermarket chain Carrefour was mentioned. Also a wine shop close to the cruise dock called Terre de Vigne. Official policy allows bringing on 6 bottles per cabin, although apparently 12 passes without problem; free consumption in cabin, $25 per bottle corkage in the restaurants (a decent number of people do this) and bars.
  12. I have done a Mediterranean and a Caribbean cruise on Riviera, one of the big ships, and usually had 10-25. A lot of Oceaniers seem to like doing their own thing; and it is always about 50% cheaper when you book the same tour company that Oceania uses. One type of Oceania-run excursion to take advantage of, on Riviera and Marina, are the food oriented ones led by the culinary class chef. You go to markets and meet with chefs onshore who cook you lunch, or you buy on shore and cook back on the ship. I found those to have great settings, nicely chosen itineraries, and engaging guides/chefs.
  13. Today I got a Chase United offer for 10% back up to $450. Good for 40 days.
  14. In both Livorno and Provence, we did the O food tours. They were great. The cooking school chef leads them; we went to an indoor food market in Livorno and then toured a winery where we cooked pizza and biscotti in old wood-fired ovens. In Provence, we went to a great outdoor market in a small coastal town and then to an olive farm and winery where we had a great meal. (I recall the trip to Florence is a lot longer than an hour each way...)
  15. Can't believe I am getting into this, but... Waves has rye bread, it has butter, it has cheese for the burgers. Slap cheese between two slices of rye, butter and grill it like the reuben, and voila. Now perhaps OP won't eat rye bread, or perhaps he didn't given them a suggestion on how to make it. If I want something, I just tell them how to make it from what I perceive they have on hand, and they do it, happily. I ask for the surf & turf on a regular bun (not cibatta) with some of the truffle sauce from the wagyu burger, nothing else on it, and they have no problem making it, and I
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