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  1. Well darn! Another cruise pulled from under us. Time to start searching for another cruise.
  2. Most excellent. Link received. Sent out a request for the Chef's dinner.
  3. Alas, the article is only available to subscribers. Notwithstanding, we agree completely that we need to have a safe, and effective, vaccine before the final payment date arrives in June. Even with a vaccine, we will have a long look at what is happening around the world and cancel if we do not have a high comfort factor.
  4. Once we book get the TB booked, we will look at the NE/Maritime cruise. Want to find out if we would be allowed to leave the ship in Halifax rather than continue on to NYC.
  5. Just found this new home for the former TA out of Copenhagen. Hoping to book a room when it becomes available on the 30th.
  6. New Zealand, Australia and the Persian Golf States are Bucket List items for us. We envy all who have already sailed to these parts of the world. Nice to find another cruise couple who like both ocean and river cruises: it is usually one to the exclusion of the other. The feel and format is most certainly different for each but we enjoy both equally. I am trying to think which river cruise was our favourite but, truth be told, each one was memorable and we would happily do each one over again. If forced to pick a favourite, I think it would be our Dahabiya cruise on the Nile.
  7. Forgot about Santorini. Love that island. Always try to make sure we are in Fira at lunch time so we can go to Lucky's Souvlakis (best in all of the Greek isles, bar none).
  8. Extra time in Barcelona, Shanghai and Istanbul but not Yokohama yet (just two, two-day, port visits). We like to combine time on land (land cruises?) before and/or after all of our cruises: especially in ports that we particularly love or ports close to other favourite cities, like Rome. Istanbul is our favourite because it has so many, integrated, public transit systems and also because there are so many contrasting areas on both sides of the river to explore and enjoy. If you have an opportunity to visit Istanbul again, give some thought about spending a week in Cappadocia.
  9. Istanbul, Barcelona, Istanbul, Yokohama, Shanghai, Istanbul, Barcelona, Yokohama, Shanghai .... did I mention Istanbul? Truth be known, we have never visited a port we did not enjoy for one reason or anther but the above four ports are our absolute favourite, with Istanbul at the head of the list.
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