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  1. Getting my first vaccine shot tomorrow! YEA 🙂
  2. How far out is the ban on cruisers traveling to Vancouver Canada for an Alaska cruise? I can't find any info on it? We want to go on a cruise from Vancouver in July!
  3. We have a land/cruise starting July 28th from Vancouver.I hope we get to go by then! I have had 2 different cruises canceled from last year already!! Fingers crossed!
  4. So what your saying is,the OBC would go to 250.00 NOT on top of any OBC(In our case 100.00) we might have? I also got this email by the way!
  5. I plan on getting the vaccine as soon as I can! So no worries here for cruising! I know others feel different about the vaccine and that's their choice. I just know I WANT MY LIFE BACK!!!
  6. We just booked the 18 day Yukon and Triple Denali on Holland America for July 28th 2021.We would like to go a day early and stay a day after as not to be rushed to the airport.Which hotel would be best? By the airport or downtown? Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  7. With the vaccine right around the corner ,I,m assuming it will be open? I just bought this cruise on black Friday? Here's hoping!
  8. Just booked the 18 day Triple Denali,beginning and ending in Vancouver on July 28th 2021! Super excited and wondering how many other's are on this trip with us?
  9. I just booked the 18 day triple Denali beginning and ending in Vancouver going into the Yukon and ending with the cruise from Whittier on the Nieuw Amsterdam! Can't wait!!
  10. I checked the prices against the same cruise I have booked already with everything included and a 500.00 to spend on board and it is 3000.00 MORE minus the OBC! NO THANK YOU! Celebrity is cutting off their noses to spite their faces!!! I personally WON't pay those high prices!! JMO
  11. I did a mock booking on the same cruise I have L&S till next December.It was 2981.00 more for the same cruise!!! It's a no from me,I'm not gonna pay those ridiculous prices! I'll either do land vacations or use another cruiseline,(NOT CARNIVAL THOUGH)!
  12. I was looking at Alaska land then cruise for 2022 and there are none? I can only see the 7 day cruises,no land part?? Wonder why that is? I can see the 18 day land/cruise I want to take for July 2021 though?????
  13. Looking at doing the 18 day Alaska package round trip from Vancouver. I see it says travel between Vancouver and Whitehorse and between Whitehorse and Dawson City is by plane.Then I see some saying they were on a bus? Is it more $$$ to travel between those places by plane or is it included in the price like it shows on the website???
  14. Thinking about doing this land/cruise tour.Has anyone done it and if so,how was it?
  15. Has anyone done this land/cruise tour before? If so ,how was it and is it worth it? Thinking about doing this and would like some feedback from others who have done it!
  16. Can anyone tell me what Hotel's/Lodge's does Celebrity use for the land portion of a Land/Cruise.Looking at Celebrity to Alaska for a land and cruise! Thanks in advance!
  17. Considering An Alaska/Land tour next July or August. Wondering what hotel's/ lodge's does Celebrity use? I would like to reserch them. Thank's in advance!
  18. Which ship is better to do an Alaskan cruise/ And has anyone done the 18 day land/cruise on Holland America? How was is?
  19. Decided to do a land/cruise on the Coral Princess.Looking at prices and wonder if the Connoisseur escorted tour is worth the extra money? Looking for advice on with or without the Connoisseur for anyone who did it! Thank's in advance!
  20. So we decided to do a land first then cruise on Princess.Just deciding which ship to pick? Coral Princess or Royal Princess.I know Royal is newer and larger and can't decide which one to pick? Anyone who has been on either ,I would like your input! Thank's in advance!
  21. I honestly don't know why the cruise lines don't cancel ALL cruises till the end of the year and start fresh in 2021? I'm not going to cruise till there is a vaccine! I lifted and shifted my December cruise till next December 2021!
  22. Thank's Everyone.We have decided to go with the Coral Princess Southbound with a land first then cruise!
  23. Planing a land and cruise to Alaska in July or August 2021 and can,t decide which cruise line or ship to pick? Would like advice from others who been to Alaska in the past! Thank's in advance!
  24. Which cruise ship is best in Alaska.What to plan a land and sea cruise next July or august and want to know which ship is best?
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